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Heartwarming / An ISOT In Grimdark

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  • A Dwarven King who had allied with Germany and also always had a love of star-gazing is honored with a Burial in Space after he passes away. (On the other hand, that a Medieval Fantasy Dwarf took his final ride on an advanced 21st century rocket could also be a Moment of Awesome).
  • Not all deities on Warhammer World are malevolent. In one Christmas Special update, Shallya, Goddess of Healing and Mercy, bestows a "small gift" upon children in hospice care suffering from cancer, and on several infertile women desiring to be mothers.
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  • Another of the Christmas Special updates offers a tiny glimpse into the distant future: 90 years later, the Warhammer World is notably more advanced and more peaceful, with Germany and presumably The Empire too launching regular space missions to explore the wider universe. The very fact that the world is, you know, still around at all in 90 years suggests that Chaos may have been successfully contained.

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