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Spoilers Off for Moments pages. You have been warned.
"I certainly didn't think I'd be in charge of anything. But that all changed one day. It was the day you showed up."
Barnyard may be a comedy about barn animals enjoying their secret lives, but that doesn't mean there aren't any Heartwarming Moments around.
  • This moment from Ben. It's the last conversation he ever had with his son and really sums up their entire relationship. It's clear from beginning to end that their bond is the soul of the movie.
    Ben: Otis. I never thought I was gonna amount to much. I certainly didn't think I'd be in charge of anything. But that all changed one day. It was the day you showed up. I head out into the meadow and I see this little baby calf all alone, stumbling around. You know, before you became a nightmare. Well, I took you home that night, and I know it doesn't sound possible, but I looked up into the sky and I would have swore I saw the stars dance. At that moment, I knew my place was here, taking care of things. I guess you helped me realize that.
  • The day after Ben dies, we can see that the farmer took time to dig a grave, and even inscribed "Ben, A Good Cow" on a wooden headstone for him. After he leaves, all of the animals go up to his grave to pay their respects. The only one who doesn't is Otis, who's grieving alone. The only thing he can bring himself to do is sit at his father's old spot and think about the time he used to spend with Ben (pictured above).
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  • Miles' insistence that Otis be the leader of the barnyard. Unlike the other animals, who want Otis to lead because they think he'll let them do anything they want, it's obvious Miles wants him to be leader because he respected Ben and wants his friend's son to rise to the occasion.
  • Whenever Otis and Maddie are together.
    • He has fun playing with her in her first scene, acting like a big brother.
    • When Otis is depressed and grieving as described above, Maddie tries to cheer him up. At first he tries to tell her it's not a good time, but it's not long before he starts playing with her again. She's the only thing that pulled him out of his lowest point.
    • Finding out Maddie is in danger is what convinces Otis to take on the coyotes.
  • Daisy is quick to comfort Otis when he explains his confrontation with the coyotes the night before.
    Otis: Last night, I didn't run the coyotes off. I couldn't do anything. They're gonna come back tonight, and I can't protect anyone. Everyone here, they all trust me, and I can't protect a single one of 'em!
    Daisy: Otis, the best leader isn't the biggest or the strongest. The best leader is the one who cares the most.
  • The final scene of the movie. Otis rushes back to the farm to help Daisy give birth to her calf. She says she wants to name him Ben, and we can very clearly see Otis tearing up. The Barnyard animals ask him to be their leader, and he's finally ready to do so. He looks up into the sky, and he sees the stars dance. Now go back up and reread Ben's speech from earlier in the film. It really is beautiful how much Otis' entire character arc was written to mirror his father's.
    • You can see Otis acting more like his father throughout the movie. It starts off with him being a leader to the animals (although he doesn't take it nearly as seriously). Then when he sees the teens cowtipping and plans to prank the snotty kid, his face and voice start to emulate his dad. By the time Otis goes off to confront Dag for the second time, you can see Ben shining through his son. Both times he fights the coyotes, he fights exactly like him.

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