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Heartwarming / Ano Ko Ni Kiss To Shirayuri Wo

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  • In chapter 3, Moe apologizing to Mizuki and telling her that she'll always be the only one she watches on the track, in a sort of Lady and Knight pose.
  • In chapter 5, Ayaka running to find Yurine and wish her a happy birthday, with the latter crying of joy on the moment. She even offers her a (five-second) hug. And a big bouquet of white lilies.
  • In chapter 10, Izumi telling to Maya, in her usual way, that she'll take care of Chiharu once she's gone, with Chiharu punching her on the head and blushing afterwards.
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  • In chapter 15, when Yurine says she wants to be with Ayaka "without any particular reason", the latter can only respond with blushing and by timidly returning her hug. Especially heartwarming after she was so depressed by Yurine's answer to her question in chapter 11.
  • In chapter 20, when Mizuki asks Moe to live together - i.e. the closest possible thing to a marriage proposal.
  • In chapter 22, Ayaka realizing that she's been "losing" to Yurine for a long time, and that none of their peers think any less of her for it.
  • Chapter 23, with Yurine stopping her trolling for a moment and giving Ayaka genuine words of comfort and encouragement. Followed by a cut to the night and a Sleep Cute moment, with Ayaka gently stroking Yurine's cheek, slightly blushing, saying something we don't hear, and softly kissing her forehead.
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  • In Chapter 27, Chiharu and a visiting Maya met on the way home. The two chatted a bit, with Chiharu telling Maya that she has moved on from her and that she is happy with Izumi.
  • In Chapter 32, Yurine started checking the clubs again after what Haine said to her in the previous chapter. Yurine feels lost about the whole situation and asks Ayaka to tell her the answers her questions. In a surprisingly sweet gesture from Ayaka, she holds her hand and tells her that she cannot tell her the answers she seeks but she can help her find them.
  • Ayaka spends the entirety of Chapter 35 coming up with ways to cheer Yurine up, which includes a contest, a bet and a date. In particular, the date itself is full of affectionate moments coming from both of them.
  • Similarly, chapter 40 has Yurine come's to Ayaka's room to comfort and encourage her when her mother asks her to return home. Just a wordless phonecall from Ayaka was enough for her to understand. It's not just a beautiful way to show Yurine's character development, but also to confirm that the two are now willing to rely on each other emotionally instead of just competing.

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