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  • In the first issue of the rebooted series, Aquaman orders fish and chips at a seafood restaurant. When one patron asks why he decided to eat at that particular restaurant, Aquaman has a flashback of him as a child and his father Tom Curry eating dinner at that restaurant.
    • In the same issue, he gives gold coins to an overworked waitress so that she can put her two kids through college.
  • In one of his rare talks with his birth father, Atlan tells Aquaman not to worry so much about being the best king he can be. But to just try to be the best man he can be.
  • #4: After years of ridicule for being believed to be useless, a little boy tells him "You're my favorite superhero."
    • Also functions as a great Call-Back to the first issue, where an obnoxious blogger asked Aquaman what it's like "to be no one's favorite superhero?"
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  • #6: Mera has had a really bad day. She went shopping for dog food, but got sexually harassed by an employee. After beating him up, she got arrested, but after she broke out to stop a guy from killing his daughter, she fled. She sits by the beach sulking, but then another employee runs up and gives her the dog food that she forgot. The girl says sadly, "We're not all like them." Mera smiles and agrees.
  • #12: Recent issues revealed how Dr. Shin was partly responsible for much of the tragedy in Arthur's life, albeit misguidedly and accidentally. However, Aquaman observes as Black Manta finds the Scepter of Atlantis and holds Dr. Shin captive. Arthur has a brief flashback to when Dr. Shin helped him learn how to use his powers, encouraging him to swim in a tank full of fish.
    Dr. Shin: Arthur, you can do this!
    Arthur: I don't want to be in there with them.
    Dr. Shin: They won't hurt you, Arthur. They'll help you when you ask them to. They're your friends, just like I am.
    • Arthur proceeds to kill Black Manta's henchmen before they can hurt Shin.
  • Mera coming back to Arthur.
    • And again in issue 25, after it seems like Mera has broken up with Arthur. Arthur is sitting quietly alone in his throne room, the throne next to him empty as he broods, missing Mera. A shadow falls over him and he looks up to see Mera. She smiles and takes the empty throne, holding his hand.
  • While the Sub-Mariner and Aquaman's fight was a Funny Moment, the orca warning "look out, swimmer" was pure Heartwarming. Namor may think he's the King of the Seas, but marine life beg to differ. In that, it implies the orca wasn't controlled. He just had Aquaman's back!
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  • In issue #20 of the reboot, Sky (an Apache shaman who can communicate with the dead) tells Ya'Wara how much her deceased teammate Kahina loved her. Even if she couldn't love her the same way Ya'Wara loved her.
  • Tempest stating that Aquaman's powers aren't what make him who he is. His resolve makes him the man he is.
  • The last issue of the 1990's-early 2000's Aquaman title shows a Distant Finale where Tempest has a teenage daughter, who is giving a class report (in an American classroom, on land) about the history of Atlantis (tying up various loose ends from the title, and telling how King Arthur (no, not that one) led Atlantis into the modern age, to not only be accepted by the surface nations but to be one of the most powerful and well-respected nations on Earth. She ends by waving the flag of Atlantis and saying how proud she is to be an Atlantean.
  • Aquaman telling some citizens of a country Atlantis is at war with what it means to be a leader of a nation.
    • To make this more clear, Atlantis threw Orin out as a helpless infant to die because of their superstitions. They have repeatedly mistrusted and betrayed him. And yet he still strives for their safety and protection.
  • In the first issue of volume 2, Aquaman finds a whale that beached herself due to the sadness of losing her son. Aquaman convinces her to return to the sea by telling about the loss of his own son. This show of empathy convinces the whale to allow to be saved.
  • As it marks their honest to goodness reconciliation after having fallen apart for years, Brightest Day has quite a few.
    • Issue #0 sees Mera waking up, smiling, clearly after quite the night with Arthur, as we see the pair's outfits strewn across the floor and Mera alone covered by a bedsheet. She just had the fight of her life and has her oft-estranged love Back from the Dead and in her life. She walks out to the pier to meet Arthur, who had snuck out of bed to contemplate over the events, wondering why only he was revived while the rest of the Aquafamily involved in Blackest Night are still dead. She comforts him, telling him that Tempest and Tula are together, as they are at this moment on the pier on a beautiful day, before disrobing and taking a swim.
    • Mera apologizes to Arthur for abandoning him just as the people of Atlantis did and promises to make up for it:
    Arthur: My mother gave her life to save me from them. They hunted me for years... until they needed a leader. Then they cast me out again. The cycle became too familiar. They never truly stood by me.
    Mera: Neither did I. I may not be from Atlantis, but I was exactly like them. I deserted you when you needed me. But I promise now. Here. I will be by your side always, Arthur.
    • Additionally, in that same scene, when Arthur asks about her former home Mera reminds him that Xebel is sealed off from their dimension. Aquaman realizes she has also been estranged from her kingdom, not that she minds, as long as they're together:
    Arthur: Then there's no going home for you either?
    Mera: I am home.
    • In issue #20, Arthur pleads with Mera to stop when she begins parting the sea when they are up against Black Manta, Hila, and thousands of Xebellian shock troopers, not wanting her to overexert herself. She refuses, and only asks him to tell her that he believes in her. He does.
    • After the aforementioned fight is over, Arthur tells Mera, notably remorseful over her past that led to said invasion, that even if she is an outcast, so is he:
    Arthur: Siren was right, Mera. You are an outcast. But so am I.
    Jackson Hyde: Me too.
    Lorena Marquez: Yeah.
    Mera: I'm so sorry Arthur.
    Arthur: So am I.
    (They kiss)