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  • Batman: Rebirth #1: Duke is officially Batman's partner. He now has a father figure like the Robins before him. While he isn't keeping the Robin moniker, he's now officially part of the Batman family. And in Detective Comics #934, we learn why Duke won't be Robin and what Batman meant by "trying something new": he's training Duke so that he can go solo one day. This is a sharp contrast to his original approach with his young partners (with the exception of Cassandra, who was Bruce's attempt to train a successor), as it was always under the assumption that it would be Bruce guiding them with minimal to no foresight towards what would come after the hand-holding stage.
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  • Batman #2 shows that Gotham and Gotham Girl are more than willing to let Batman train them - and Batman is genuinely interested in teaching them the ropes around the city. Superman Stays Out of Gotham, but so far, Batman will allow two to patrol his city if they are an asset.
  • In Batman #3, it turns out that Batman's influence has been good as a man raised his family in Gotham City because of the heroics Batman has done...when he stopped a scenario similar to how he got his origin. We also find out about Gotham and Gotham Girl's origin, as two young teens who were inspired by Batman's example and began to do work in Gotham City to help. It goes to show that Batman isn't just the Dark Knight, but also the inspiration of the people of Gotham City.
    • Even better, Bats has been investigating the both of them as Matches Malone, talking to their parents, and so on, and learning about the impact he had on them. Batman even gives them a So Proud of You at the end of the issue without flat out revealing he knows who they are. He even tells their parents that they remind him of a certain rich couple he knew a long time ago.
  • In Batman #6, Batman is able to help Gotham Girl with her grief over her brothers death by being one of the few people capable of actually understanding what she was going through. The most heartwarming part is that it's an unmasked Bruce Wayne that comforts her and tells her about how he felt the day his parents died.
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  • Batman: #13 shows a truly loving couple in Punchee and Jewlee, two D-list villains (the latter was going to be The Joker's replacement and was/is a proto-Harley Quinn) from decades ago. After Faking the Dead, they casually talk about domesticity, after having being separated for so long. Even Evil Has Loved Ones.
  • In Batman #24, Batman asks Catwoman to marry him. In issue #32, we get the answer.
  • Batman #34:
    • Superman, who is keeping Damian from stoping Batman and Catwoman from fighting his mother, Talia Al'Ghul, tells Damian if he tries to go against his rules, he would have to fight him. When Damian says he knows enough about magic to exploit Superman’s weakness to it. Superman acknowledges Damian might actually be able to beat him with said knowledge but if he did that Jon might not want to want to go on adventures with Damian again. Damian immediately backs down.
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    • Since Damian can't go after his parents he waits with Nightwing.
    Damian: I will wait.
    Nightwing: And I'll...wait. With you.
    Damian: Thank you, Richard. For coming when others would not. And...for this.
    Nightwing: You and me kiddo. From the beginning...and all the way to the end.
  • Batman #49: Both Joker and Catwoman show they have the utmost respect for Two-Face due to his ability to work with and sympathize with both the sane and insane halves of Batman's Rogues Gallery. Selina even pegs him as the one most likely to "get" Batman.
    • Despite his insanity and murderous rivalry with Batman, Joker seems genuinely happy that Selina's getting married... even though he wants to murder her to keep Batman's angst pure.
  • Batman #50: Bruce picks Alfred as his best man.
  • Issue 54: The entire issue is Dick trying to cheer up Bruce, ultimately succeeding when he makes him laugh.


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