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"Oh, Anastasia! My Anastasia!"

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Animated Film 

  • When Anastasia thinks that Dimitri is dead and cries over him, only to discover that he is alive, her reaction is deeply touching.
  • Anya dancing with the ghost memory of her father in the 'Once Upon A December' sequence. Especially when he kisses her on the forehead. The dance is also noticeably slower compared to the rest of the sequence and the tune becomes much more gentle.
    • Earlier in the same scene when Anya's older sisters emerge from the painting and rush over to her. One of them presses her hand against Anya's and another places a necklace around her neck.
    • Blink and you'll miss it but Vlad is there in the background, moving a little to the music with a cup in his hands. Nice to see he hasn't changed much since then.
  • Anastasia being reunited with her grandmother.
    • The scene deserves a bit more detail: Anastasia, having just learned Dimitri was using her for a con (when he had realized she was the real thing and was actually trying to legitimately reunite her with her grandmother), is sadly packing, most likely planning to leave Paris and strike off on her own. The empress, having been driven there by Dimitri and convinced to speak to her by seeing the music box, appears and asks her who she is. Anastasia immediately starts apologizing, explaining as best she can that she wasn't part of the con and just wanted to find her family and her past. The empress, though visibly moved, dismisses her at first by saying she's simply another actress, "the best one yet", and turns to leave. Anastasia recognizes a scent in the air which the empress states is a hand oil...and Anastasia remembers a buried memory of having spilled a bottle of it on the carpet and then lying on it so its smell would remind her of her grandmother while she was away. Hearing this, the empress immediately has to sit down. When she pulls out the music box key, the empress recognizes it and tearfully explains it was her and Anastasia's secret. As soon as she brings out the music box itself, Anastasia unconsciously remembers how to wind it while humming its tune. When she starts singing, her grandmother eventually joins in, and then they embrace in Tears of Joy.
    Dowager Empress Marie: Oh, Anastasia! My Anastasia!
    • The next time we see Anastasia and her grandmother they are catching up on lost time, with the empress doing all she can to jog memories and remind her of what she has lost. She pulls out a drawing Anastasia made when she was eight years old (which the real Anastasia actually drew!) and they have a good laugh about it. Anastasia then starts getting sad about all the people she's lost.
    Anastasia: [Looking at a photo of her family] I remember now how much I loved them.
    Dowager Empress Marie: They would not want us to live in the past, not now that we have found each other.
    • When Dimitri refuses his reward from the Dowager Empress, he explains that more than a change of mind, it was a "change of heart". The Dowager Empress gives him a wondering look as he leaves that soon turns into a knowing and touched one when she realizes he refused the money because he loves her granddaughter.
    • And in his audience with the Empress, she takes the time to thank him for saving her own life that night at the palace. Like Anastasia, she too remembers the young kitchen boy that got them to safety.
  • Also, when Anastasia explains to Sophie how she escaped from the Palace and mentions that a boy who worked in the kitchen saved her from the soldiers. This shocks Dimitri — because he suddenly realizes that he is that boy, and it's THE proof (aside from the aforementioned key and memories) that Anya is truly Anastasia. She can barely recall her early years, but she still remembers him even when she doesn't know that the man in front of her is the same boy who rescued her.
  • Dimitri telling Vlad that Anya is the real Anastasia. Although Vlad had been nothing but kind to Anya, one still must remember that he was with the con the entire way. However, when Dimitri reveals the truth to him, he is absolutely overwhelmed with happiness that Anya has truly found her family.
  • Dimitri's determination to prove Anya is the real Princess. Even though he'll lose the woman he loves and be seen as a kitchen boy again, he still does it. He's suffering because yes, he loves her.
  • Dimitri comforting Anya after she wakes up from her sleepwalking nightmare.
    Dimitri: It was just a nightmare . It's okay. (hugs her close) You're safe now.
  • Vlad has Anya and Dimitri practice waltzing on the ship to a romantic reprise of "Learn to Do It." The lyrics are especially pretty:
    Vlad: I taught her well, I planned it all, I just forgot... romance.
  • Watch Anya and Dimitri during the "Paris Holds the Key to you Heart" sequence and they basically act like a couple during it, as Anya keeps grabbing and holding onto Dimitri like a girl would her boyfriend. Dimitri, being aware of her true identity at this point, accepts her advances on him, but does so with a sullen attitude as he thinks they can't ever be together. One interpretation is that they both were aware of each other's feelings at this point, notably, Dimitri takes Anya's hand at the opera by tangling his fingers with hers: something you only do when romantically involved. Not only was Anya was so hurt at Dimitri lying about the con, she also felt betrayed by the man she was basically in a relationship with. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • This conversation:
    Anya: You didn't take the—
    Dimitri: I couldn't.
    Anya: Why?
    Dimitri: Because... I... ''she silences him and leans in to kiss him''
  • Anya giving up her crown so she can elope with Dimitri.
    • And the fact that her grandmother is actually happy about it:
    Sophie: It's the perfect ending!
    Grandmother: No, it's the perfect beginning.
  • Sophie seems to believe that Anya is the real deal after their interview. So much so that even though the Empress has refused to see any more girls, Sophie does her best to get them to see her at the ballet. She also takes Anya out shopping to get her ready.


  • Dmitry thinks Anastasia is about to faint, so Vlad immediately makes her sit down and tells Dmitry to get her water and something to eat.
    Dmitry: This isn't a soup kitchen, Vlad.
    [Vlad silently points off-stage. Dmitry does as he was told.]
  • Gleb's hilariously awkward attempts at making Anya feel at ease.


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