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Heartwarming / Assassin's Creed: Embers

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  • Ezio's interactions with his wife and daughter, all of them. After everything that's happened to him in his life, seeing him take such quiet joy in spending time with his family just warms the heart.
  • Ezio's few but meaningful teachings to Shao Jun. Including this speech.
    I spent many years teaching men and women to think and act for themselves. First in Roma, then Constantinople. Love binds our order together. Love of people, of cultures, of the world. Fight to preserve that which inspires hope, and you will win back your people.
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  • At the end of the film, Sofia tells Ezio that she and Flavia are going to the market for the day. Knowing that he's going to pass away soon, Ezio decides to go with them. He dies happy, watching his family laugh as they go about their day, and we hear aloud his final letter to Sofia, telling her how happy his life with her has made him in his final years. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In the last scene a young Casanova Wannabe sits down next to Ezio and spends a few moments complaining about how boring Florence is, and about how he wishes he were in Rome, where he's heard there are plenty of girls. Just as Ezio is getting fed up with the youngster, the young man notices Ezio's chest pains and coughing. He promptly takes Ezio's hand, tells him to get some rest, and takes off after wishing him well; all while sporting a kind smile. A clear reminder of the young Ezio which makes the older one smile in recognition.
    • If you subscribe to the theory that the young man is a Templar who was there to put Ezio out of his misery, then it adds another heartwarming layer as well. Either he picked a way to let Ezio go out peacefully with as much dignity as possible, or he saw that the old Assassin mentor is no longer a threat and won't have long to live so he let him be. He could've taunted him, threatened to go after his family while Ezio could do nothing about it, but instead he just smiles and tells Ezio to get some rest. A young Templar agent paying final respects to the Master Assassin in his dying breaths.
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  • Ezio's final letter is perhaps the most life-affirming optimistic moment in the series. For all its Gray-and-Gray Morality and all the tragedy and suffering that takes place in history, to hear Ezio who had to go through a lot to earn his happy ending say that what matters most is the love for Sofia, his children, his family, friends and finally, "the vast and wonderful world that gave us life, and keeps us guessing." That it plays to the beautiful "Peace of Forli" doesn't hurt it either.


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