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  • Throughout the comic, Phil and Sarah Bradley's marriage was very profoundly screwed up and always teetering on the edge, as if they were just one more fight away from a bitter divorce. By the end, Phil discovers that she's been struggling with an alcohol problem as well, hoping to get his attention and to relieve her stress. Realizing Sarah's problems are serious and that she does need him, Phil vows to help her every step of the way, and they take the first steps together in healing their marriage.
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  • After Phoebe unjustly reveals a secret about Deirdre's past (she had gotten pregnant from her ex, Patrick abandoned her, and then she miscarried), Ryan reassures Deirdre that this doesn't change the fact that he loves her and doesn't think less of her for her past mistakes.
  • Phoebe discovering the yearbook Ceilidh had everyone sign for her. What especially moves her is when Joe writes to her about pushing her abusive ex Todd down a flight of stairs.
    Phoebe: You pushed Todd down a flight of stairs? For me?
    Joe: Look, I'm not proud of it, okay? It was Grade 9, my head wasn't really screwed on tight back then.
    Phoebe: No, Joe... Back then, I couldn't just leave him. I thought you wanted to just hurt me after... after I said no to you. (cries) But somehow you knew! I didn't think you cared enough to know I hated him.
    Joe: (puts his arm around her) You got all that from one sentence written in a yearbook?
    Phoebe: That... and three years of hoping.

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