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  • Sparkles* usually hates Wonderwall by Oasis, so it says a lot that he was even willing to play guitar for it just to please Martyn and Strippin.
  • Any time Beckii and Sparkles* are onscreen together.
  • Sparkles* thanking all the fans for helping them get through tough times and making 2013 a great year for them, and then offering the fans the chance to contribute.
    • After a few people messaged saying "not very good but here's my sample", Sparkles* encouraged the fans to be more positive and give it their best shot anyway.
  • An example that relates to the Yogscast as a whole, as well as to the band. When it was obvious that Sparkles* had drunk far too much for part of the livestream, Duncan and Strippin immediately volunteered to get him home.
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  • The video for Euphemia, which just shows the band having a good time, performing and celebrating various things, including Parv graduating from university with his dad there to support him.
  • This fanmade video featuring several wonderful moments from the band in general, across their time together. It was so good the band decided to tweet it and said that they'd almost forgotten some of the stuff in it.
  • One for the Elevens. Originally, Area 11 did not release the single of "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill" on iTunes, instead releasing it only on Bandcamp. At the urging of several fans, the group decided to put it to them all, asking for 1,111 retweets on Twitter, meaning that for around ever 24 or so people that follow them, one would have to retweet. They accomplished that goal in around 5 hours. Crosses over with Crowning Moment of Awesome as well.
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  • The band chose to commemorate the one year anniversary of All The Lights In The Sky by releasing the entire album for free online to thank fans for their support. It was only for a day, but most bands would never consider doing something like that, even after reaching a good level of success.
  • Sparkles* defending Beckii from some trolls who were having a go at her for "being fat", and saying she should be proud of herself for standing up to her critics.
  • Despite having left the Yogscast at some point in 2014, Sparkles* still gets along well with the crew, particularly Martyn and Strippin.
  • A small one, but a fan tweets that the only thing he's got keeping him happy for an important interview is listening to the band. They tweet him back with encouraging thoughts and make him feel better.
  • How do the band celebrate the Ni Tour and the release of "Underline"? By taking themselves, plus Adam, on holiday in Japan. The photos from Parv's Instagram show them just having a good time and getting some well-earned rest.
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  • The second ATLITS anniversary was commemorated by releasing not just the album for free, but all extra discs and the then-new EP. Again, only for a day, but it's incredibly generous.
  • Sparkles seemed genuinely happy to get an entry on TV Tropes note , even if some info was apparently wrong.
  • Sparkles* is known for being snarky even when being nice, but if a fan admits to suffering from abuse odds are he'll be there and urging them to seek help. No jokes, no sarcasm, just honest advice.

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