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  • In the first episode, despite wanting to see if Jaime can be a hero, Batman quickly encourages Jaime to serve as a leader for the Gibbils, and although he does dislike Jaime's ego, he actually praises him for his quick thinking.
  • AQUAMAN's willingness to forgive and put his faith in his brother, even after all the trouble Orm had gotten himself into over the years. While his faith was ultimately misguided, AQUAMAN still loved his brother enough to stand up to Batman to defend him.
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  • In the episode where Aquaman and Atom team-up, a white blood cell snuggles Aquaman, who pets him in return. However, Atom pointed out the cell is sensing him to see if he's a germ that needs to be destroyed.
    Aquaman: Feels like a hug to me!
  • In "Invasion of the Secret Santas", Batman finds a present from Alfred, the nutcracker his parents gave to him years ago. Batman just smiles and thinks 'Merry Christmas' before heading off.
    • The Red Tornado finally feeling that Christmas spirit and becoming that much more human. Then he explodes. Don't worry, he gets better.
    • Also earlier in the episode, when Red Tornado tries his darndest to get that Christmas Spirit by setting up cheesy decorations and wearing an atrocious sweater, but especially when he gives Batman a mug that says "Worlds Greatest Detective" on it.
  • In "Hail the Tornado Tyrant", Red Tornado sheds a single tear at the loss of his son. It's made even more heartbreaking when he thinks that his tears are nothing but 'oily discharge'.
    • Earlier than that, Tornado Champion's emotional subroutine is activated, and his first words are "Father." He then proceeds to hug a startled Red Tornado (who hesitantly returns it), and the next few scenes show them bonding over helping others. AWWW...Pity Champion had to make a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Black Canary and Green Arrow's duet at the end of "Mayhem of the Music Meister!"
    • And that one moment earlier when Green Arrow was still in the Meister's thrall, he still couldn't bring himself to hurt Canary.
  • At the end of "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster", Batman returns to Central City with Jay Garrick, Kid Flash and the previously-thought dead Flash, Barry Allen, just in time to spot Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Weather Wizard robbing a bank. The three are actually overjoyed, Weather Wizard even going "I promised myself I wouldn't cry". Seeing villains care so much about their main antagonist is surprisingly heartwarming.
  • In "Gorillas in our Midst", B'wana Beast was insecure about not being a good enough hero to be dating Vixen. When Vixen wanted to talk with him, he believed she wanted to break up with him. Afterwards, at the end of the episode, when Vixen wants to resume the talk, he spills all this out and tells her to get it over with. She asks him to marry her. His reaction is just Adorkable. Then in Siege of Starro part 2...
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  • Arguably, Babyface gets one in "Night of the Huntress", when he chews out his gang (and implicitly, by this stage, the audience) for making fun of his wife's looks.
    Babyface: She's beautiful, see? A real looker! A honey!
  • At the end of "The Power of Shazam!" when Batman does some investigating and finds Billy's long lost sister is very touching.
  • "Chill of the Night!" has to be the most intense episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold to date, but it also has a great heartwarming moment — Batman is taken back into the past by The Phantom Stranger to a charity ball attended by his parents. He strikes up a quick friendship with his father (voiced by Adam West!), even helping him break up a robbery (which will lead to Thomas Wayne's death), but the real kicker is when he sees his mother, and all the tough, hard, no-time-for-emotions Dark Knight can do is hug her. Tightly.
    • In his final moments, Lew Moxon says that he only put out a hit on Thomas Wayne; he genuinely felt bad that Martha died too, leaving Bruce without a mother.
    • When Batman has Joe Chill at his mercy, Spectre tempts Batman to kill him out of vengeance or else he'll reveal his Secret Identity, Batman didn't take the bait. It just shows that in the end, he will always uphold justice and he will never do anything to dishonor his parents' memory.
    Spectre: He took your parents. Ruined your life. … He know who you are. If this man lives, Batman dies.
    Batman: Batman may die, but Bruce Wayne...
    (lets go of Joe Chill)
    Bruce Wayne: ...never.
  • In "Trials of the Demon", Batman, upon entering the past, meets Sherlock Holmes and has his identity perfectly discovered by a Sherlock Scan. Batman replies by jokingly identifying Sherlock based on his hat. He spends most of the episode having his confidence kicked around. At the end, Holmes asked Batman how he really knew who he was, to which Batman responded to his Real Life inspiration: "Everyone knows who you are. You're the world's greatest detective."
  • It's a given that "The Menace of the Madniks!" would have at least one when you see it's about Booster Gold traveling back in time to hang out with Ted Kord. Booster's reason for his initial trip back in time turns out to be helping Blue Beetle capture the Madniks, the ones he let get away, to give him some sort of closure before his death. And it's not just the pair of them, as by the end of the episode they and Batman have unexpectedly grown much closer together, which makes the ending when they leave all the more bittersweet. Finally there's Booster's farewell, in which he grips Ted tightly in a hug and says "Goodbye, old friend", as well as Batman and Booster Gold being shown as better friends after returning to the present.
  • Hal and Carol beating Star Sapphire through The Power of Love.
  • From a production standpoint, they got Diedrich Bader's son to play the new Robin, Damian Wayne's son, alongside his dad playing the adult Damian Wayne at the end of "Knights Of Tomorrow!". If that doesn't make you go "awwwwwww"...
  • "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous!" gives, surprisingly enough, one to the Clown Prince of Crime. It's oddly adorable seeing that even Joker has his heroes and that he genuinely respects and CARES about the Weeper.
    • And it's much nicer than the comic it's based on (Joker #2 from the Silver Age) where the Joker just wants the Weeper to succeed so he can reap the spoils of the plan and drives the Weeper Laughing Mad. Here the Joker actually—in his own way—cares about the guy.
  • The relationship between Batman and Superman in "Battle of the Super Heroes." It harkens back to the Silver Age when the two were the best of friends and it shows: although Superman spends most of the episode brainwashed into being first a jerk, then outright evil, Batman is one of the few to still stick up for the guy even after members of Supes' own supporting cast like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen lose faith in him; reasoning that he can't be doing this of his own volition. When Batman does eventually confront Superman, there's no ill will or malice in him. Everything he's doing is to save his friend (and for that matter, his reputation).
  • When Captain Atom insults Batman unashamedly, both Aquaman and Manhunter instantly come to the dark knight's defense. Calling him the greatest hero of them all without a hint of hesitation or irony.
  • Shaggy and Scooby punching the ever-loving crap out of The Joker and The Penguin. After years of running and cowering whenever a villain shows up, they finally get a chance to stand up and fight back for once (against two of DC's biggest villains, no less) and win.
  • In "Mitefall!", the conversation between Ambush Bug and Batman. Borders on Tear Jerker.
    Batman: So, this really is the end?
    Ambush Bug: 'Fraid so. At least you can say you had a good run.
    Batman: A great run.
    • "Goodnight", in which we see almost every character, good and bad, have a little goodbye party, before the show is canceled. All topped with Batman telling that, so long as evil exists, he'll be there to stop it even in the next show.
      • Also, you can see B'wana Beast reunite with Vixen.
    • Not just them either, we get couples like Baby Face and Ms. Man-Face, Green Arrow and Black Canary, and even Joker and Harley! Not to mention you can clearly see Kamandi, Red Tornado and Ted Kord, all alive and well.
    • Thanks to Batmite's Reality Warper interference, we get to see Batman with a wife and daughter for a brief moment.
    • Admit it, the ending scene to Mitefall, especially Batman's breaking the fourth wall speech to the audience brought a tear to your eye.
    • After Ambush Bug finally convinces Batman that he's not behaving like himself:
      Batman: You're right, but if none of this is real, what's the point?
      Ambush Bug: Here's the thing, Batman: there's a lot of people out there—people who believe in you. Real or not, what you do in here matters.
  • Guy Gardner is a jerk most of the time, even to Ice, who he's attracted to. But when she's chased by a hungry T-Rex he's pretty fast to save her.
  • From the tie-in comic, "Batman Dies at Dawn", there are several moments.
    • Dick assigning Tim and Stephanie to watch Batman's body, not because he doesn't think they're capable of anything else, but because he trusts them to keep Bruce safe.
    • Stephanie's reaction to Bruce recovering is to give him a bone-crushing hug.
  • After spending a whole episode angry at Plastic Man for succumbing to his urge to steal, Batman refuses to count up a bunch of jewels Plas has recovered, saying he trusts Plas not to keep any for himself. This turns out to be exactly the right thing to say, as it clearly touches Plas and he puts the last jewel back.
  • The ending of the 16th and final issue of The All-New Batman: The Brave and The Bold, the second comic tie-in. Bat-Mite is upset to hear that the comic has been cancelled, but Batman cheers him up by pointing out that just because the comic has ended its run doesn't mean he can't go back and re-read all the adventures. Bat-Mite even asks his idol to come and read the comics with him.

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