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The webcomic:

  • After Cripes is flooded, Daniel floats on the emerged sea and seems pretty hopelessly lost — until Abigail comes along in a boat. Despite them having had several arguments before and despite her lack of morals, Abigail doesn't hesitate one moment to rescue Daniel and pull him into the boat.
  • When confronted by the Society of Clocks, Daniel and Abigail separately defending one another in their own way.
    Daniel: How can you say that about Abigail before you even know her? She’s confused! She’s angry! She is NOT a threat!
    Head Cultist: You're both conspiring to destroy our world. You both can die!
    Abigail: NO! *Being physically restrained by four cultists* Do not hurt my Daniel.
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  • In the chapel in Daggum, after witnessing a wedding and Daniel explaining Abigail what love is:
    Abigail: *appearing in Love Bubbles and Bishie Sparkle* ...Daniel?
    Daniel: *breaks out in cold sweat* W-w-w-wwwwww-wwwhat, Abigail?
    Abigail: *cheerful* I don't love you.
    Daniel: *relieved* Th-that's okay. You don't have t—
    Abigail: But I do like you. *pats him* Perhaps I could work up to love you?

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