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Heartwarming / Allegro non Troppo

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  • Alternate Continuity: Ever wonder what would happen if Adam and Eve didn't eat that apple?

  • Breather Episode: You'll be glad for the lighthearted piece with the bee after Valse Triste.

  • Deranged Animation: Bolero features an increasingly bizarre collection of animals evolving from the dregs of a bottle of Coca-Cola left behind by an astronaut.

  • Fauns and Satyrs: Aptly, given its title, Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune is used as the backdrop for a parody of the "Pastoral Symphony" segment of Fantasia, an Arcadian fantasy of young fauns and nymphs in love... and one elderly satyr who can't get the objects of his desire to look his way anymore.

  • Giant Woman: In Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, one of the nymphs the Faun chases makes herself bigger to defend herself. In the end of the segment, the hill the Faun is standing on turns out to be a giant woman

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  • Happy Ending: Parodied. Even though the words "HAPPY END" appear as the movie finishes, the actual conclusion of the movie feels more like a Gainax Ending.

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