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  • Nerdist Productions have found a young YouTube star named "Sir Fedora". During a rehearsal run, Chris Hardwick interviewed the kid and told him he's going to be on @midnight. Cue the Squee! on his face. Hardwick also told the audience that not one bad thing was ever said about Sir Fedora on social media. Hardwick also mobilized the audience and the Internet to get his youtube page to 1 million likes.
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  • Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton shows up to do a "Rapid Refresh" question. But before he could, the massive outpouring of support by everyone for his Kickstarter to launch the revival of Reading Rainbow made him pause. It was very clear he was very grateful for the support.
  • Any time Margaret Cho, who has known Chris since he was very young, is on the show. In her first appearance she uses her final words before being red lighted to tell him how proud of him she is.
  • "Peter Hardwick Facts". "Peter" Hardwick is what Chris refers to himself before he went through AA and got clean (the episode it was on marked the 11th anniversary of the day he stopped drinking) and acted like a total asshole. He basically says he didn't get clean just for the ego stroking, but because he genuinely wanted to. He also tells anyone else going through it that they deserve to get clean and turn their lives around.
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  • When Janet Varney (who Chris had dated from 2004 to 2011) appeared as a contestant on the show, Chris' first order of business was to ask her "How the fuck did you put up with me for seven years?" On the whole, the two seemed very pleasant toward each other.
  • When Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax appeared on the show, Chris Squeed all over them and thanked them for inspiring not only him, but an entire generation of comedians.
  • The 5/24/16 episode with Fozzie Bear as a panelist alongside Kristen Schaal and John Hodgman is an embodiment of Throw the Dog a Bone. The Muppets was formally cancelled the previous week, a fact actually brought up more than once, but there's nothing but love on that stage and in the audience for the bear — especially when all three go on to FTW (Fozzie in the lead and Schaal and Hodgman tied for second) whereupon they share a group bear hug. And Fozzie goes on to win the game!
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  • Chris giving a supportive Shout-Out to frequent guest Patton Oswalt after the death of Oswalt's wife.
  • The fact that the Election Night 2016 live show was not derailed into doom and gloom by the news of Donald Trump's encroaching Presidential win, but managed to be a fun skewering of the whole messy business complete with a FTW in which the panelists had to write an encouraging Twitter post to be read by Dolph Lundgren!
  • The episode for Valentine's Day 2017 ended with a live marriage proposal.
  • Chris is well-known for his love of Doctor Who. The July 18, 2017 episode opened with him and the audience celebrating the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and first canon female incarnation of the character, which had created a massive Broken Base worldwide with many accusations of it being Political Correctness Gone Mad.


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