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Heartwarming / All Things Probable Series

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  • Grimm, thinking it would break them up, tells Ron about the chip that Wade had put into Ron. Does Ron break up with Kim over it? Not a chance. He even points out how lousy a boyfriend he would be if he did!
    • And to seal it in, Kim owning up to the chip rather than hide behind the excuse of how it saved him so often.
  • A strange one between Ron and Rhonda during "A Friend in Darkness" occurs when discussing their significant others. The topic of gifts comes up, and the numerous ones that Grimm and Rhonda get each other, while it's indicated that Kim and Ron don't do it that often. Rhonda insists that, the moment they are free of the Spirit World, Ron get Kim a nice gift.
    • And Ron does.
  • Kim and Ron getting back together in "A Friend In Darkness", thanks to Grimm.

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