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Heartwarming / Avatar of Victory

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  • Asha reaffirming her Undying Loyalty to Shepard by rejoining her crew on Horizon. She doesn't even hesitate.
    • Especially since the "Virmire Survivor Lecture," is one of the most hated moments in Mass Effect because of all the stupidity it brings up, so seeing this utterly subverted is a rather nice touch.
  • The entirety of chapter 81: Liara and Shepard's wedding. It's a wonderful culmination to their relationship and the character development both have undergone, and a moment of light-heartedness as the Reaper war continues. Moreover, it also adapts the latter half of the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC, and lets the Normandy crew relax and party for a short while despite the galaxy falling apart around them.

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