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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Erin paying a visit to Estella Mora, the mother of the person who tried to burgle her apartment. Erin naturally being a All-Loving Hero and speaking to Estella in Spanish adds to the scene. It becomes Harsher in Hindsight when Mello kills Estella peacefully with the Death Note in a Pet the Dog moment for him.
  • Erin and Stephen deciding to try dating, especially when Stephen agrees to Erin's request to kiss her Anywhere but Their Lips.
    • Later, when they decide to put it off, Stephen uses the same "indirect kiss-handshake" gesture Erin had done for him in the beginning to assure her.
  • Aizawa playing with his daughters when he has them over for the weekend.
  • Soichiro and Sachiko's last conversation in Chapter 22. Despite everything that's happened in their marriage and Sachiko sometimes resenting Soichiro's Workaholic nature, she still loves him and is fully committed to him. Soichiro, having secretly been angsting about his shortcomings and his harrowing encounter with Lumen/Light, is moved to tears by this.
    "I forgive you, Soichiro. It's taken me a long time to be able to say that and mean it, but I do. Whatever crimes you think you've committed against us, I think you've more than paid for them in full. That part of our lives is over now. Of course I'll always miss Light. How could I not? He was my only son. But I don't want to keep grieving over lost time. I can't. Divorcing you wouldn't change a thing. It's not going to bring him back. Instead, I want us to enjoy the time we still have left, together. It's what he would have wanted. It's what I want. And I hope…I hope it's what you want, too."
    What had he ever done to deserve her? Every day with Sachiko was a miracle. 25 years together. Two and a half decades of distance, sickness, debts, arguments, crises of faith and the shadow of their oldest child's untimely death hanging over them to this day and somehow their union had yet to run out of love, even after it'd lost its physical passion long ago.
    He sniffed. I forgive you. Those three words made his heart swell and ache. I forgive you. He swore he loved this woman so much he would explode if feelings had that effect on one's body. I forgive you. It was the closure he needed. As much as he could get, anyway. Now he could go on and do what he had to.
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  • Mello comforting Misa at her lowest, his distance aside.
    His face was too blurry for her to make out but she peered up at Mello briefly before burying her face in her arms and coughed, "Go away. I'm not in the mood."
    "That's a first. Me neither," he retorted. He didn't bother to ask what was wrong. As far as he was concerned she was just fucked up on coke again. Although what he did next took her by mild surprise.
    In a rare show of undeserved compassion likely triggered from having experienced something all too similar in the past, he reached down a pair of warm gloved hands to scoop her up from under her arms. If she wanted to or not Misa didn't resist him, her body having been reduced to putty from her outburst.
    "If you're gonna have a meltdown at least do it on the bed," he huffed, setting her down on the mattress. "The last thing I need is for you to break something important with your thick skull."
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  • Mello and Matt's conversation in Chapter 17. Even with all the tension between them and Matt's disapproval of Mello's actions, the two do care deeply for one another.
  • Umbra comforting and declaring his love for Erin in later chapters. Though this can also cross into Nightmare Fuel and Destructive Romance territory when you consider some of his more unsavory behavior towards Erin in the interim. It's hard to say whether the fact that he's L makes their moments together better or worse.

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