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Heartwarming / Amadeus

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  • Most of the time "Wolfie" and "Stanzie" are together. You forgive Mozart a lot for how dear they are to each other.
  • When Mozart is dying, and apologises to Salieri for mocking him in a moment of friendship, acknowledging that he was a jackass. Salieri may be a cold, murderous elitist, but you can see on his face that the apology means a lot, and that he truly did admire Mozart.
    • Salieri, in turn, admits in the same moment that he wouldn't miss any of Mozart's works for the world.
  • Mozart getting a few final moments with Stanzie and his son.
  • In a moment of Meta-irony, when F. Murray Abraham won an Oscar for his performance, he announced that he wished Tom Hulce, also nominated in the same category, had stood next to him.
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  • Another meta-example, whilst filming in (Communist) Prague on the 4th July, during the filming of an opera scene, American flags came from the flies and 300 of the extras began singing "Star-Spangled Banner" to the homesick American cast and crew.

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