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Heartwarming / Attack on Titan: Junior High

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  • The series premise in general (excluding some questionable manga-only content). Considering how bleak the main series is it's nice to see the entire cast, including those Killed Off for Real, living happy lives and having silly adventures. Particularly Reiner, Annie and Bertolt, since in the source manga their friendships with the rest of the crew have gone to hell.
  • In Episode 2, Levi took Armin's futon and repaired the tear in it. It's worth noting that he just met Armin in his bedroom and nothing prompted him to help the poor kid out.
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  • Eren and Annie making amends in Episode 3, with him making friends with her quickly despite her petty reasons for beating him to a pulp. Likewise, Annie letting Eren have some of the chee-burg she packed for lunch, since that's their shared favourite food and the reason she was initially mad at him.
  • In Episode 5, after Armin tutors Sasha for her makeup tests, she muses to herself about how Armin initially came off as a wuss, but is actually kind, intelligent, and helpful, and she resolves to herself that she will do her best on the tests for him.
  • In a weird way, Jean's Throw the Dog a Bone moment in Episode 6, courtesy of Sasha. She deludes him into thinking that a daikon radish and a curry bun are two hot chicks fighting over him.
    • There was also a Played for Laughs moment, when the Moe Titan starts chasing after Jean and Marco. They start to run, but Marco trips and falls, and Jean goes back for him. Marco tells him to keep running, and Jean ignores him. Jean may be a jerkass, but he's not going to let his best friend get trampled.
  • During the sports festival in Episode 7, Eren high-fives all the girls, but accidentally skips Mikasa. When Mikasa finally gets her high-five, it's a sweet moment.
    • After the sports festival, the second-year students stay behind to help the first-year students clean up Hanji's mess, despite the latter losing the bet and the former spending most of the episode hanging their seniority over the first-years' heads. They talk about having dealt with obnoxious upperclassmen in their day and getting help despite it.
  • In Episode 8, the Lady in White (aka Frieda Reiss) changing her mind about scaring Christa and instead comforting her since she's in distress. Christa says that she wants to grow up to be like her, despite her saying to stay just as she is.
    • Later, Christa gets her chance to be like Frieda when she comforts Ymir with the same warmth and kindness.
  • The Ship Tease between Bertholdt and Annie in Episode 9, especially their heart-to-heart chat near the end about their friendship. Annie laughing warmly with him is the icing on the cake.
    • Ymir and Reiner working together to play matchmaker between Bertholdt and Annie, despite normally hating each other.
  • In Episode 10, Armin and Marco speaking up for Eren and Jean, respectively, when the latter two screw up their own presidential campaign speeches, and winning over the school. While Eren ends up ruining his chance anyway, Marco accidentally upstages Jean when Ilse speaks up and vouches for Marco himself as a stand-up guy.
    • Marco showing support for his friends by telling Ilse why they're great people.
    • Ilse expressing her admiration for Marco's virtuous character.
  • Annie in the cat café, with a cat warming up to her.
  • In the last episode, Eren's minor victory against the Titans leads to the students celebrating him instead of mocking him, chanting "Chee-burg" as they lift him up into the air.
    • Also, in the last episode, how Eren's classmates were willing risking detention or expulsion so Eren could strike back at the Titans. Including Ymir tripping a teacher and the others getting in between Eren and the rest of the teachers led by Reiner.

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