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I'm gonna miss the shit out of you.

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  • Despite everything Archer does to him, Woodhouse was there and proud when he graduated from college.
  • Archer's childlike happiness when he's with with animals is oddly heartwarming, such as him bonding with Cheryl's pet Ocelot Babou, and the tiger in Calderon's zoo that he named Shane.
  • The main characters' relationship. Yes, they can be assholes to each other, but there are genuine moments in the series that shows that they truly love and care for one another.
  • Krieger has shown time and time again to, aside from being batshit insane, actually be incredibly kindhearted when push comes to shove.
  • Just the fact that Sterling Malory Archer is a completely dedicated father to AJ. Anytime his daughter needs something, he WILL DO IT. No questions asked.

    Season 1 
  • Understated one in "The Honeypot" when Archer finds himself in a bar that hosts chicken-fighting matches. A big, weeping Dominican man is sitting next to him, crying over the death of his slain rooster. The next time we see Archer, he is covered in dirt and carrying a shovel, and mentions that he spent all night helping the guy bury the dead bird. For Archer of all people, this is a surprising bit of kindness.
    • This becomes even more Heartwarming in Hindsight after the second season reveal that alligators are one of Archer's three biggest fears (along with crocodiles, which Archer explains are also native to the Everglades).
      Rudy: Then where were you all night?
      Archer: Way the Christ out in the Everglades burying some Dominican guy's rooster!
      Charles: Fun! (beat) Oh, you mean literally.
      Archer: Yes, literally!
  • A precious moment between Archer and his mother, after she shoots him six times "right in the 10 ring".

    Season 2 
  • In "Blood Test", Mallory pouring out her heart to Archer about wanting grandchildren. Lana even tears up when she walks in and overhears.
  • Woodhouse's origin story in "The Double Deuce". All of it. The whole story was enough to impress Sterling.
    • He avenges his friend Reggie's death by killing the entire squad sent to kill them. He eventually ends up owning a bar in Tangier, Morocco, when a pregnant Malory Archer shows up on the run and Woodhouse delivers Sterling Archer. He even helps come up with the name Sterling.
    • Later, Woodhouse sells his bar to buy a boat to get to Lisbon, Portugal, and then sells the boat to get money to send Malory and baby Sterling back to the United States. He ends up raising Sterling single-handedly until he was 5.
    • After telling him the story, Mallory of all people calls him out on the way he treats him. (Of course this being Archer, the sentiment is undermined by the fact that Woodhouse kept the scalps of the Germans he killed.)
  • "Stage Two":
    • Lana storms into Malory's office and demands to know what the hell is wrong with her after Malory deliberately poured coffee on a dessert gift that Pam was going to send to her dad.
    • Archer shares a moment with Woodhouse. Not to mention accidentally blurting out the fact that he thinks he's in love with Lana. It may or may not be true, but it was sort of sweet when you consider Archer probably hasn't really known what love feels like considering his background.
      • As well as one with the Wee Baby Seamus. Archer makes a point of spending time with him, even though he isn't really his son, because he's "probably the closest I'll ever have." Really, "Stage Two" is a pretty heartwarming episode, at least by Archer standards.
    • There's also the fact that the entire main cast was nothing but very supportive to Archer and are actually anxious that he might not make it. Even though all of them are dicks to each other, they still care for one another.
  • "Placebo Effect":
    • Krieger checks up on Archer's cancer progress and informs him he's being sold fake medication, kicking off the episode's plot. Might have been a downer, but he did it out of genuine concern.
    • Archer's downright adorable interactions with a fellow cancer patient named Ruth. One of the only times Archer has ever shown genuine, unwavering niceness to a fellow human being for nothing in return.
      • He even gets a Bond One-Liner out of it.
        Archer: Don't you worry, Ruth; I'm gonna make them pay for it. (The "them" is the Irish mob).
      • Hell, his RAMPAGE against the Irish mob for selling fake cancer medication is at least 50% about them doing it to Ruth and other cancer patients. If it was just him, one could assume he would take only half the gear.
        Malory: What do you plan on doing?
        Archer: Cry havoc, and let slip the hogs of war.
        Lana: Dogs of war.
        Archer: Whatever farm animal of war, Lana!
    • Krieger thinks it's sad that little kids get cancer, and accepts Archer's excuse as to why he thought his cancer pills were chewable, for kids who need an easy way to take them (they were candy, but Archer didn't know that).
    • The youngest member of the Irish mob, Mikey Hannity, is appalled to learn that he and the gang were selling fake chemo drugs. They had told him it was hair restoration cream for men.
  • The concern Archer shows for Cheryl's pet Ocelot. One would expect him to be characteristically pissed off that it shredded one of his suits, but instead he insists on buying it toys to play with.
  • In "El Secuestro", an important one from Cheryl. After getting Pam kidnapped by pretending that Pam was her (they were really after Cheryl in the first place), Cheryl not only shows tremendous guilt over the matter, but refuses to sign Mallory's contract to make ISIS her personal bodyguards until Pam is rescued. Given how selfish and spiteful Cheryl usually can be to her co-workers, that means a LOT, and it shows that she and Pam really are Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • From the two part season finale, we have Archer finally finding someone he actually loves, Malory's legitimate fears that Sterling had died and Katya giving her life to save the man that she loved.
    • The reveal of what Katya and Krieger were actually discussing: Krieger's wedding plans which Katya wants to use for her and Archer's wedding.
    • Throughout the episode Woodhouse was doing all he could to stall Archer in his apartment by pretending not to know where his bug out bag is but when Archer told him that he was truly in love with Katya, Woodhouse immediately stopped stalling and gave Archer not only his bag but also his grandmothers ring. Makes sense he would be sympathetic to love no one else would understand.

    Season 3 
  • In Heart of Archness: Part 3, when Archer tells Lana that even though they fight, he considers her his friend, and his only friend at that.
  • The fact that Krieger brings Katya back as a cyborg seemingly for no reason other than to make Archer happy (and scientific achievement, but he still surprises Archer by reuniting them when he could have easily kept it his own perverted secret). And then, when Archer and Katya are preparing to get married again, Ray asks the "who gives this woman" question, and Krieger tearfully says "I do.", like he's Katya's proud and emotional father. Coming from Krieger it's incredibly sweet.
    • Not only that but the fact that Archer was having trouble deciding whether or not he could honestly come to terms with Katya being a cyborg ending with him getting over all of it.
  • In "Crossing Over", Archer bonding with Jakov over shots in the safehouse. Seriously, two of the meanest, shortest-tempered characters put everything aside to make up for 35 years of lost time.
  • In the Season 3 finale, "Space Race: Part II," Archer chooses the ISIS crew over fighting Barry.
  • In the same finale, Archer makes up for an incident in the prior episode. As ISIS launches the space shuttle to go back to Earth, Cyril is forced to be the pilot as he is the only qualified person remaining. In the prior episode, Cyril had flown a flight simulator until Archer disrupted his concentration. Cyril crashed in the simulator. On board the shuttle, Archer tells Cyril that Cyril is going to make it, and as a thank you, Cyril uses the shuttle's rocket propulsion to disintegrate Barry's shuttle, stranding Barry.

    Season 4 
  • A weird meta moment in the teaser of Fugue and Riffs, which is a gentle parody of Jon Benjamin's other show, Bob's Burgers. Archer (Bob), who has no memory of his life as a spy, is closing up for the night when a four-man KGB hit squad enter the restaurant. Thinking they are robbers, offers them the money from the till, and even gives them permission to sexually assault him, so long as they don't hurt his family. Archer has been submissive to the intruders, but the moment one of them moves over to where the Belchers are to beat them, Archer — who still has no memory of his previous life with all his badass training, and with only a spatula as a weapon — brutally kills all four men.
  • In "Legs", Krieger restores Ray's ability to walk again. Although he resorted to drugging him, he did make Ray's life much better without any selfish intent.
  • Archer and Luke's entire relationship in "The Wind Cries Mary". Luke is one of the few people Archer genuinely likes and he spends the entire episode trying to prove Luke's innocence. Too bad Luke really did turn out to be a traitor and revealed to Archer in his death bed confession that he raped Archer when they were on a mission.
    • Cyril admitting to Lana the only reason he cares about the peer review is because Pam cares about it.
    • Cyril stating that dating Lana was one of the best moments in his life.
  • Archer and Ron's bonding in "Midnight Ron".
  • As crazy as it appears, Krieger gives a wedding to a couple of mice in "Once Bitten". Complete with a mouse-size cake and even a mouse priest.
  • In "The Honeymooners", it's quickly ruined but Archer fearlessly diving off a skyscraper to save Lana is kind of sweet. Y'know, by Archer standards.
  • In "Un Chien Tangerine", Archer has a one-way confession to Kazak and almost reveals his true feelings for Lana. He gets interrupted, of course, but it's clear that he's starting to realize he might actually be in love with her, even though he doesn't know what to do about it. And judging by Lana's reaction to what she thought was a wedding ring, it might not be one-sided.
    • Archer asking Lana to not quit from ISIS again, because they make a good team. He even admits that he can't promise that he'll stop needling her, rather than making an empty promise.
    • In general, Archer totally bonding with Kazak.
      • Lana, after being constantly annoyed by Kazak, turns Not So Stoic when she has to pull a gun on Kazak to threaten Archer. Kazak whines pathetically (he Does Not Like Guns) and Lana apologizes, saying, "I wouldn't have shot you for a million bucks, furball."
    • Archer deciding to spare the survivor of the group of men who tried to kidnap Lana. He even berates himself after he makes a racist comment.
  • In The Papal Chase Archer's horrifying reaction to Lana getting shot.
    • Malory, for some reason or another, taking Krieger to see "The Wiz", both stage and movie version.
  • In "Sea Tunt Part II" Archer risking his own life, without hesitation, to guarantee Lana's survival because she's going to be a mom.
    • Not to mention the fact that he let out an "I love you!," with his last breath mere moments before drowning.
    • And his one condition to this event? That Lana promises to be a better mom than his own was.
    • And on a weird side note, Archer tickling Ray and teasing him about giving him mouth-to-mouth, especially after all the shit Archer put him through was actually pretty freaking adorable all things considered. Even though it ended badly.
    • Malory sharing a drink with Cheryl and Pam.
    • Cecil and Cheryl reconciling with each other.

    Season 5 
  • "White Elephant":
    • Archer proposing to Lana and offering to help raise her baby. Granted she turns him down, but it's one of the most genuine and nice things he's done in the whole series.
    • Archer and Lana busting out their friends.
  • In "A Kiss While Dying", Archer kissing Ramon in his dying moments without hesitation to fulfill his dying wish. Granted it's revealed that Ramon faked his own death and had been working with Charles and Rudy the whole time, but it really stands to show just how much of a heart of gold Archer has.
    • Lana apologizing to her unborn baby when she runs while pregnant and promising the kid anything he/she wants.
  • In "A Debt of Honor", Archer comes extremely close to calling Ron his stepfather, though he changes at the last moment to "my mother's husband". Considering how badly Archer took his mother's marriage (and his general behavior when it comes to the men his mother gets involved with), even this is a huge step forward for him.
    • From the same episode, Cheryl calmly willing to put down a huge amount of money to save Pam's life is surprisingly touching. As is her happily giving over a full arsenal of family-owned weapons to the team, and then basically saving Ron's life by leading his group through an underground tunnel on the fastest possible route to the nearest hospital. For someone who is clinically insane and often sadistic, she can be surprisingly sweet!
    • For all the hypocrisy in her statement, Malory saying that Lana doesn't give Archer enough credit is a HUGE Pet the Dog moment.
  • In House Call, Lana considers running away from the mansion to avoid getting busted by Agent Holly. Archer tells her he'd support her if she took this action, simultaneously cheering her up by being his assholish self by quipping she should spend 5 minutes giving a combination "Goodbye/Thank You blowjob". She hugs him.
    Lana: [tearfully sincere] I can't leave you, stupid!
    • And earlier on, we find out that Archer has been looking up on several pregnancy complications because he was worried about her.
    • When Cheryl mistakenly thinks the others are planning to kill Pam, Cheryl becomes genuinely angry.
  • In "Eastbound and Down" Pam lost Archer's gun in a craps game at a truck stop, which Archer only realizes when attempting to beat back an attack by a biker gang. Afterward, Archer covers for her by claiming to have left his gun behind.
    • When in the same episode Pam tells Archer that the possible fatal side effects of eating cocaine are worth it because people like her now because of her weight loss. Archer explains to Pam that people liked her (well, hated her less) before she lost the weight, and possibly dying of an overdose isn't worth it. Keep in mind that Archer is one of the very few characters in the show that has willingly had sex with Pam on more than one occasion.
  • In "Baby Shower": Archer going through all that trouble just to get Lana a good present for her baby shower.
    • Topped off by Woodhouse wheeling in Archer's old crib. A gesture that nearly makes Lana cry.
    • Believe it or not, Malory gets in a good one, buying Lana pretty much everything she needs for her baby. Of course, she regrets it immediately afterward when it turns out Krieger lied about his business, and she is still flat broke. But the mere fact that Malory would do that for Lana if she could afford it is nice by her standards. This is a woman who thinks a potato is a good Christmas bonus.
  • "Palace Intrigue: Part 1": On a show where it's seldom clear that any of the characters even like each other, it was kind of sweet to hear Cyril tell Ray that he finds him to be good company. Ruined by Ray pointing at Cyril and shouting "Queer!"
  • "Palace Intrigue: Part 2":
    • Archer and Lana showing great concern when they think Pam was killed by Calderon. Followed quickly by Cheryl's roaring rampage of revenge.
    • Despite him being hurt earlier at his friends' comments, Krieger stills shows concern for them when Calderon is threatening to take them to prison.
  • "Arrival/Departure":
    • Malory showing some rare compassion during the season 5 finale. During and after the birth, she acts downright motherly to Lana, and even acts nicer than usual to Sterling.
      • On top of this, Lana wanted to quit ISIS - not because of the risks she'd faced, or concern for her daughter's wellbeing, but because she believed Archer had lied to her, something he'd never actually done before in spite of his frequent Jerkass behavior.
    • "Sterling Archer, I'd like you to meet your daughter."
      • A stunned Archer may well have missed an introductory explanation, nearly faded away by sound effects: "Despite it all, I [Lana] do actually love you."
      • In that same vein, after Archer sits down, he's so gentle with the baby, tickling her chin in a gesture so affectionate it's honestly shocking that Lana doesn't comment on it.
    • Archer revealing that he got certified as a doula (aka Midwife) to make sure that Lana was safe in a worst-case scenario (which, of course, is exactly what happened).

    Season 6 
  • "The Holdout":
    • Even though he's still kinda leary of the whole Lana made him a father without his knowledge, nor consent thing, when Malory tells the crying baby to shut up BOTH Archer and Lana tell her off for it.
    • Archer ringing up Sato's wife for him, after what is possibly 6 decades without hearing her. Their conversation is all in Japanese, but the emotion rings through nevertheless. And when the CIA extraction team tells them they need to hurry up and get out, Archer shoots at them, telling them "We need a moment!" And Archer does this for a guy who had been trying to kill him. Jerk with a Heart of Gold indeed.
      • Previous to that, though, Archer is genuinely devastated and upset when Sato learns about Hiroshima and Nagasaki via his cell phone. You can tell he did not want him to find out that way and without the proper context.
    • Archer feeding a banana to a Water Deer.
  • Regardless of still being his usual asshole self, the mere fact that Archer is really taking being a father seriously. In "Three to Tango", when he and Lana arrive in Buenos Aires, he notes that his primary concern about the two of them flying there together on the same plane is out of fear that it crashes and leaves little AJ without either of her parents to take care of her (leaving that to Malory, and we all know how well that would turn out).
    • From the same episode, we have Malory of all people freaking out when AJ goes missing, tracking down Cheryl (the one person in the office who absolutely hates (human) babies) and threatening to kill her with her bare hands if she has so much as harmed "one single hair on her little brown head."
    • To complete the trifecta of touching moments, we find out Lana was stalling about talking to Archer about who would take care of AJ if they died because she didn't want to hurt Archer's feelings with the truth—that her parents would take custody of AJ instead of him, and if they happen to die, her sister would be the one to take care of her then. Archer is a constant pain-in-the-ass to her, but it's clear Lana still cares about his feelings even if (most of the time) he has no regard for hers.
  • "Vision Quest":
    • Archer calling himself, Pam, and Lana the strongest.
    • Pam, Cheryl, and Lana all agree and say that Cyril looks good in his sweater vest.
    • Archer apologizing about the sweater vest when Cyril tells him it's cashmere.
    • The end of the episode, when it turns out Mallory didn't intentionally trap everyone in the elevator as a team-building exercise, and that the actual team-building exercise she had planned was going to be everyone watching Vision Quest together. Not only is it refreshing to have Mallory not be a Magnificent Bitch for a change, it's also sweet that she just wanted everyone to get together and enjoy a movie.
  • Archer going Papa Wolf on a rogue agent in Sitting. Well, about to go.
  • Furthermore in "Sitting", when Archer yells to Pam "Baby!" while wrestling the gun away from Farooq, without a moment of hesitation or further explanation she grabs AJ and gets her to safety; all the while barreling through anyone and anything that gets in her way. "Aunt Pam" indeed.
  • "The Kanes" has this exchange (Which ends slightly in a moment of funny.)
    Lana: So, listen I wanna thank you, for trying to save my dad's research, and even though I'm obviously still furious about the hot tub incident, and will be, probably, for years to come, I can see how you— you, Archer, could have misconstrued the situation, and even though it's kinda hard for me to admit it, you are family to me, and not just because of A.J. and I realize now that I should have invited you to the family reunion, so I'm sorry. Sorry that I hurt your feelings.
    Archer: Well, thanks. I accept your apology. Sorry I tried to spit-roast your mom.
    • Lemuel explaining that he and Lana's mother will always be proud of Lana, capped by the fact that he admits that it's stupid that she chose to have a kid with Archer, but still admitting Archer is now family all the same.
    • Some parental moments between Archer and A.J.
      • While in the plane, Archer comforts A.J. while the infant is crying.
      • His reason for being pissed off at the Kanes' house being shot at? A.J. was in the house.
      • Archer carrying a sleeping A.J. when they head back home.
  • Archer realizes in "Pocket Listing" that Pam is his best friend, and she happily hugs him in response.
    • Archer and Lana making out and later having sex, after six seasons of protesting that they aren't in love. The relationship is probably not going to make it past the next episode, but it was really sweet to see them just give in finally.
  • "Edie's Wedding" has Archer volunteering to be Pam's date for her sister's wedding.
    • This episode as a whole shows how far Archer and Pam’s friendship has come that Archer demands a sincere apology from Edie for the way she treated Pam. And the last time Pam was kidnapped (El Secuestro), Archer was just as dismissive of Pam as anyone else. This time he forced Edie to help him as he prepared himself to face Barry heading straight there to rescue Pam.
    • Boris, the assistant to Nikolai Jakov (former head of the KGB) probably got the most shit out of almost any character in the series from his various bosses. To see him in a happy relationship with Katya is honestly touching in its own way.
    • Cyril offers to get a hotel room near where Lana is undergoing her SEERE training in case she gets worried about Abbijean. Sure he's trying to get back together with her via a somewhat underhanded method, but it's sweet that he underwent the effort. Likewise, Lana didn't ask Cyril to watch A.J. not because she doesn't trust him with the baby, but because she's aware what she did completely ruined their relationship.
    • After making Pam cry with another trashdown, BARRY of all people calls out Edie, telling her that "She's no prize."
  • "Reignition Sequence" has two really big ones: first, Lana admitting that she's the happiest she's ever been in a while as she and Archer try to date a second time, along with Archer confirming that he won't cheat on her again. Second, Archer's speech about how lucky he is to have fallen in love with Lana, his best friend, to have her love him back, and to also be a father with the woman he loves. The latter was such a heartfelt speech that his asshole coworkers, who organized Katya's appearance in an effort to break Archer and Lana up, rush to stop Lana from walking in on Archer and Katya, thereby misinterpreting it as him cheating on her again. Naturally, it's still ruined at the end of the episode, but those two things are easily the sweetest things that have happened on this show in years.
  • The very end of Drastic Voyage. After being blacklisted from the CIA, Malory wonders if she can get back into their good graces. Archer rallies the group by calling themselves the scrappy underdogs, which they all support. Despite the fact that the cast barely gets along, they still always support each other in times of crisis.
    • Archer expresses concern that Ray is going to kill himself after Ray is paralyzed again.
    • A flashback shows Ron reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to A.J.

    Season 7 
  • "The Figgis Agency":
    • Despite being openly cynical of her son's idea to open a detective agency, Malory actually admits to Cyril that she thought of her son as an excellent spy.
    • The main reason Lana decided to go along with Archer's detective agency idea? For A.J.; it was safer job than her spy one.
    • Archer giving Lana a farewell kiss and telling Ray to get her out of the manor they were sneaking into.
    • A strange one, but Archer reassuring Lana that she has nothing to feel threatened about because the actress client they are hired to do work for is still attractive despite being in her fifties.
    • Archer's sheer excitement over him and the others being able to do spy work again.
  • "The Handoff":
    • A small one, but the fact that the gang brought Milton, the copy machine, with them even though he possesses no abilities outside of making toast was a sweet gesture on their part.
    • Archer's genuine concern for Shapiro's dogs after he tells them that they had a bad reaction to the drugged dog biscuits from the previous episode.
  • "Deadly Prep":
    • Archer vouching for A.J. to go to public school. Though he never says his reasons to the rest of the cast, we learn through a flashback that he had a really traumatic experience at a prep school, and is implied to have been bullied through the five to six other prep schools he transferred to, and is just trying to shield A.J. from that level of bullying.
    • Pam playing with A.J. at the agency.
  • "Motherless Child":
    • Archer's immediate rage after finding out that Barry kidnapped Malory.
    • After performing first aid to Archer, Lana tries her best to cheer him up by invoking his "phrasing" running joke.
  • "Double Indecency": Everyone coming to Pam's defense when Don Zissner refers to Pam as Baby Hueynote . Say what you want about the cast, but they're a (very dysfunctional) family.
  • "Liquid Lunch" starts with Archer refusing to work for Slater...until Lana mentions AJ needing more money for school. Then he agrees.
  • "Deadly Velvet": It's small, but Cyril asks Archer how he's doing after Lana broke up with him. It's not even in a passive aggressive way. He just wants to see how Archer is doing.

    Season 8 
  • "No Good Deed"
    • Woodhouse's funeral. No jokes made at his expense or anything, just a respectable sendoff.
      • Coma!Archer being absolutely devastated by the death of his partner, Woodhouse, and being determined to find his killer, showing that no matter how badly the real Archer treated him, he did genuinely care.
    • Malory has been essentially living in the hospital with her comatose son. She can't be moved from his bedside.
    • Even in his Dreamworld, Archer and Poovey are still friendly, despite being on different sides in many situations that include beating each other up and blackmail. Despite a nasty grapple in their first scene together, Archer bothers to stop and say goodbye to Poovey before leaving, prompting a sincere "Take it easy, Archer" from Poovey.
    • Coma!Archer getting incredibly pissed off when he sees the Asian women are being held captive as slaves, blowing his stake out to rescue them alongside Poovey and then ordering Poovey to help find a place for them to avoid being found by Len Trexler's men again.
      • He also immediately apologizes after he snaps at the one woman who can speak English, saying he can't possibly imagine what she's probably been put through.
    • Coma!Archer's Love at First Sight reaction when seeing Lana.
  • "Jane Doe"
    • Poovey's "plan" regarding the freed Chinese women: Keep them in their apartment and have a sister-wives type future. It's sweet in a supremely weird kind of way.
  • "Ladyfingers"
    • Krieger's relationship with his weird cyborg animals is rather adorable.
    • In context with the season taking place entirely in Archer's mind, Archer subconsciously rewriting this version of Krieger to be a Jewish man who infiltrates the Nazis to waste their funds on self-sabotaged super-soldier research is very heartwarming, especially as the real Krieger is implied to be a clone of Hitler himself.
  • "Waxing Gibbous"
    • More Poovey sister-wife adorable weirdness, as they imagine their numerous hypothetical offspring graduating college. Poovey bursts into tears of joy when one kid receives their diploma, because "HE OVERCAME DYSLEXIA!"
  • "Gramercy, Halberd"
    • Even more Poovey sister-wife adorable weirdness, as they imagine Poovey on their 100th birthday and celebrating with the descendants of the Chinese women. Holding one of (possibly many) grandchildren. The kicker is that Poovey is sharing said birthday with said grandchild, as the cake has a "1" candle and a "100" candle. And then Poovey says to the baby "Maybe they got us some new diapers."
    • Archer slapping Trexler with a piece of meat for forcing the Chinese women into sex trafficking.
    • A minor Pet the Dog moment, but Trexler tells Archer "I'm sorry, kid," before he reveals that it was Mother who killed Woodhouse.
  • "Auflösung"
    • Zirk brushing Charlotte's hair as she sleeps in the same weird way as Poovey's Chinese sister-wive's.
    • Archer attempting a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Dutch after he revealed he killed Woodhouse For the Evulz, at least subconsciously he really does care about him.
    • Archer giving Woodhouse (And by extension the late George Coe) a final sendoff.
      Archer: I'm gonna miss the shit out of you.

    Season 9 

    Season 10 
  • In Episode 2, Mother repeatedly mentions that she and Archer could just save themselves and leave the rest of the crew behind. Archer, however, refuses to leave them and makes it very clear he wants to save them. He might not necessarily like his crew, but he does care enough about them to not want them to die if he can help it.
  • In the final episode, it is revealed that Mallory continued to stay by Archer's bed nearly nonstop for three years while he was in his coma.
  • The montage that takes place before we see Archer wake up, comprised of scenes from the series up to that point. After three years of alternate universes, there's just something about seeing such iconic moments from the early seasons that feels like coming home.

    Season 11 
  • "The Orpheus Gambit"
    • In comparison to how everyone is acting and treating him, Archer actually seems to be cleaning up his act. Sure, he's still the one that brings the chaos, but in terms of how he's interacting with the others, it's a big change for him. It would be so easy (and understandable, actually) in his position to just be an asshole to everyone, and especially now after what he's gone through, to be worse to them, but he takes Pam's advice to heart. He takes a step back and lets Cyril and Lana lead, and he doesn't go outside of his job until it's necessary.
    • Doubles as a tearjerker, but Pam legitimately being happy that Archer's back and even slips him a flask of alcohol and saying she missed the shit out of him. At least Archer knows that one of his co-workers missed him.
  • "Robot Factory"
    • When Archer thinks Reggie is dead, he wants to give it a funeral. However, he is happy when it turns out Reggie is very much alive.
    • It is revealed that Barry visited Archer while the latter was in a coma, and even serenaded him, ending it with a kiss on the forehead.
      • Archer reveals that he heard the song when he sings it to Barry near the end of the episode.
    • While Archer is extremely hostile to Barry at the beginning, he eventually manages to bury the hatchet with his former nemesis. To the point that when he has the chance to destroy Barry permanently, he refuses to do so, and calls out Lana for considering it.
    • While the others are off on a mission, Malory, Cheryl, and Pam try to find Archer a new valet. While Malory and Cheryl use the auditions as another opportunity to torture and abuse people, Pam actually takes it seriously, asking the candidates questions that are actually relevant to working for Archer.
  • "Best Friends"
    • Cyril is sincerely flattered when Aleister claims that the former is Archer's best friend. Due to how much Archer talks about him.
    • Even though Aleister still has to put up with Archer's occasional Manchild tendencies, Archer actually treats him a lot better than his previous valets, even Woodhouse, once Aleister proves himself capable. Aleister even tells Archer it was "a pleasure" to work for him with his dying breaths, even after he'd already been revealed to be an assassin.
    • Pam and Cheryl sneaking onto Lana's airplane in hopes of saving Ray from his "mission".
  • "Double Date"
    • The Cyril sub-plot has quite a few moments. Mostly in regards how his friends genuinely try to make him feel better after a bad night.
      • Depressed after being abandoned on the mission, Cyril is cheered up by Cheryl and Pam, who bring him to a carnival. While he's dismissive at first, he uses the batting cages to vent his frustrations. While there, Pam tells him that she's always noticed how he's been getting in shape and stepping up as a field agent. She wants him to succeed and picks him up when he's down.
      • Cheryl saving Cyril from the expensive restaurant bill by making a false sexual harassment plea is this and funny.
    • Gabrielle is pretty much a walking moment of heartwarming, giving good advice and being beyond friendly to Lana and Malory. She even participates in the mission when dragged along without complaint.
  • "Caught Napping"
    • Pam reacts to A.J. being kidnapped by going into a rage tearing up the furniture and needing to be shot with Rhino tranquilizers just to calm down. 3 years an she’s still Aunt Pam
    • It turns out Lana did take A.J. to visit Archer while he was in a coma. A.J. called him Sleeping Beauty and kissed him, noting that it just took a while for him to wake up.
  • "Cold Fusion"

  • Near the end of the 2015 Comic-Con Panel video, Archer act's like a little kid at Christmas when Krieger tells him there is a new Star Wars movie, by showing him a working lightsaber modeled from the first trailers. He immediately changes his mind about wanting to go to Comic-Con with him and Pam.
    • While discussing the trailers they might see at Comic-Con Pam suggests Ant-Man and mentions that Judy Greer is in it. When Archer makes fun of the movie and Greer Pam angrily tells him to stop because Greer is an "American treasure". Judy Greer is the voice of Cheryl Tunt.
  • After George Coe passed away, FX gave both him and Woodhouse a heartfelt tribute, emphasizing the character's status as Archer's competent (if extremely addled) surrogate father.


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