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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming pages. Proceed at your own risk

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Season One

    Episode 1: Pilot 
  • The Pilot has a lot of heartwarming moments anyway, especially for someone rewatching it, but in particular there is an offhand remark from Tommy about how long it's been since he got laid. "By my rough estimate... 1,839 days". Tommy counted the days since his best friend went missing!
  • The fisherman giving Oliver a blanket and a cup of coffee after saving him.

     Episode 3: The Lone Gunman 
  • Despite his dislike of the Hood, Quentin chooses not to blame him in the deaths of the buyers. It's good to know that he won't blame an easy target for something they didn't do.

    Episode 5: Damaged 

  • Thea gives one statement that shows how much she truly loves her brother "I can't lose you again."
  • In the flashbacks Oliver doesn't give up Yao Fei even under tourture. Keep in mind that Oliver was, for the most part, still the same man as pre-island Oliver, he had no training, it was the first time he had been tortured, and Yao Fei had not done much for Oliver at this time, yet he never caved.


    Episode 6: Legacies 

  • Oliver and Thea teasing their mother, mostly because of the fluid chemistry; it's a rare moment where they act like normal siblings without baggage.
  • Tommy gives Thea a ride home after a night of heavy drinking. Clearly ashamed of what she did, Thea begs Tommy not to hate her and Tommy replies he could never hate her.
  • At the end when Oliver and his mom share burgers at the Big Belly Burger joint (Moira even eats with her hands, despite her usual stuffiness). Despite the secrets he's keeping and some of her more questionable actions, they're still family and they still love each other.

    Episode 8: Vendetta 
  • Oliver's instruction in archery turns into him showing off his trick shooting skills with Helena, and you can see the sheer joy he's taking in having a girlfriend he can just be himself with.
  • The end, when Tommy asks Oliver for a job, outright rejects taking any of his trust fund, and Oliver agrees. It shows that they both care about the other much more than assumed, and Oliver is willing to help Tommy change, even if it means losing Laurel. Overall, their entire relationship can be considered this since, when first introduced, many assumed Tommy to be a shallow wingman of Oliver's.
  • Diggle caring enough to be someone for Oliver to confide in as well as a voice to temper his actions. But particularly giving Oliver props for taking the risk in opening up to Helena after previously chewing him out on that particular subject (and before that, pushing him to confide in more people).
    Diggle: The Oliver I met a few months ago wouldn't have been able to do that.

    Episode 9: Year's End 

  • There's a small one in Oliver including Walter in his 'reason to hold the Queen Christmas party' speech. For Oliver, it's a nice gesture to show Walter that he considers him a part of the family. For Walter, it must be nice to hear Oliver say as such considering from Oliver's perspective, he came home to a different family.

    Episode 10: Burned 

  • Garfield thanking The Hood for his offer to get him help. True, he promptly rejects it and is Driven to Suicide but you can see how Oliver is more than just a vengeful killer, and how grateful Lynns is for at least his attempt to reach out to him.

    Episode 12: Vertigo 

  • The way Oliver acts about Thea is Big Brother Instinct at its finest. Particular mention goes to the scene where they walk to the court house and news reporters start swarming in on her. She holds her hand out to him and he takes it, then muscles his way past the mob while protecting her.
  • Felicity's statement to Ollie in the restaurant when she realizes the book Walter had is big news: "You've dropped some fairly ridiculous lies on me, and yet ... I still feel like I can trust you."
    • Also heartwarming, Oliver first responds with a flippant quip and Felicity's face and posture tense going "Yeah, lying. Again." Oliver immediately apologizes and answers her seriously. It's a nice little non-verbal moment cementing in the fact that, yes, Felicity is actually a fairly good judge of real Oliver Queen vs. fake Oliver Queen.


    Episode 13: Betrayal 

  • When Quentin Lance is about to kill the scum who kidnapped his daughter, Oliver stops him, saying, "I'm the vigilante, you're the detective." It's touching that for all Lance has been a dick to him both as Oliver and the Hood, Oliver prevents him from crossing a line that would torment him later.

    Episode 16: Dead to Rights 

  • When Malcolm Merlyn realizes people are attacking, the first thing he does is look for his son. He treats Tommy like crap and takes glee from tearing him down, but at the end of the day, he loves Tommy, and was even willing to reveal he's the Dark Archer to him. In the end, the two have a heart to heart, and Malcolm explains a bit of his backstory.
    • When Moira, who hired the hit on Malcolm, sees Tommy in the crowd and realizes that, if Malcolm dies, Tommy loses his father, and her face drops. She hates Malcolm, but she's not cold blooded enough to want to cause Tommy, her son's best friend since childhood & the nicest guy on the show, any pain at all.
    • Oliver tells Tommy he's the Vigilante. And while Tommy is still in shock, he covers for Oliver when the police question him. In later episodes, after the two fall out, Tommy still covers for him, regardless of his personal feelings about their relationship.
  • Slade goes to find out what the mercenaries are up to, but pauses in the door and asks if he's going alone. Oliver just smiles and picks up a knife to follow. It's just a small moment to show how things have improved from Slade's previously disdainful attitude towards this Non-Action Guy.

    Episode 17: The Huntress Returns 
  • Despite her bitterness towards Oliver, Helena doesn't reveal his identity to the police (or rather she does but disguises it as a sarcastic taunt so they won't believe her). Oliver in turn comes to save her, despite claiming it's just to protect his Secret Identity.

    Episode 18: Salvation 

  • Felicity fails to track a growing threat, which leads to the person they're trying to save murdered on a live stream as she watches. She goes into a Heroic BSoD as she can't shake off watching someone die, especially carrying a feeling of blame. Oliver doesn't blame her and says, "Sometimes we lose." She goes on to tell him (after noticing Oliver's tendency towards isolation) that maybe it is better off being alone, because she wouldn't know how she'd talk about what'd happened to her that day if she had a significant other in her life. After she figures out what happened with her error and the threat is neutralized. Oliver revisits the conversation.
    Oliver: (quietly) Psst; by the way, if you ever need to tell someone about your can tell me.

    Episode 19: Unfinished Business 

  • Shado is afraid that what her father, Yao Fei had to do on the island to survive turned him into a monster. Island!Ollie reassures her by saying that Yao Fei saved his life.

    Episode 20: Home Invasion 

  • After seeing how important it is to him that he finds the Vigilante, Thea tells Roy that she'll do what she can to help him find the guy.
    Thea: Finding him means the world to you, and you mean the world to me, so I'm here to help.
  • Tommy consoling the young Taylor, who has just lost his parents, just like Tommy himself lost his mother when he was a kid, and telling him that he can see his parents every time he closes his eyes.
  • Roy's reason for trying to find the Hood summed up easily:
    Roy: It feels like my life is connected to his.

    Episode 21: The Undertaking 

  • The family reunion with a rescued Walter, including Walter calling Oliver "son".
  • In the same scene, Ollie and Walter introducing Felicity to Moira and Thea as their friend.

    Episode 23: Sacrifice 

  • Ollie's final speech to a not long for this world Tommy.
    Tommy: Did you kill my father?
    Oliver: No.
    Tommy: Thank you.
  • Diggle and Felicity refusing to abandon Oliver when he needs them, cementing that they are True Companions. In that same scene, the Hood and Quentin cementing their alliance, each saying that the city needs the other.
  • Back in Island Time, how does Oliver gain the focus to fire his first accurate shot from a bow? When Fyers is holding Shado hostage and he's the only person still standing and able to do anything.

Season Two

    Episode 1: City of Heroes 
  • The episode ends with someone coming to rescue Oliver and Queen Consolidated from a hostile takeover, someone mentioned as family after Moira's role in the Undertaking left the family without any friends. At the end of the episode, this backer walks in and it turns out to be Walter — no matter what's happened, he still considers Oliver and the company to be very close to him.
  • Oliver calling Felicity a good friend. It's easy to see that means a lot to her.
  • Moira tells Thea that being arrested and sent to jail has "freed" her from the burden that she had to do in terms of being involved with the Undertaking.
  • With Oliver finally adopting the Thou Shalt Not Kill policy, he discards any negative associations of being the ruthless vigilante called "The Hood" in honor of his late best friend Tommy.

    Episode 2: Identity 

  • All of the episode, Felicity is not happy with becoming Oliver's personal assistant (so that it doesn't look so odd for the CEO to go down to IT all the time); she tells him upfront that she didn't graduate from MIT just to fetch him coffee. Every single time he asks her, it's no. But at the end, Oliver's been having a rough day, so she brings him a cup, stating just this one.
  • Furthermore, this happens right after Oliver apologizes to Dig for not being there for him; even with Dig's joking remark that "this is getting dangerously close to hug territory", it's sweet to see them back on the same page. He even offers Ollie a ride home, though the new CEO proves to have some work to do.
    Oliver: I'll find my own way.
    Diggle: You always do.
  • Roy and Thea getting back together at the end, with him promising to stop fighting bad guys. After all, the Arrow has given him another way to help.
    • This other way to help, by the way, is a mix of Oliver both slowly accepting Roy and making sure Thea is happy, as relationship problems are the last thing she needs after Moira's being imprisoned and facing a death sentence.

    Episode 3: Broken Dolls 

  • Lance is wondering at Felicity's prowess with the computers while infiltrating a lab with the Arrow. That gets a smile of pride out of Ollie (under the cover of the hood)
  • Quentin openly thanking the Arrow for saving him and Laurel at the end.
    "I might not agree with your methods, but I do agree with the results."

    Episode 4: Crucible 

  • Ollie is willing to let Quentin and Laurel hate him if it means allowing Sara to get back to her family. Also, Oliver and Sara holding hands, meaning that she will confront them.
  • In the same episode, Roy saves Cindy/Sin after the Mayor's attack. Thea grows to accept Roy's Chronic Hero Syndrome better, and Sin warms up to him. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Sara risks exposing herself just to make sure her friend is safe.
  • Sebastian Blood's genuine thanks to Oliver for saving him in the Mayor's attack, attributing it to Oliver's strength as a person rather merely being instinct as Oliver insisted. Of course, it's undercut by the reveal that Brother Blood isn't as selfless as he first appears.

    Episode 5: League of Assassins 

  • A subtle one spanning over several episodes so far: both the Arrow and Felicity insist on calling Lance "Detective" in spite of his demotion, showing their respect for the guy.
  • Sara reuniting with her father. And for all her fears that he won't understand what she's become, he sees only a survivor.
  • Quentin beginning to understand what the Arrow goes through, keeping his secrets.
  • Thea and Oliver convincing Moira that whatever she's hiding, they won't stop loving her.
  • Oliver and Diggle sharing a bottle of vodka, probably courtesy of Anatoly Knyazev, and Ollie starting to open up more to Dig about what happened during his five years away.
  • Oliver insisting on confronting the Assassin Al-Owal along with Sara, because Al-Owal "threatened somebody that he cares about", namely her.

    Episode 6: Keep Your Enemies Closer 

  • After Diggle has admitted to needing to find Lyla, who was going after Deadshot:
    Oliver: Felicity, I think it's time we visited our Queen Consolidated subsidiary in Moscow.
    Felicity: Yeah.
    Diggle: Oliver, what are you doing?
    Oliver: Just need to help a friend.
    Diggle: I can't ask you to do that.
    Oliver: You didn't.
  • Moira reconciling Roy and Thea near the end of the episode.
  • Shado refusing to leave Slade behind, instead staying in the plane to help him recover from his burns, with both telling the other they'd always protect ones they care about. Usually their interactions consist of snarky comments, attempts to out-badass the other, or Slade hitting on her, so its kinda nice seeing them act genuinely caring for the other.

    Episode 7: State vs. Queen 

  • Moira is acquitted, against all odds. Sadly, this is marred when it's revealed Malcolm bribed the jury to get the verdict.
  • When Diggle appears to be sick, Oliver sends him home despite the fact that Oliver was going to need support as its the start of his mother's trials. When he collapses, Oliver rushes to him straight away, even though his mother's trial was still on-going for the day.
  • After it's revealed that Diggle's suffering a form of Vertigo withdrawal and Felicity reveals that The Count escaped the same way the Dollmaker did and the prison covered it up, Oliver looks furious and rather decisively and a little viciously grabs an arrow from his stash. Felicity starts to say "I know what you're thinking..." implying she thinks Oliver believes he should have killed the Count. Oliver replies quickly "No, you don't. I made a choice not to put an arrow in this guy... And it was the right choice. There's no more killing." Not only was it the explanation, but how he said it. He both lowered volume and calmed his voice to calm and bolster Felicity. And the arrow he grabbed? A possible cure for Diggle.
  • After that, Felicity gets kidnapped by the Count and Oliver immediately rushes off to save her despite the fact that he and Thea are waiting on his mother's verdict. The True Companionship between the three has grown stronger than ever, to the point that Oliver broke his promise to never kill again when the Count tried to kill Felicity via Vertigo OD. Especially considering that the Count used that very thing to escape capture from the Arrow the first time they encountered each other in the episode, hiding behind people and only giving Oliver room for kill shots, then when he did have a target, he revealed his hostage, whom Oliver chose to get out instead of going after the Count.
  • Early on, Thea is stressed out by the trial, believing she failed her mother with her testimony. Roy brings her boxing gloves and gets her to vent her anger in a weird yet cute way that proved very effective.
  • This one is kind of a stretch, but Malcolm saying he was overjoyed to find out that Thea is his daughter. He seems like he actually means it and wants to make amends for getting his son killed as well as be in his daughter's life.

    Episode 8: The Scientist 

  • Barry and Felicity's interactions; these two just radiate Adorkable moments. Whether it's awkward flirting or the two of them nerding out, it's definitely something sweet to see.
  • After confronting Barry for lying to them, Felicity is upset at Oliver, because Barry had good reasons and they do the same thing everyday. At their Q.C. party, he asks her if she has time for a dance. She replies that she doesn't want to dance with him. Oliver says he knows — and that's why he invited Barry. He made peace with him especially for Felicity. But they will card him at the bar.
  • Felicity bandaging Oliver up, and Oliver's scream of pain. She is taping injuries on him and he actually yells, "Ow." Oliver of a year ago would not show any weakness, signs of pain or injury to anybody. More often that not, he would be The Stoic about it all, i.e. after almost dying from a gunshot wound, his heart stopping, and the fact that he had been shocked with a defibrillator his reaction was basically, "I'm not dead, cool beans". That scene shows how far he has come from when he was on the island. The fact that he hadn't braced himself for the pain and let out a reaction with Diggle and Felicity watching shows just how far he's come in trusting them, and the bond that they share. Instead of working for Oliver Queen as Arrow, they now work with Oliver Queen as equals. Oliver, though not completely open, is showing more genuine emotions and reactions, instead of closing himself off to those around him or faking emotions he doesn't have, but should. Especially with Diggle, Felicity and Thea.

    Episode 9: Three Ghosts 

  • Tommy appearing as a hallucination to Oliver, saying that he was wrong to call Oliver a murderer and urging him to get up and fight back. It gives Oliver the resolve he needs to do just that and defeat Cyrus Gold, and after the saddening hallucination of Shado and the harsh, cruel one of Slade, it's all the more touching.

    Episode 10: Blast Radius 

  • Quentin telling Laurel You Are Better Than You Think You Are and to stop trying to find something wrong with Sebastian because he likes her. While Laurel is right to investigate Blood, it's still a sweet moment between the two.
  • Moira congratulating Thea on her work at Verdant since taking over in Oliver's place.
  • Ollie apologizing to Felicity, and going one better:
    Ollie: You're not my employee. You're my partner.

    Episode 11: Blind Spot 

  • At the end of the episode, after Laurel has been disbarred and Officer Daily has died to cover for Brother Blood, the Arrow meets with Roy, who initially takes a couple of swipes at him, then admits that given the Mirakuru running through his veins, maybe the vigilante should just kill him. But Oliver isn't having it — he urges Roy to let him be a true mentor, teach him to control his anger and his new abilities. Roy's response? "When do we start?"

    Episode 12: Tremors 

  • A quick but sweet moment, Felicity taking her own initiative in hacking Starling City's lax prison system and standing up for her actions, quickly followed by Oliver's acknowledgement of her awesomeness; the look on her face after he does so just sells it.
    Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
    Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
    Oliver: Pride.
  • Oliver's continuous growth in this episode. Not only does he try to use what he's learned about Mirakuru on the island to help Roy, he acknowledges that yes, it happened and it's horrible, but maybe he can use all of that trauma in a positive, non-violent way. In addition, instead of just glossing over what he needs to do, he explains why he's doing it and talks about his experience on the island without being prodded. When he takes a risk by revealing himself to Roy, he acknowledges that he wasn't thinking about the consequences and holds himself accountable to both Diggle and Felicity by giving them the reasons for his actions instead of just ignoring their concerns.
    Roy Harper: How many people know what...who you are?
    Oliver: Too many. But these are the only two that matter — John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.
  • Thea reassuring her mother that she's one of many people in Starling City beginning to see her as more than the woman they can focus their anger on for the earthquake that killed 503 people.
  • After almost one year of looking for the Arrow and trying to actively help him, Roy finally gets his wish and can thank him face-to-face, without a hood between them.

    Episode 13: Heir to the Demon 

  • Not only does Oliver notice something is wrong with Felicity, but when she hesitates to tell him what she's learned about Thea's true parentage, he reassures her:
    Oliver: You're not going to lose me.
  • The above is heartwarming on a deeper level than that. When Felicity confronted Moira with the truth, Moira not-so-subtly warned Felicity to keep it to herself or else it will be spun into losing Oliver over it. This seems like a typical plot where Felicity is forced to keep it because it's her word over Oliver's mother; however, when Oliver convinces Felicity that she has his complete attention and does get the truth about Thea, he also surmises the reason behind the awkward interaction between Felicity and Moira. He immediately disowns his mother and it's heavily implied that in addition to lying about Malcolm and Thea, Moira lost her son over trying to intimidate Felicity.
  • When Quentin and Oliver each learn about Sara's relationship with Nyssa, both assure her that this doesn't change anything with them; they still love her.
    Oliver: You don't have to explain anything.
    Quentin: Honestly, Sara? To think what you've been through the past six years? Pain, loneliness... I'm just happy to hear you had someone that cared for you.
    • Nyssa and Sara's relationship itself, as kind of screwed up as it is, the two really do love each other and don't want to see the other hurt, when it comes down to it despite saying otherwise neither can kill the other.
  • Nyssa releasing Sara from her vow.

    Episode 14: Time of Death 

  • Laurel gets a few — the first is when she agrees to have a family dinner with Sara (who she recently yelled at and threw out of her house) for the sake of her father and his hopes of rekindling something with her mother. The second is when she finally, tearfully reconciles with Sara at the end of the episode. The last is when she shows up at an AA meeting that her father is attending, and the two share a tender look.
  • Quentin apologizing to Oliver over the way he treated him after his return, acknowledging that Ollie's not a killer.
  • Sin's hug upon seeing Sara for the first time since she had to leave Starling City.
  • The Reveal that Sara is protecting Sin because of a promise she made to her father while he was dying.
  • Team Arrow's efforts to remind Felicity of her value to them, especially Oliver telling Felicity that she will always be his girl. Whether or not it's romantic, it's clear that Oliver cares for Felicity very much.
  • Felicity's self-deprecating attempt to get in on the others' scar comparison game, to which Sara says "You're still cute."
  • When Felicity is at her lowest due to the Clock King burning out her network system, Diggle is the one who stays behind to give her some words of encouragement (not that Oliver didn't offer to do the same).
    Diggle: I know we haven't talked about this, but it must be difficult seeing them together.
    Felicity: This isn't about them being together. This is about me, okay? Sara can analyze blood, she can kick ass, she can do anything. And the one good thing I'm good at, I'm failing at miserably. And why do you need me now that you have her?
    Diggle: Because you're irreplaceable, Felicity.
  • Oliver's talk with Felicity at the end, especially since he mentions that Diggle said (off-screen) that Felicity was feeling a little out.
    Felicity: I was just...used to being your girl. I mean, not your girl-girl. Your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.
    Oliver: (cups her cheek, which she leans into) Hey. You will always be my girl, Felicity.

    Episode 15: The Promise 

  • This line in the flashback. Later events in the episode make it a Tear Jerker, though.
    Slade: When we first tried to get off this island, it was as strangers. Now it's as brothers.
  • This line in the present day. Just three words from a certain I.T. girl as her friends head into battle:
    Felicity: Please save Oliver!

    Episode 16: Suicide Squad 

  • The scene with Felicity bringing Dig hot chocolate from her house.
  • Sara not letting Ollie pushing her away; Laurel, who doesn't even know about the threat on their heads, agrees and says they deserve to be happy.
  • John and Lyla saving Deadshot from the drone. Dig has come a long way from his need for revenge against his brother's killer. Knowing about Lawton's daughter didn't hurt, either.
    • Deadshot's entire motivation for working is to pay for anything his daughter might need, which both humanizes him greatly and is kinda sweet. Then, there's Diggle repeatedly encouraging him to try and be a real father for her instead of just sending money her way. Its pretty sweet to see how much compassion Diggle has for other people that he'd have this kind of empathy for a man he hated so badly a year before.

    Episode 17: Birds of Prey 

  • Sara and Laurel have obviously reconnected as sisters. Sara's concern and Laurel not brushing her off, but acknowledging it while pointing out she has a job to do, is a very well done scene.
  • Diggle putting a hand on Roy's shoulder after Roy breaks up with Thea to protect her.

    Episode 18: Deathstroke 

  • Isabel Rochev handling affairs on Ollie's behalf at Queen Consolidated, and Ollie not hesitating to put his trust in her by naming her acting CEO while he finds Thea. It comes back to bite him, unfortunately, when she abuses the privilege to kick him out of his job.
  • Oliver and his mother (at least temporarily) reconciling.
  • After Oliver has fallen into practically every trap Slade set for him, he goes back down to the cave to find Felicity and Diggle, there to yank him back from the Despair Event Horizon and remind him that, even if everything else has gone wrong, they are still here for him.

    Episode 19: The Man Under the Hood 

  • Quentin explaining to Laurel why he ended up not trying to discover the Arrow's identity after Laurel offered to tell him, namely because he wants the Arrow to keep his effectiveness as a symbol, instead of being a person with people he cares about and normal problems.
  • A villainous one when Slade injects Isabel with his blood to save her life, visibly worrying about her.
  • Laurel deciding not to confront Ollie and Sara with her knowledge of their identities and offering emotional support to Oliver.
  • The reveal that Robert knew Thea was Malcolm's daughter but this never changed a thing to him; he loved her regardless, so much so it made him stop cheating on Moira and stay with his family.

    Episode 20: Seeing Red 

  • After a combination of a poor excuse behind a broken leg and admitting he had sacrificed many things in order to do good and to keep his family safe puts the pieces together for her, Moira reveals to Oliver that she had suspected he was the Arrow since the Undertaking and that she couldn't be any prouder of him.
  • A doctor finally getting to pay back the Arrow for stopping the Triad from stealing medicine months ago after Roy damages Ollie's knee.

    Episode 21: City of Blood 

  • Felicity shows how much she believes in Oliver even as he thinks he should turn himself over to Slade:
    Felicity: You can't just accept things, Oliver. If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college. I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some IT girl. (beat) Please don't do this.
  • When Oliver finally decides to surrender to Slade, either Felicity or Diggle drugs him and drags him back to the Foundry to talk some sense into him.
    • He wakes up in the Arrowcave to see Laurel standing there. Instead of being upset (as with Barry), he's confused. When she says Slade told her, his only concern was that he could have hurt her. Quite a change from his fury with Barry.
  • Oliver telling Thea he's glad to have her as a sister, and that of all their family, she was the best. And he encourages her to go wherever she wants, after which she promises to get in touch once she's settled down there.

    Episode 22: Streets of Fire 

  • Laurel telling Sara she doesn't think she's irredeemable:
    Laurel: What was that word you said before?
    Sara: Ta-er Sah-fer.
    Laurel: What does that mean?
    Sara: It means "The Canary."
  • Felicity's seemingly unshakable confidence that Oliver can win out over Slade.
    Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, The Triad, everyone who has tried to hurt this city — you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.
    Oliver: I don't know how.
    Felicity: Neither do I, but I do know two things: You Are Not Alone. And I believe in you.
  • Followed by Felicity wrapping Oliver in a tight hug and, after a moment, him relaxing into it and hugging her back.
  • After Sara has been beating herself up, thinking she can never be a hero after her time in the League of Assassins, she hears someone who witnessed her saving a girl from a fire calling her just that.
  • Then there's her doing a Stealth Hi/Bye after saving said girl, making the girl's mother ask who she was.
    Laurel: That's the Canary.
  • There's also Oliver's initial guilt at having to test the cure on Roy, and apologizing before doing so; he's done so much wrong by Roy that he really doesn't want to do more horrible things to him.
  • Oliver and Anatoly's It Has Been an Honor goodbye was also rather sweet; we already know that the two will remain friends for some time given their post-island interactions, so it's nice to know that at least one person other than Sara will stay a good friend of Oliver's.

    Episode 23: Unthinkable 

  • Oliver telling Roy, "Someone — a friend — once told me that if you survive a crucible, you grow the stronger for it." Who said that to Oliver? Sebastian Blood.
    • There's also the fact he had a mask made already for Roy to use, showing it wasn't a spontaneous decision to take him out into the field; he's been planning for a while to let Roy join him properly, just as he wanted.
  • Sara's farewell to Laurel and Quentin before leaving Starling City with Nyssa; she actually comes off as happy rather than resigned. On the same note, Nyssa promising Quentin that she will protect Sara with her own life.
    • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment and is hard to see, but before Sara goes to her father and sister, Nyssa has her arm around Sara's waist.
    • It's also sweet that she came to Starling City to help — with a squad of assassins — just for Sara.
  • Oliver telling Felicity that she's the true person he loves the most. Sure, it's just a ploy to bait Felicity into being abducted by Slade so she can inject him with the cure, but as mentioned below, both were impressed on easily they sold it.
  • In the flashbacks, Oliver had told Anatoly If I Do Not Return within an hour to blow up the freighter with him still on it. Right before Anatoly blows it up, it's revealed that he waited an extra fifteen minutes before risking killing Oliver.
  • Felicity and Oliver's talk on the beach of Lian Yu, after all the dust has settled; she's trying in her usual adorkable way to cover up for him saying "I love you" as part of their plan to outmaneuver Slade, and he's just smiling at her with the sunlight on his face, and when she finishes with "You really sold it", he simply replies, "We both did." Ship Tease aside, it's a testament to how much she believes in him that she went along with the plan, and how much he obviously trusts her to be able to handle such a dangerous situation. And on top of that, Oliver doesn't walk back on the confession after it's over...

Season Three

    Episode 1: The Calm 

  • In the first act of the premiere, Laurel has Oliver attend a press conference delivered by the freshly promoted Captain Lance. She's giddy about the affair, saying that it's a surprise for Oliver. Turns out it's Captain Lance officially disbanding the anti-vigilante task force and thanking the Arrow for his service to the city.
    • This scene also shows that not only did Quentin survive after the scare from last time, but that he's been promoted to captain!
  • Just when Werner Zytle has a Vertigo-weakened Arrow on the ropes, guess who bursts in to help the man he once hated?
    Quentin: Get away from him or get put down!
  • Oliver giving Diggle an arrowhead necklace for his soon-to-be-born daughter. Diggle initially protests he can't accept it because of Oliver's financial state after losing Queen Consolidated, only for Oliver to note that whilst he can't afford much, one of the few things he can make is arrowheads.
  • Basically all of Oliver and Felicity's date, with Oliver remembering as small a detail as the color of Felicity's pen when they first met and, for the first time ever, opening up about his years away.
    Oliver: You stop seeing people for people, you see threats or - or targets. And when I decided to come home, I didn't know how to turn that part of me off... But then I walked into your office. You were the first person I could see as a...person. There was just something about you.
  • At the end of the episode, when Oliver and Felicity begin to end their brief romance, a tearful Felicity begs him to do it with a note of finality, to say that they can never happen and that he never loved her. He immediately gives her a Big Damn Kiss (complete with Orbital Shot and Lip-Lock Sun-Block) and tells her never to ask him to say he doesn't love her. While it cannot save their relationship, it at least clears up once and for all where Oliver stands when it comes to Felicity.
  • And along those lines, Diggle being the one at the top of the episode to push Oliver into asking her out, since Everyone Can See It to where he flat-out tells Oliver that he knows he loves her.
  • Oliver and Diggle sharing a bromantic hug after Diggle's baby girl is born. Considering how those two maintain a professional distance since Season One, it's good to know that they can act like intimate Heterosexual Life-Partners.
    • And after their earlier argument over Oliver pushing him out, Diggle admits Ollie was right that being a father to Baby Sara was first now, and says that when he saw her for the first time, everything changed.

    Episode 2: Sara 

  • In the flashbacks, we learn that after Ollie accessed his e-mail box in the previous episode, Tommy immediately borrowed his father's private jet to go to Hong Kong and find his friend.
  • Ray's Pet the Dog when he figures out Felicity is upset over something much bigger than him, and offering whatever comfort he can. It's suddenly much easier to see him as the guy who will become the Atom.
  • Diggle cheering up Oliver at the end.
    Diggle: Sara is family, Oliver. Just like you, man.
  • Diggle telling Laurel he's naming his newborn daughter after Sara.

    Episode 3: Corto Maltese 

  • Malcolm Merlyn, of all people, gets one when he throws a fight with Thea when she wants to go back home, as within the rules of their training it could only be allowed if she defeats him.

    Episode 4: The Magician 
  • Nyssa rescinds what she said about Laurel not being worthy of wearing the jacket she had given to Sara, even giving her some helpful advice about how to give more powerful punches when at Wildcat's Gym.

    Episode 5: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak 

  • Felicity admits to her mother that, despite their differences, she gets her strength and courage from her mother.
  • At the end of the episode, when Felicity is still upset about how her past has come back to hurt them all, Oliver, very gently, tries to comfort her:
    Oliver: Whatever experiences you had to go through, I'm glad that you did. They shaped the person you are today. And you know how I feel about her.
  • Ray going along with Felicity's "sick day" excuse so she can spend time with her mother.

    Episode 6: Guilty 

  • Roy confesses that he thinks he killed Sara. At the same time, we see a past vigilante and partner duo and what happens when the partner feels tossed aside after they did something similar-he goes on a murderous rampage. The former partner tells Roy that the Arrow is just using him, and will abandon him. Roy defeats him and turns to face Ollie.
    Roy: Don't abandon me.
    Oliver: Never.
  • Oliver's actions throughout this episode towards Roy. Firstly, there's him telling him sternly to get some rest instead of feeling bad about his insomnia-induced fatigue, but its made clear he's not mad, but concerned. Later, after Roy's confession, Oliver is shown to be completely convinced that abandoning Roy because of this wouldn't be appropriate, and despite the evidence, he's sure that Roy couldn't be guilty.
  • Oliver: "Do you trust me?" Roy: "Always."

    Episode 7: Draw Back Your Bow 

  • Oliver and Roy heading over to Diggle's place for dinner.

    Episode 8: The Brave and the Bold 

    Episode 9: The Climb 

  • Lance telling the Arrow that he's the closest thing he has to a partner. Their relationship has come a long way from being at each other's throats.
  • This episode shows that Oliver is willing to do anything for Thea, including challenge Ra's Al-Ghul to a fight to the death.
  • Ra's Al-Ghul's attitude as he kills Oliver is oddly heartwarming. He doesn't gloat or lecture Oliver; instead he offers a rather beautiful prayer for his soul and seems genuinely disappointed that it came to someone dying. Ra's may be a man with thousands of bodies left behind him, but he does not seem like a monster who enjoys death, merely someone who does what he feels is right even if others say he is wrong. Much like Oliver...

    Episode 10: Left Behind 

  • Flashback!Oliver going behind Waller's back and planting a bug on a Triad member to track down Tatsu. Gets even better when it's shown right after that this kindness is paid back when Maseo and Tatsu resurrect him in the present day.
  • Diggle doing his best to help Felicity cope with Oliver's supposed death.

    Episode 11: Midnight City 

  • Maseo is willing to to defy Ra's al Ghul, just to save and protect Oliver. It's also a Moment of Awesome for him, to defy Ra's al Ghul
  • Laurel and Felicity confiding in each other, and Felicity showing Laurel that she has a reason to fight that isn't revenge.

    Episode 12: Uprising 

  • This episode's flashbacks gave us the first glimpse of Malcom Merlyn before his Start of Darkness. He's an overall good father with a talent for magic and good with kids. In fact, his first interraction with Nyssa was him pulling a coin out of her ear. She's so impressed that she gave him his codename "the Magician".
  • Also, young Oliver and Tommy's interaction in this episode added another layer to their friendship. After Rebecca Merlyn's funeral, Oliver was the only one who stayed behind with Tommy and comforted his friend after his loss.
  • When Roy is looking for the uprising against Brick, he meets Sin and without missing a beat, she quickly calls him Abercrombie and hugs him. It shows that throughout the past events, Sin still cares for the guy.
  • Oliver finally reunites with his team.
  • As the battle in the Glades unfolds, a green arrow suddenly zips into the fray. Roy just breaks into the biggest grin he has had in several episodes. At the end, Oliver delivers a beautiful, inspiring little speech.
  • Oliver managing to convince Malcolm not to kill Brick.
  • A CMOH for a whole mess of people, ordinary people who pick up baseball bats and two by fours to take the Glades back from Brick and his thugs. They're not superheroes, they're just regular, decent people who are willing to put their lives on the line to make their home safe again.

    Episode 13: Canaries 

  • After all the buildup over how badly Thea would likely take learning that Oliver is the Arrow, she's simply proud of him and hugs him.
  • Oliver apologozing to Maeso for giving him to Waller. But Maeso is understanding, realizing that Oliver was tortured, and then he reveals that he lied to him about his plans to leave Hong Kong, but he came willingly once he heard Olivier had been captured.
  • Felicity and Laurel's moment in the foundry. For the first time, someone listened to everything Laurel had to say, and then told her that she was good enough as herself. For so long, everyone had been comparing her to Sara, and finally, someone was telling her that she didn't have to try and be her little sister.
  • Once Laurel has made peace with herself about her decisions concerning Sara, instead of hallucinating a vengeful Canary, she just sees her sister, smiling at her. She then looks at Oliver and he appears (somewhat reluctantly) proud of her.

    Episode 15: Nanda Parbat 

  • Nyssa talking to Laurel about the moment she fell in love with Sara.
  • Dig asking Oliver to be his best man, saying he lost one brother, but he gained another.
  • Ra's telling Nyssa that the real reason he didn't approve of Sara was because he knew their relationship would only end in his daughter getting her heart broken.
  • After Laurel learns the truth about what happened to Sara, she doesn't blame Thea for a second and directs her anger purely at Malcolm where it belongs.
    • And then Nyssa does the same, though she isn't that comforting.
  • Ray telling Felicity how much he depended on her.
  • When brought before Ra's to seemingly be executed, Oliver is prepared to die, but begs for Diggle to be spared. H

    Episode 16: The Offer 

  • There was much bonding in this episode: Laurel bonded with Nyssa over their Daddy Issues, Felicity and Oliver rekindled their friendship, Roy and Thea got back together,...
  • The flashbacks with Oliver doing his best to look after and console Akio while they're separated from his parents. Especially when Ollie's Big Brother Instinct kicks in and he protects the kid from Waller's goons.
  • Maseo proved that even as an assassin he still considered Oliver his friend.
  • After spending the whole episode agonizing over how much good he's really doing as the Arrow, Oliver has an epiphany that leads him to reject becoming Ra's al Ghul: as long as people are alive who wouldn't be without his intervention, it's worth it. This actually gets him to smile.

    Episode 17: Suicidal Tendencies 

  • Lyla and John get married again.
  • Even with Ra's al Ghul trying to frame him as a murderer, Oliver urges John and Lyla to go on their honeymoon.
  • Deadshot's Heroic Sacrifice on Diggle and Lyla's behalf, telling them to get back to baby Sara and be proper parents for her like he wasn't able to be for his own daughter.
  • John Diggle (with Oliver Queen) toasting the memory of the man who saved his and Lyla's lives, Floyd Lawton. Both Lawton and Diggle had a growing respect for one another, despite the fact that Floyd had murdered Diggle's brother years before, and in the end the former redeemed himself by saving their lives so they could be there for their daughter Sara. It was nice to see John drinking to the memory of a fellow soldier who in any other circumstances he could have called friend.

    Episode 18: Public Enemy 

    Episode 19: Broken Arrow 

    Episode 20: The Fallen 
  • Ra's advises Felicity to say goodbye to Oliver while she can, something he was denied when he was approached by the League. Noble Knight Templar, indeed.
  • Heavy-handed foreshadowing notwithstanding, Oliver's parting words to Diggle pay homage to a friendship that has been built from the humble beginnings of begrudging respect.
  • Despite the inherently saddening overtones of the scene, the bond that has blossomed between Laurel and Felicity shines through as they comfort each other in their crazy lives.

    Episode 21: Al Sah-him 
  • Thea, Felicity, and the Diggle family have a normal dinner, and the support and joy they receive from each other is powerful in light of their respective situations. Aunts Thea and Felicity's interactions with Sara don't help.
    Felicity: [Feeding Sara] Here comes the CAT-5 prong into the Ethernet port!
  • The genuine understanding and friendship that has developed between Laurel and Nyssa, with the former taking the latter out for burgers & shakes and protecting her from Al Sah-him.
  • When all is said and done, Felicity finally tells Thea about Roy and allows her to choose her own destiny.
  • Merlyn shows he's genuinely proud of Thea when she comes to him for assistance, not because he thinks for a moment that she's forgiving him, but because she's decided that she's had enough of being the passive member of the group and will start being the warrior he knows she is.

    Episode 22: This Is Your Sword 
  • Thea reuniting with Roy after finding out he was Faking the Dead in the previous episode.

    Episode 23: My Name is Oliver Queen 
  • Barry convincing Team Arrow to help Oliver, because he needs them despite what he might believe.
    Laurel: Oliver hasn't been very forthcoming with his plans lately.
    Barry: Well, I don't know what's been going on with him lately, apart from a recent wardrobe change, but one thing that hasn't changed is, he needs you guys. Even if he doesn't think so.
  • Felicity's rousing speech to Oliver that erases his last doubts.
    Felicity: Don't fight to die. Fight to live.
  • As Ra's dies, Oliver shows that he considers the man a Worthy Opponent by reciting the same prayer Ra's did over him.
  • Oliver deciding to spend the summer with Felicity by going on a road trip. The literal driving-into-the-sunset helps.
    Oliver: Can I say something strange? I'm happy.

Season Four

  • Oliver throughout the season is happier, much more understanding, and much less of Jerkass to people in general than he was in previous seasons. It goes to show just how much his 6 month break and relationship with Felicity in particular has helped him heal from the mental trauma inflicted during the 5 years he was presumed dead on Lian Yu and the troubles in his life since.
    Episode 1: Green Arrow 
  • Even if Felicity is bored out of her mind living in suburban life, she and Oliver are very happy together enough that Oliver is planning on proposing to her.
  • When Oliver finds out that Felicity has been secretly helping out Team Arrow, behind his back, his only complaint is that he thought she wanted to be together with him, and Felicity replies that she does but she just finds suburban life really boring.
  • When the train station is being evacuated a little boy is knocked over in the rush and Black Canary helps him back up and gives him a playful wink while he's in awe of her strength, and the boy thanks her for saving him before running off.

    Episode 2: The Candidate 
  • Oliver's decision to run for mayor is motivated from taking Captain Lance's suggestion in being a hero in the light rather than hiding in the shadows and save the city through questionable means.

    Episode 3: Restoration 
  • It's good to see Diggle giving Oliver another chance in friendship after dealing against Double Down. Oliver Taking the Bullet for Diggle further cements their trust towards each other again after many months of hostility towards each other.

    Episode 4: Beyond Redemption 
  • Oliver apologizes to Captain Lance after chewing him out for working with Darhk. Likewise, Captain Lance decides to stop working for Damien Darhk before Oliver suggested that he can become a double agent for H.I.V.E. and Team Arrow. The amount of trust between these two are restored to a stable degree after many turmoils throughout three seasons.

    Episode 5: Haunted 
  • Oliver admits that he should have been more supportive of Laurel since season 3. Whether it be about reviving both of their younger sisters or going on crimefighting, it's good to see that both sides decided that keeping each other Locked Out of the Loop is only straining their friendship.
    • Earlier in the episode, Oliver's political strategist recommend distancing himself from Laurel for fear of potential controversies that could cost him the mayor election. Oliver counters that his message in "United" means his friends should not be excluded and the city has no appetite for scandals due to crime issues.
  • Crosses with Tearjerker at the same time, but when Sara breaks into the hospital to kill Thea, Thea does not resist because she is knows why Sara is doing it having been in the Lazrus Pit herself and is willing to die if it means it stops Sara's bloodlust and restores her sanity.
  • The Lance Family Reunion after Laurel and Oliver travel to the underworld and rescue Sara's soul.
    • John Constantine watching that reunion. It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but he's got this little smile like he's imprinting this moment on his memory.
  • Thea mentions she's waiting for Oliver to blow up at her in anger, but Oliver very maturely, and with love actually apologizes, saying that he's not mad Thea lied, but that he's sorry he made her feel like she had to.

    Episode 6: Lost Souls 
  • Donna encourages Felicity to be in love with Oliver because her daughter has everything that a mother could ever wish: being a CEO of a bajillionaire company, and most importantly, having a handsome man who can cook and fall in love with her mutually.
  • On Diggle's side, he praised Felicity for being one of the most badass women he knew, and he knows based on being married to Lyla twice.
  • Quentin and Donna Smoak meet in a bar and strike up a conversation about their respective troubles with their daughters. They don't actually know who each other are, and it probably will get pretty complicated when they find out, but for this moment they're simply right for each other.
  • Sara and Laurel's heartfelt hug and Sara saying that she'll love her always and forever.

     Episode 7: Brotherhood 
  • Oliver's insistence that Andy might still be good inside, because it is what Diggle needs.
  • During Oliver's speech he praises the police force for doing what they can given the city's deterioration, and that they need support.
  • When Oliver finds out that Damian might be on to Quentin, Oliver asks Quentin if he is in danger out of concern.
  • Despite having tried to convince Thea to quiet her bloodlust by killing a pedophile earlier, Malcolm leaps onto the alternate method she discovered through Damian's magic.
    • As well as his idea to have Thea become a Serial-Killer Killer. He flew all the way to her since she wasn't accepting his calls and researched an absolutely vile Asshole Victim — one who kept evading justice, no less — for her to kill all because he wanted to stave off her bloodlust and not have her kill an innocent person. Pretty caring and heartwarming for him.
  • Despite Dig's insistence that Andy doesn't deserve the team putting their lives on the line for him, Oliver & the rest of the team still decide to break into the Ghosts' base to get Andy because John deserves it.
  • A great scene occurs when Oliver is fighting a large group of mooks in the Ghosts' base, after taking out almost all of them, he finds himself staring down the gun of a ghost. Diggle, who has been against the attempts to capture his brother all episode, arrives just in time to save Ollie.
    Diggle: My brother needed me... the green one.

     Episode 8 - Legends of Yesterday 

     Episode 10 - Blood Debts 

  • When it turns out Felicity is permanently paralyzed, she tries to let Oliver off the hook as they haven't given their "in sickness and in health" vows yet. Oliver retorts that they have as far as he's concerned, and he's never leaving her.

     Episode 11 - AWOL 

  • The Diggle brothers fighting side by side again after Andy finally offers to help the team, and even more so, Andy getting to know his niece at the end.
  • Felicity and Oliver's conversation at the end, as she shows him what she was like in the past and he asserts that he'll do whatever he can to search for a cure to help her walk again.

     Episode 12 - Unchained 
  • Malcolm shows he's taken a monumental step forward in his relationship with Thea, admitting that he's been tempted to forcibly make her kill someone to keep the Pit's effects from killing her again, but recognizes that it's her decision if she wants to pay that price.
  • Roy lets Oliver off the hook for good over the circumstances of his departure, saying it was completely his own choice and he's satisfied with it.

     Episode 13 - Sins of the Father 
  • Laurel actually manages to get through to Nyssa, who decisively breaks away from her father's legacy to seek her own path.

     Episode 14 - Code of Silence 
  • Curtis giving Felicity a piece of technology that will help her learn walking again. She and Oliver are overjoyed.
  • Donna and Quentin reconciling with one another at the end of the episode.

     Episode 15 - Taken 
  • After William is rescued by Team Arrow, he reunites with his mother Samantha at the police station. William even said he wants a Green Arrow action figure (without knowing that his newfound hero is his biological father). All the adults around him who are in the secret (including Quentin Lance) can't help smiling.
  • It's a Moment of Awesome for the character too, but Laurel taking the news that William was conceived when she was dating Oliver, meaning Oliver cheated on her with yet another woman could have been handled as her being enraged and berating Samantha for it. Instead she's incredibly warm and sympathizes with her. It's a subtle scene that showcases the development of Laurel, and how far she has actually come with being compassionate for incidents of the past.

     Episode 20 - Genesis 
  • Oliver channeling his memories of Felicity to use light magic and beat Darkh.

Season Five

     Episode 4 - Penance 
  • After the bombshell reveal that Felicity redirected the nuke to his hometown, Rory understands full well that there were no good choices in front of her and doesn't blame her for it. And though he initially tries to leave the team as she would be a constant reminder of what he'd lost, he ultimately is able to grow past it and become a full member. After all the melodrama of the past two seasons, this is amazing to see.
  • Wild Dog staying behind to take on Church so that Artemis can get Curtis to safety. Showing that behind his jerk ass tendencies he truly cares for his teammates.

     Episode 7 - Vigilantes 
  • Throughout the episode, Digg has been on edge as it's his son's second birthday and he can't attend with the U.S. Marshals watching the house. As he trains, Wild Dog takes him to a room where Lyla is waiting with his son and some cake, revealing Wild Dog helped them duck the Marshals. Digg gives Wild Dog a warm handshake of thanks before being with his family.

     Episode 8 - Invasion! 

     Episode 9 - What We Leave Behind 
  • After Oliver kills Billy, Felicity struggles with this for a moment before firmly placing the blame where it belongs: on Prometheus. And when Oliver advises everyone to get as far away from him as they can, they stick by him.

     Episode 11 - Second Chances 
  • Tina returning to tell Oliver that she will join his team and revealing her real name: Dinah Drake. The smile that Oliver gives as he tells her that she shares the same first name with a dear friend of his and tells her that Laurel would proud of both of them. The happiness Oliver shows knowing he has accomplished Laurel's dying wish to uphold her legacy.

     Episode 13 - Spectre Of The Gun 
  • Oliver managing to talk down Edlund as himself instead of beating up as the Green Arrow. This shows how far he has come from the ruthless vigilante he was back in Season 1, and proves that he and Vigilante are not the same after all.

     Episode 15 - Fighting Fire With Fire 
  • Oliver putting 100% faith in the rest of the team to protect him.
Dinah: Vigilante is across the street. Sixth floor. He's going to take you out as soon as you step out into the open.
Oliver: Is the team on site?
Dinah: Yeah.
Oliver: Then it'll be fine.

     Episode 18 - Disbanded 
  • Diggle's dedication to Oliver throughout this entire episode. It shows that over the 5 years of fighting side by side through a scores of battles with terrorists and lunatics that the two really are brothers. And in the end Diggle finally gets Oliver out of his Heroic BSoD By reminding Oliver the same thing he told him: That if he is not worthy of being a hero than earn his way back to that status.
    Diggle: ... But you told me to atone for what I did as Spartan and if that's true for me than it's one hundred percent true for the Green Arrow. You just don't get to walk away from this man.. The Hood is who you are. You don't think you deserve it? Fine. Work to become the man who does.
    Oliver: I don't know how.
    Diggle: You just ask for help. You don't have to do this alone Oliver.

    Episode 22 - Missing 

    Episode 23 - Lian Yu 
  • After five years of being a resident of the Heel–Face Revolving Door, Malcolm finally demonstrates he's telling the truth about his love for his daughter by performing a Heroic Sacrifice to protect her from a pursuing Digger Harkness and some goons.
  • Every interaction between Oliver and Slade. After Slade expresses remorse for the Mirakuru-induced hell he put Oliver through in Season 2, Oliver chooses to forgive his former nemesis and trusts him to back him up against Chase. Even with multiple opportunities to, Slade never betrays that trust. In the end, he of all people is the one to insist that nobody leaves the island without Oliver.
  • Quentin gives Dinah his blessing for taking up Laurel (and Sara's) legacy by pointedly calling her Black Canary.
  • Every scene with Oliver and William on the boat, and specifically, how Oliver tells Adrian to not even try to look at his son.
    Oliver: You can blame me for your father's death for the rest of your life. I am done blaming myself for mine.
  • Oliver refusing to kill Adrian, no matter how tempting it is.
    Oliver: I am never going to be the person you want me to be. Not ever.

Season Six

    Episode 1 - Fallout 
  • Slade checking up on Thea's condition. It really shows that he is no longer the evil man he was under the influence of the Mirakuru.
  • William has been cold to Oliver due to blaming him for his mothers death. However, after taking advice from Quentin and Slade to be patient and just be William's father, Oliver tells William that no matter what, he will always love him and always be there for him even if he hates him. As a result, William begins to warm up to his father.

    Episode 2 - Tribute 
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker: When William expresses concern that Oliver will wind up dying because of him being the Green Arrow, and making him an orphan, Oliver winds up lying to him and saying that will never happen.

    Episode 3 - Next Of Kin 
  • Oliver bonding with his son, once again. It's a slow process, but they are beginning to become closer to each other.
  • Because he is no expert on the subject, Oliver asks Felicity to tutor William for his Math test. She and William get along splendidly and he even gets an A in the test.
  • Oliver giving John a much needed You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech, reminding him that he was the reason the Hood started thinking outside the box in the first place (meaning actually helping people instead of just crossing names of the List).
  • Oliver and Felicity getting back together again at the end of the episode.

    Episode 5 - Deathstroke Returns 
  • Seeing Oliver and Slade side by side again in general and encouraging each other.
  • Vigilante leaving Dinah a matchbox with a paper rose, something he used to make for her as a memento, showing that the good man he once was is not entirely gone yet.

    Episode 6 - Promises Kept 

    Episode 7 - Thanksgiving 
  • Oliver and John apologising to one another after their initial fallout.
  • Seeing Thea waking up from her coma is already great enough, but William having prepared food for his new aunt is especially heartwarming.

    Episode 8 - Crisis on Earth-X 

    Episode 9 - Irreconcilable Differences 
  • Quentin giving Oliver the watch his father gave him for his own wedding day and reassuring himself to both him and Thea as their Parental Substitute.

    Episode 11 - We Fall 
  • After the school bus crashes and is about to cave in, William shuttles his classmates off the bus, including a bully who was picking on him earlier and was too scared to move. After William gets trapped behind some fallen debris, the bully returns the favor by trying to move it until Green Arrow arrives to get the job done.
  • After Felicity shows William footage of his father in action and explaining to him the importance of his mission, William finally accepts it and also tells Oliver that even if should something happens to him, he won't be orphaned - he has Felicity.

    Episode 14 - Collision Course 
  • Despite everything that happened, Team Arrow still consider the New Recruits their friends. Diggle and Felicity go to check on Rene in the hospital, only to be told to get lost by Curtis and Dinah.

    Episode 15 - Doppelganger 
  • Even after a whole season exposing the cracks in the team and raising everyone's distrust, no one ever considers that Roy might have betrayed the team and goes through the whole mission clear that it's a rescue.

    Episode 17 - Brothers in Arms 
  • Despite things being strained between them due to lack of trust, Dinah still trusts that Oliver and Diggle will cover her and the other uncorrupted cops while they attempt to arrest Anatoly.

    Episode 18 - Fundamentals 
  • Felicity coming to Oliver's rescue as he tries to storm the SCPD on a Vertigo fueled mentality and reminding him that she is never leaving him.

    Episode 21 - Docket No. 11-19-41- 73 
  • Despite all the bad blood between Oliver and them, New Team Arrow doesn't hesitate a second to rally behind him during the trial. And after Rene got pressured by Diaz to testify against him, he immediately makes up for it by helping John and Christopher Chance with their scheme to sow confusion. In the end, Oliver and Rene seem to honestly reconcile.

    Episode 23 - Life Sentence 
  • Dinah putting aside her grudge against Laurel and helping her carry Quentin to safety.
  • Oliver tells Quentin that he had a good example of how to become a father. Quentin assumes he is talking about Robert, only to be told that, no, he is not talking about Robert.
  • Sara's ecstatic expression upon meeting Earth-2 Laurel suggests that, even though she has accepted that her sister is dead for good, there's still a part of her who yearns for Laurel. Sadly, Black Siren sets her straight about it, though by the tone of her voice, for the first time, she seems to be disappointed that she is not Earth-1 Laurel.
  • Oliver finally mending fences with the New Recruits, after the latter find out that he cut a deal to give them immunity from the FBI.

Season Seven

    Episode 2 - Longbow Hunters 
  • Black Siren not only thanks Dinah for her help, for the first time ever, she genuinely apologizes for killing Vince, while almost crying.

    Episode 3 - Crossing Lines 
  • Agent Watson finally shows that she does have a heart and even helps out Felicity on an unauthorized mission, which later gets her Reassigned to Antarctica. Despite this, she holds no ill will and even wishes her the best of luck.

    Episode 9 - Elseworlds, Part 2 

    Episode 11 - Past Sins 
  • Despite it being established that many members of the SCPD aren’t ecstatic to say the least to be working with Oliver officially when Sam demands that one of the Officers shoot an kill Queen or risk all dying of electrocution no one but one attempts to do it and said officer himself is unable to go through with it after Oliver talks him down.
  • Felicity and Siren seem to have finally established a full on friendship.
  • Emiko telling Oliver she’s willing to give him a chance after his admitting to his father's murder of Sam Hackett's father.
    Episode 12 - Emerald Archer 
  • Team Arrow reuniting to help Oliver capture the vigilante killer Chimera even if it risks them going to prison because as they point out Oliver already did the same thing for all of them.
  • When Mayor Pollard has Curtis, Diggle, and Rene locked up even after they helped save her life Oliver and Dinah confront her. The former to have himself arrested because if his friends go down he goes down with them and the latter to quit her position as captain as she wont work for a police force that arrest her friends.
    • Mayor Pollard on the other end while still hating the ideas of vigilantes shows a little bit of a soft side and not only decides to not press charges against Rene, Diggle, and Curtis but deputizes them alongside Oliver.
  • William and Zoe bonding with Zoe telling him he can talk to her about anything.
  • The Documentary showing that Oliver and his allies despite a lot of detractors still have people who appreciate their efforts.
    Episode 15 - Training Day 
  • In-Universe Heartwarming in Hindsight as while it took them entering their adulthood’s, Oliver and Felicity’s hope that William and Mia will be able to rely on each other does come true.
  • Rene assure Dinah that with or without her Canary Cry she is still a hero and the Black Canary.
  • Diggle finding out Felicity is pregnant.

    Episode 18 - Lost Canary 
  • Felicity refusing to give up on redeeming Laurel, even as everyone is turning against her, believing that there is still some good in her. A notable contrast to when they first met in season 5, since Felicity was the one member of Team Arrow who didn't believe she could become a hero.
  • When Dinah is attempting to dissuade Mia from charging the Zeta, who has killed many Canaries, she tells her a story about how she made a mistake of not believing that a person could change for a long time. By the end of the episode, it becomes clear that she was talking about her previous experience with Laurel, whom she contacted to save Mia from the Zeta.
  • Felicity giving Dinah and Laurel mementos from Earth-1 Laurel: the modified Canary Cry device and the old Black Canary gear, respectively.
  • Laurel's and Sara's conversation in Quentin's grave in the end, in which Laurel expresses regret at not thanking Quentin for all the help he gave to redeem her. Sara responds that he already knew she would.
  • Laurel saving Mia in the flashforwards while wearing the Earth-1 Laurel's suit that Felicity gave her. She is no longer Black Siren. She is the Black Canary.
    • It's been twenty years since she decided to become a hero, and Laurel has not veered into the dark side even once, showing how Felicity's efforts to redeem her pays greatly.
    • Laurel noting that Mia looks just like her mother, then giving her some heartwarming advice about her path to heroism.
      Laurel: You still have a long way to go to prove that you're a hero. Take it from someone who knows how hard it can be, and don't screw it up.

    Episode 22 - You Have Saved This City 

Season Eight

    Episode 1 - Starling City 
  • The huge smile that comes to Oliver's face on meeting Diggle for what he thinks is the first time, before remembering that he's supposed to be pretending to be unhappy about being assigned a bodyguard.
  • Then it turns out to be 'his' Diggle after all, having loyally followed his friend knowing Oliver would need him.

    Episode 3 - Leap of Faith 
  • Thea's quick acceptance of Oliver's fated death is equally Black Comedy and this — because she knows her brother will be able to find a way to escape it, just as he had done many times before. She then makes Oliver promise to stay alive for her.

    Episode 4 - Present Tense 
  • Much of Oliver and William's interactions throughout the episode. The pair get a great deal of the father/son heart to hearts they never really had when William was a kid. In particular, William comes out to his father, but is surprised to learn that Oliver already knew. Oliver simply states that he and Felicity had suspected as much when William was younger, but never pressed the matter, instead hoping he would come out to them when he felt comfortable doing so.
  • At the end of the episode, Mia decides that she will try to form a relationship with Oliver. He couldn't be more happy to do it.

    Episode 5 - Prochnost 
  • Anatoly having genuinely turned over a new leaf. He and Oliver rekindle their brotherhood, he takes a liking to his kids and he even tells Laurel at the end that he was wrong about her. He really came a long way.
  • After initially acting like an Overprotective Dad, Oliver decides to finally treat his kids as equals and share everything with them, even the stuff from his life that he isn't proud about.
  • Laurel not giving into the Monitor's offer to reconstruct Earth-2, stating that if she has to betray people who trust her, there is no point to even consider it. Just to prove how far she has gone from her Black Siren days.

    Episode 6 - Reset 
  • Earth-2!Laurel, after carrying an intense guilt for not having a chance to say goodbye to Quentin, is given a second chance in the Monitor's "Groundhog Day" Loop, in which she's finally able to say an affectionate goodbye to Quentin (and hear equally affectionate words from him) and make peace with it.
    • It's also heartwarming from the Monitor's part, as he gave Laurel this second chance as a reward, because she passed the Secret Test of Character he played on her in the previous episode. She and Oliver begin to reconsider their bad opinion about him as a result.

    Episode 7 - Purgatory 
  • Oliver's preemptive goodbyes to everyone is this mixed with Tear Jerker.

    Episode 8 - Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Four 

    Episode 9 - Green Arrow And The Canaries 
  • The revelation that in the new universe Mia and William grew up together in the Queen Mansion, with Mia becoming best friends with Zoe, who is still alive, since JJ never became evil. Mia is now "Mia Queen", since her paternity is publicly known and Oliver is recognized as a hero.
  • Because in this alternate reality John and Lyla were there more for their kids. JJ never became Deathstroke and instead became a businessman who is Mia's love interest.
  • It is revealed that Star City has been crime-free for twenty years straight and it is all thanks to Oliver's sacrifice. Just as it had done with Earth-1 Laurel, the city erected a statue of the Green Arrow, which Mia and William visit at the episode's end.
  • While most others would have been heartbroken to discover that their entire past was erased and the future has no record of them, Dinah Drake accepts this as a chance to start over, becoming much calmer and mellow and seeing this as a chance to live a new life.
  • Laurel convincing Dinah to return to vigilantism not for her own sake, but for Oliver's.
  • Time displaced Laurel and Dinah becoming Stern Mom and Cool Mom to Mia.

    Episode 10 - Fadeout 
  • Oliver did not waste his chance in creating a new universe, choosing to alter certain events; namely when he could save his friends and family. We see this in one case, where during Season 2 Oliver is able to break his bonds and rescue his mother seconds before she is killed by Slade, ensuring she survives. He also (off screen) saved Tommy from being killed in the Season 1 finale (resulting in Tommy and Earth-1 Laurel getting married) and saved Quentin and Emiko.
  • Roy proposing to Thea, who accepts on the condition that he never leaves her again. After eight years of hell, dear god, they deserve it.
  • Mia honoring Oliver's Thou Shall Not Kill outlook when she refuses to execute William's kidnapper, symbolizing her role as the new Green Arrow. A news report later highlights this and the public speculate that Oliver's sacrifice has inspired a new generation of heroes to protect the world.
  • Felicity's reaction when she finds out that her daughter eventually grows up to become a hero.
  • When Laurel expresses Survivor's Guilt at still being around when Oliver should have resurrected her Earth-1 counterpart instead, Quentin comforts her and tells her that as far as he's concerned, she is his daughter.
  • Diggle, Dinah, and Rene reflecting on all the years they spent together before they depart the Arrowcave. Crosses with Tear Jerker, as well, since the team split up after Oliver's funeral, as Diggle leaves for Metropolis while Dinah goes to parts unknown (and, the next day, will be transported to 20 years to the future). The Fellowship Has Ended for real.
  • Oliver's funeral is full of these:
    • Just seeing all these familiar faces returned to honor Oliver, even former enemies like Anatoly come by.
    • Despite their past rivalry, Nyssa and Talia are perfectly cordial to each other.
      • Talia suggests that their father's Arranged Marriage for Nyssa to Oliver was just Ra's' misguided attempt at wanting the former to be happy. The younger sister dismisses this and, despite said ex being in a happy relationship with another woman, still considers Sara her true "beloved".
    • Moira and Thea warmly welcoming Emiko after they finally get to meet her. Emiko finally gets her wish to become a part of the Queen family.
    • Felicity and Mia getting to talk.
    • Barry and Kara briefly crossing over one last time to pay respects to the fallen member of the Arrowverse's original "trinity".
      • Barry appearing in Oliver's funeral is kind of a given, considering their long relationship. However, even the fans are surprised when Kara also shows up. To date, this is the only time Kara appears in a non-crossover Arrow episode.
      • When Barry starts to blame himself for Oliver's death, Felicity cuts him off and reassures him.
        Felicity: You did everything you could.
        Barry: How do you know that?
        Felicity: Because I know you.
    • Diggle's eulogy for Oliver.
  • The reveal that in the future, Felicity goes to Oliver's personal heaven, which he chose to make a shining bright Star City, so that they could be reunited forever. More specifically, Oliver chose the moment he first saw Felicity in his father’s office while working for Argus as his personal afterlife.



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