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Heartwarming / Avengers Academy

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  • Doubling a bit with Funny Moment: When X-23 reunites with her classmates from the New X-Men in Avengers Academy after Logan drops the kids off for safekeeping, she approaches Sooraya aka Dust and mentions she "smells healthy." Sooraya immediately reminds her it's impolite to tell people about their smell. Laura innocently counters that because Sooraya follows hijab, scent is her only way to "see" her in public. Sooraya then expresses just how much she's missed her.
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  • The normally stoic and emotionless Finesse angrily attacking Magneto for his "Reason You Suck" Speech against Quicksilver and his attempts to bar him from mutant affairs counts as one. She even gives her own "Reason You Suck" Speech to Magneto by mentioning that Quicksilver was a better teacher to her and her fellow students than Magneto ever was to any student of his despite being so mentally damaged by his experiences.
  • After a rather rough battle, the future Battle Couple Jenny and Ken find solace in each other after fniding out they could possibly be stuck in their current situations. Other moments between them leads to the Relationship Upgrade later down the road.

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