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  • Pythagoras and Hercules' It Has Been an Honor moment in the second episode. When they believe they are facing certain death Hercules tells Pythagoras he has been a true friend. Pythagoras tells Hercules that he has been an awful friend, but that he'd rather die beside him than with anyone else. Then Pythagoras hugs him tightly.
  • Hercules finds out that he can cure Medusa by sacrificing himself... and he doesn't even hesitate. He is willing and ready to be turned to stone for this woman. Sure, it doubles as a bit of a tearjerker, and he's stopped, by that is love people!
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  • In the season two premiere, Pythagoras and Hercules telling each other their reasons for following Jason. Hercules wants to become the man he pretended to be, while Pythagoras outright admits the two are the closest thing he has to family.

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