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     The Stonekeeper 
  • All the moments with Emily's mom and/or Navin comforting Emily and letting her know that, whatever happens, they're a family.

     The Stonekeeper's Curse 
  • The second book has such a moment at the very end, where Emily's mom has finally woken up, but Emily says that she and Navin have to go back home while she'll stay behind. Karen refuses and asserts that she's still Emily's mother and this world will be home for all of them for now.


     The Cloud Searchers 
  • It's rather unexpected, but another side of Trellis shows at the start of the book.
    • He finds Luger in a cave, severely weakened and hitting his destroyed stone with a rock. You'd think the first thing he'd do was to exact revenge after all Luger has done, but then we have this:
      Luger: Have you come to finish me off?
      Trellis: I have no intention of killing you.

    • It wouldn't benefit Trellis in anyway and will most likely hinder his chance of survival, he still does not hesitate to help Luger recover, even risking capture just so he could get him things he needed.
      Trellis: There's a small town just east of here. We need to get you some food.
      Luger: They'll find us easily.
      Trellis: [covers him up with a cloak] You need food and water.
      Luger: Why are doing this? Why are you helping me when I'll just slow you down?
      Trellis: I don't know. I just feel that I have to.
    • Any background event further on, somehow involves Trellis besides Luger, helping him.

  • Emily and Trellis's last encounter was hostile, but when she sees Trellis get tortured from defending himself, she can't help but feel sympathy and steps in to save him.
  • The first thing Trellis do after he's been electrocuted for several minutes is not to escape, but to help Luger.
  • Leon has no reason to trust Trellis, but the two share a look and the former still orders Miskit to take Trellis and Luger along, respecting Emily's wishes.
  • Mistaking it as an attack on her mother's life, Emily immediately strikes down Trellis and demanded what he was doing. He protests that he was trying to protect her, a statement that has proven to be true when a wyvern was perched where Karen previously was.
  • As they plan to stave off the wyverns and fix the engine, Trellis volunteers to defend but Emily insists instead. He complies, and tells her that to yell for him if she needs help.
    • She hadn't yelled, but when Emily nearly fell to her death, he manages to save her in time, as promised.
  • When Miskit and Cogsley were taken, Emily wastes no time to chase after them, even if she hadn't think of it through. She even tried to convince Enzo to go back just to retrieve them, no matter how irrational the plan was.
  • Emily convincing Trellis to trust her — and he does, by telling her the truth behind his motivations. Considering on his closed up he was before, the fact he is willing put himself out on a limb to a person he barely knows is quite something.
  • There's a moment in the third book where Emily is up late worrying about everything she's going to have to go through and failing to protect her. Her mom comes down and tells her and gives her a pretty sweet pep talk about trusting in herself to handle whatever happens.
    • Even if she can't be very helpful in a battle, Karen Hayes is excellent emotional support.
  • Trellis immediately offering his help saving her mother, conjuring a plan that works. If that doesn't sell you that he is her ally, the next installments will.

     The Last Council 
  • Navin defends Trellis and Luger when they got arrested and called them friends. They may have have known each other for a short period of time, but he trusts them.
    • Even Karen and Rico are uncomfortable at how the Cielis Guard treated the two Elves.
  • The first person that Leon decided that could help them fix the problem was Trellis and risked busting them out of prison to do so.
  • Miskit and Cogsley unanimously work to reunite and help the others as soon as they can — regardless if their transport (a simple wooden boat) won't be much good in their destination (in the sky in the middle of a storm). That's dedication and loyalty right there.
    • Although he has no reason to do so, Trellis unanimously agrees to help.
  • As soon as Trellis got liberated, he immediately asks for Emily.
  • Miskit may have expressed distrust towards Trellis in the previous book, he doesn't hesitate to warn him alongside Leon to look out when they were cornered.
  • A minor example; despite how coldly Leon treated Miskit and Cogsley's kidnapping at the hands of a wyvern in the third volume, he's pretty genuinely happy to see that they're alive later.

     The Prince of the Elves 
  • Although it does seem he is raised without any sort of emotional intimacy, Book 5 gladly shows that Trellis, although losing his family, did not go unloved and uncared for. Virgil has served himself as a kind parental guardian to him when his father isn't there, and knows him better than his own brother! It was because of this Virgil is aware that Trellis is ultimately, competent and trustworthy, unlike most who knows him.
  • Trellis tells Virgil he has to find his friends, and is clearly worried for their welfare, much to every reader's surprise. He definitely has no friends in Gulfen, thus he was undoubtedly referring to Emily and co. He may act all cold with them, but behind their backs he does consider them as companions.
  • Trellis is stunned that Virgil recognizes him, someone not even Luger, his own brother, managed to do. Then Virgil goes on that he raised Trellis, of course he's going to recognize him no matter how old or young he was.
  • Like Leon, Emily's first thought who could do something in their problem was Trellis, thus choosing to wake him up instead of Vigo, who was the senior stonekeeper. She may not care for him (at first), she does acknowledge he is reliable, albeit subtly.
  • Emily is expecting Trellis to save them all, much to his chagrin and admits that he's not a good stonekeeper. What makes this heartwarming is how fast and indignant Emily rejected it.
    • She then goes on and tells him that he might not fight like she does, but he is better at using his powers to help others. She then finishes by telling him that they need him nor, more than ever, with Trellis looking on, stunned.
    • And her faith in Trellis isn't misguided or let down, because he does end up saving them, by protecting them all with his shield.
      • What solidifies Trellis's resolve? He was looking at Emily.
    • When they landed, he quickly checks up on her, noticing she hasn't woken up.
      • His words tells a lot more about him than ever. It subtly tells you he always, always wanted to help, but just had a hard time figuring out how to. That's when you know that Trellis wasn't a bad guy this whole time.
    Trellis: I know how I can help now. Thank you for coming to get me.
    • Vigo is a bit angry at Trellis because he is the reason why Emily is forced to go into the Void, but he doesn't berate her decision to choose him. Meaning he also acknowledges that Trellis can be relied upon, even of how coldly he had treated before.
    • When Vigo notes that Emily must still be in the Void, Trellis immediately asks how to get her back, no second thoughts. He is going to help her, no matter how dangerous it was. This guy doesn't hesitate helping people in any way he can.
    • He then shortly after returns the favor and brings Emily out of the Void as well.

     Escape from Lucien 
  • Trellis has a subtle but nonetheless heartwarming example. It's clearly evident in the early books that he doesn't really have anyone that looks out nor care for him, based on his neglectful appearance. And to include, the list of people who would want him alive is practically zero. However, as the series goes on, we can see Trellis slowly improving and becoming more open, eventually gaining friends and support on his own.
  • In the sixth book, Trellis and Luger are seen playing casually and even occasionally exchanging teasing comments. Considering their relationship back in Book 2, it's technically mindboggling to see them being comfortable with one another, although Luger is still not less brutal when it comes to beating him — in Othello. (Bonus: Trellis is seen smiling — twice. And it's not out of cruelty!)
  • Emily first went from wanting to kill him to not caring if he dies to not wanting him to die. Compared to most characters, Trellis was the longest when it came to being trusted but when she did come to trust him, they became pretty close. If that ain't relationship improvement, I don't know what is.
  • Trellis's compassionate nature really shines in this volume. Max begs him to forgive his people as he knows how terribly they've treated him and he didn't want him to retaliate. Trellis does not hesitate to do so, and is truly willing to sacrifice himself to save them. No matter how awful his past may be, he still remains doing the right thing.
  • Vigo and Emily has proven themselves to be quite the True Companions. They refuse to leave Trellis when he asked them to save themselves and saving his people on his own, especially since using too much power to child then all from the impact would kill him, thus all three of them risked their lives even though the Elves are the enemy. Their holding hands is a solid proof of their unity and care for one another and it shows.
  • Seeing the contingent of Elves willingly rally themselves to Trellis is one, especially after all their low opinion and their terrible mistreatment, they would still trust him.
  • The people of Lucien have been victim of racism due to the war and the Elf army has many trespasses against the people of Windsor for 50 years. This does not stop them helping the injured soldiers.

  • Riva and the Resistance were still finding Navin, Aly and General Oil after the invasion in Lucien; she even sent Loni and Roni to find and help them.
  • This book is one hell of a goldmine for how far Emily and Trellis's friendship came from. The way Emily and Trellis treats each other in this volume has clearly changed since Book 1. From asking each other's opinions and considering the other's suggestions, heck, even worrying about one another is heartwarming.
    • Trellis telling Gabilan to let Emily rest after the latter protested that dreamspace was dangerous for them.
    • Emily asks Trellis what's wrong when she sees he seems troubled as they walk into the Nexus.
    • Trellis is clearly upset by the memory and walks out. Emily tries to talk and comfort him. The attempt was futile, but its clear he appreciates the effort.
    • Trellis does not hesitate to follow Emily into the portal even after her jarring cold attitude.
    • Emily is concerned for Trellis's safety that she asked him to put his seatbelt on. He was pretty confused, but she instructs him instead of mocking him.
    • When they crashed, she asked if Trellis was okay.
    • Trellis quickly chases after Emily and futilely tries to convince her to stop, causing her to attack him. He was wary afterwards, but still chooses to go after her, even promising her past self he'll do his best to wake her up.
    • As Emily prepares to kill the man responsible for accidentally killing her father, Trellis tries to get her to stop, knowing she would undoubtedly regret her actions once her emotions stabilized.
  • That climatic scene rhymes and parallels the climax in Book 1; this time, instead of ordering Trellis to never go near her family again, she orders him to find them, and bring her back.
  • Emily may be a Firebird and a monster, but Trellis still tries to talk to her as Emily and begs her to show him how to help her and admits he doesn't know how. Even after all that, he is still trying to help in anyway he can.

  • When Trellis enters the memory, he encounters an old woman in a tundra, who asks if he minds if she joins him in his travels. He embarrassingly admits that he doesn't know where he's going, but he does welcome her presence. Even though he's been on the receiving end of Fantastic Racism many times, he has no trace of it.
    • And the old woman's gentle advice after that.
      Trellis: I don't know where I'm going.
      Old woman: That's okay. It sometimes takes getting a little lost to recognise a familiar path.
  • Even with the memory wipe, Trellis can still recognize the house. His emotional connection to it is that strong.
  • The entire memory is one big tearjerker, but we finally know what happened to Trellis's mother. She didn't abandon him. Instead she was with him until her death. When current Trellis found her, she was hugging his younger self under a worn blanket.
    • The thing is, they were starving and freezing. But the mother passed even though little Trellis didn't, so it's unlikely she died from the cold else the child would've died first. She must've died from the starvation, because younger Trellis's face isn't as gaunt as hers. In other words, she made sure to feed him more than she fed herself.
  • Trellis is devastated when his mother didn't wake up even with his younger self's prompting. The old woman places a hand on his shoulder, a sympathetic look on her face.
  • Later, we see her wrapping a scarf around younger Trellis's throat to keep him warm.
    • She then asks if Trellis is angry, to which he answers that he isn't, he just wishes he has a memory of her. Even after all he's been through, Trellis doesn't keep a grudge.
    • Her well-wishes after is kind:
      Old woman: Stonekeeper, I'm sure you will find some to cherish.
  • The three of them travel out into the tundra, and the old woman suggests that Trellis should return to his friends. It's a small hope spot that even after all that tragedy, his situation does improve, even for a little bit.
  • Trellis has a feeling that she isn't a part of the memory, but a traveler like him. He then asks if he will see her again, she assures him that it will be sooner than he thinks.
  • It's understandable that Doc Weston would be distrustful of Trellis, and expresses it to Riva. She then points out that she also an elf herself, meaning she is insistent for them to trust Trellis.
  • Vigo calls for Riva and asks for her help to lead the Elf Army one day, to her reluctance. His reason? Because he knows how competent of a leader Riva is, he wants her to join him help Trellis leading his people since it will be apparent that the responsibilities will greatly overwhelm him and he'll need their help. Vigo and Trellis's situation may have been rocky and cold at first, but Vigo's attitude towards him changes for the better over time and it's evidenced throughout the series.

  • After the Elf Army surrenders, all three were invited to the banquet held in their honor by the mayor. Riva accepts, as it's the least she could do to show gratitude, but Trellis is more preoccupied in his job, and was about to decline if he wasn't convinced by Riva. Vigo then assures him that he'll handle Logi and allows him to attend the banquet.
    Vigo: Relax. Go attend the banquet and let me worry about Logi.
  • Trellis is having another bout of skepticism, and Riva immediately comforts him.
    Trellis: I hardly did anything to help these people. This war is far from over.
    Riva: Don't be so hard on yourself, Prince Trellis.

  • Trellis and Emily finally reunites on Cielis, and the former is clearly overjoyed and relieved in seeing her again, with Emily returning the enthusiasm. Easily the Heartwarming Moment in the entire book.

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