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Heartwarming / All Hail King Julien

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Hey, he really loves his people!
King Julien is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but when his heart shines, it SHINES.

King Me

  • As King Julien gets ready to fight the fossa alone to save his kingdom, Julien shares a heart to heart with Maurice as he doesn't expect to survive.
    Julien: Seriously, Momo, thanks you for always looking out for me, even if it was your job
    Maurice: It stopped being a job a long time ago, your majesty.

Viva Mort

  • After publicly embarrassing Maurice, Julien struggles to patch things up without actually having to apologize. After much struggling, Julien manages to get an "I'm sorry" out, which Maurice gladly accepts.

King Juli-END?

  • Pretending to be dying, Julien decides to go out and apologize for the various wrongs he's committed. While almost all of them are half-hearted, and in cases make things worse, when he gets to Maurice, he delivers a sincere heartfelt apology for being a difficult person in general that brings Maurice to tears.
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  • When Julien falls to what he expects is his death, his last words are a simple "I love you guys!" to his friends.

Dance, Dance Resolution

  • Having been reunited with his long-lost parents and being haunted by a dance recital his parents never showed up to as a child, Julien decides to put the show on again for them, only for them not to show up to that one, either. Since there is an audience, he feels obliged to perform anyway, but his parents' absence haunts him to the verge of having a breakdown.
    Julien: I can't do it with my parents' empty chairs out there!
    Tammy: Look again honey, they ain't empty!
  • After the recital Julien tells Clover and Maurice that they're his REAL family.
    • Then there's his speech to Maurice who he exploded at earlier. Julien realizes that Maurice has ALWAYS been there him even when his parents weren’t.
  • Maurice is doing everything he can to protect Julien emotionally from his parents; he was even withholding their mangos so they would HAVE to attend his recital.
    • Then later he begs Julien’s parents to stay for his friend despite the fact they’ve been abusing him emotionally and physical since the moment they arrived. Julien means so much to him that Maurice is willing to put up with them for Julien’s happiness.
  • It’s stated that Maurice read to king Julien EVERY night when they were kids and still does. (This is especially heartwarming when you learn that Maurice is shown to be the same age as Julien, maybe even younger.)
  • There’s a moment between Clover, Mort, and Maurice when Clover states they’re friends and decides the three of them should hang out.
    • The next scene has the three hanging out together.

Oh Brother Where Aren't Thou

  • Even though his parents clearly just picked up a random guy in a half-hearted attempt to fulfill Julien's request for a younger brother, Julien gives his brother Brodney his complete and unconditional love, to the point where after mistaking his name for "Rodney", he corrects himself fairly quickly when he generally wouldn't bother for anyone else. Even when having Brodney made his legal blood brother causes Brodney to be declared the King, it never even occurs to Julien to just get rid of Brodney to resolve the issue, and considers his parents to be monsters when they take the initiative and have Brodney disposed of themselves. Julien even risked his own life to save Brodney from a giant tentacle.

Love Gauntlet

  • After almost entirely failing Karl's love gauntlet thus proving Julien's parents don't really love him, they actually get the last question (What was Julien's favorite stuffed animal) right, and even recall it with fondness. Julien is so thrilled that he embraces his parents in a loving hug and they reciprocate, showing how far they've come from initially being unwilling to even touch him.
    Love Bot: True love detected!
  • Even though the parents got his name wrong they knew that “Mark” was Julien’s best friend and don’t seem to have a problem with it.
  • Rob was actually trying to be nice and help Maurice.
  • Mort shows worry when Clover was hurt and is later seen nursing her.
  • It may not seem like much, but after Dr.S “cures” Maurice he gives him a loli. After what he’s been through since the season began it’s nice to see him get something he likes.
    • Small moment, but at the end Maurice runs up to Julien like an excited kid to tell him that he no longer hears the bells. Still clutching the loli I might add.
  • When one of the pirates leap at Julien his parents push him out of the way.
Revenge of the Prom
  • After Karen has Julien convinced that nobody in his kingdom ever liked him and prepares to feed him to the fossa, everyone shows up to help defend him from the fossa even though it's a completely hopeless fight for them to show how much they do care.
  • After opening the episode obsessing about how being Prom King is so important to him, Julien decides to name Ted the Reunion Prom King, as Ted was voted Prom King back in lemur school but everyone gave the title to Julien instead.
  • Karl meeting Chauncey for the first time and the bond that they formed because of it.

The Never Ending Clover

  • Julien feeling underappreciated by Clover for being a Bumbling Sidekick in her stories gets a pep talk from Rob that motivates him to return to his role just in time to save the day. For this Clover has his character of Squire Barnaby promoted to a knight.

That Sinking Feeling

  • When Julien finds everyone trying to steal the boat to save themselves, Julien briefly wonders why he didn't think of that and quickly realizes it's because he cares about his kingdom so much, he's been thinking about how to save them over how to save himself.
  • While the lemurs all gather to watch what they've been led to believe will be the sunrise that heralds their demise, Mort grabs Julien's feet. While Julien clearly hates this as much as he always does, he pauses for a second and ultimately decides to let Mort stay there.

The King and Mrs. Mort

  • Too sick to entertain the soon to arrive judge for best King in Madagascar, Clover offers to act as temporary King for Julien, but he refuses because he considers Maurice and Clover to be his family and wants them to stay by him.

The Panchurian Candidate

  • With Pancho completely broken and giving in to his programming with the revelation that he seemingly never had a family, King Julien tells Pancho that he is Pancho's family, the entire kingdom is his family. He seems to mean this sincerely, as when Pancho snaps out of it and gives Julien a big Cooldown Hug, Julien briefly embraces and comforts him rather than immediately push him away.

I, Maurice

  • After finding out he is an Aye-Aye and a Doorstop Baby, Maurice leaves the kingdom looking for answers, unsure of what his destiny would have been if he hadn't met Julien. Although Julien is upset and the two part angry with each other, both parties independently come to the realization that they are each others' destiny. Their reunion afterwards is touching.
    Julien: You are never allowed to leave again, and that's an order! You are my advisor, (starting to cry) and I need you, like real bad, Momo!
    Maurice:Don’t worry, your Majesty, I’m not going anywhere ever again.
  • In this episode we get to see many moments of just how much Maurice means to Julien; first there is a look of worry for his friend when it's revealed Maurice is an aye-aye. Then when Mort starts annoying Maurice and crawling all over him he whacks Mort away and demands that the doctor re-do the test.

    • Then when Maurice picks up the blanket and bell Julien says his name softly. When he walks away Julien’s first instinct is to follow him with his hand outstretched and a face of concern. He clearly wanted to comfort his Mo-mo.

  • While he only waits ten minutes Julien is clearly thinking on how to make his buddy feel better when he come skipping along. Then after Maurice explains he’s leaving Julien is quick to say that it doesn’t matter where he came and Maurice is his best friend and adviser. Yes, it was a bit insensitive but it came from a good place.

  • Despite Julien being unset and childish at him Maurice just tells Clover to take care of Julien.

  • In Masikura’s story the baby Julien and Maurice look so happy to have found one another.

  • When Maurice meets Ted in the bar he is nothing but friendly and is even defensive when someone throws an alligator at him.
    • Ted returns the favor when all the aye-aye gang up on him.

  • Throughout his whole Dream Julien is insistent that Maurice is real and still his best friend—despite their fight earlier.
  • It doesn’t take him long to realize that he needs Maurice and when he awakes he states that finding Maurice was HIS destiny and Maurice made Julien the king he is.

  • Despite being left to die by the aye-aye Maurice is still willing to sacrifice himself to save them and Ted. He even tells Ted to apologize to King Julien and warn him of the attack.

Un-King Me

  • After being taken prisoner by Koto, Maurice and Julien are chained together overnight facing execution. Julien tries to get Maurice to reassure him that the whole situation is not his fault, but Maurice refuses. So Julien gets serious for a second;
    Julien: Momo?
    Maurice: (stifling a cry) mm?
    Julien: I'm sorry....
    Maurice: I'm sorry too, your majesty. And for what it's worth, despite the we're about to die, I'm proud of the king you've become.
  • King Julien sadly says "goodbye" to Mort as he sees him fighting a snake from a distance.
  • Willie affectionately holds a crying Mort with a sad look on his face.
For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • As devastating as it was to see Julien completely broken over Maurice’s death, it was also heartwarming to see just how much Maurice really means to him. He wasn’t even going to fight anymore until he discovered that Maurice was alive.
  • After Julien dies the first thing he does is to try and find Maurice.
    • There’s a small moment in Frankri-la where Julien is worried that Maurice went to—the other place. Until Piney tells him that Maurice is actually alive. Julien is overjoyed to hear this.
  • What gets Julien back to his life? Telling Piney that he DOES care for his peeps and admitting he got blown up trying to find Maurice. He then goes on to admit that if it meant saving Maurice or any of his people—besides Willie—he’d do it all again.

The Day After Yesterday

  • Although he puts himself at extreme risk running into the middle of a battlefield, Julien doesn't care because he's that glad to see Maurice again.
    Julien: I'm so happy you're alive! I went to Frank-Ri La just to find you!
    Maurice: You know, not even death could keep me from your side, King Julien!

The Day Before Tomorrow

  • Clover realizes what's holding the resistance back is lack of leadership, and both she and Maurice pledge their lives to Julien and following their example, so does everyone. Julien is literally moved to tears by this.
    Julien: What's happening Maurice?
    Maurice: Your Majesty, I believe you just became the One True King of Madagascar.

King Julien Is Watching You

  • Uncle Julien reveals that he doesn't want to take over the kingdom anymore because he's fallen in love. While Julien doesn't have any reason to trust him, he decides to take Uncle Julien at face value and offers him a pardon for his crimes so he can run off with the woman he loves.
    Julien: I know we've had our ups and downs over the years. Tried to off each other a time or two, or seven. But at the end of the day, we are family! So run along, you crazy lovebirds, Start a life together! Anywhere but here.

The End Is Near

  • When King Julien realizes Clover's wedding to Sage means she'll have to leave the kingdom, he is distraught at first, but immediately refuses a Zany Scheme to break Clover and Sage up citing that she deserves to be happy, and instead plots a scheme to make the kingdom stronger so it can survive without her.
  • After a false start where Sage proposes to Crimson instead, he realizes Clover is the one for him and comes back for her with a proposal in his own zany style.
    Sage: Clover, when you left, it I thought butterfly larvae were fighting in my colon.
    Clover: Gross.
    Sage: I know, right? But they weren't, the feeling was something else. It was... emptiness, like my heart was being sucked dry by some giant heart sucking thing and it was making that horrible sucking sound! (Imitates sound)
    Clover: Stop, what are you going on about?
    Sage: Clover, will you marry me?
    Clover: Yes!

The End Is Here

  • Grandma Rose's ghost attending Clover's wedding, and getting Clover and Crimson to make amends, leading to Crimson walking Clover down the aisle.
  • Even though he's just doing it to stall time, Julien manages to give a heartfelt speech to Clover as he gets ready to essentially give her away at her wedding.
    Julien: I look out in this audience today and you know what I see? I see a lot of memories. Some good, some bad... (Indicates Willie)
    Willie: What the heck, man?
    Julien: Not gonna lie, when I first became king, I had my doubts I could pull it off.
    Hector: You are not the only one.
    Julien: Over time, I realized that as long as I had my peoples, I could never fail! We did this together you guys, I truly believe that someday we are going to look back on this as the greatest time of our lives! Which brings me to... to you Clover. Today, I have to say good-bye to you. And I'll be honest, that makes me really sad, man. I mean, despite your rage issues and your constant need for praise...
    Clover: I mean that's not, I don't need praise...
    Julien: You were always there to pick up the pieces when Maurice screwed up. I don't have a lot of friends that I can trust, I'm a pretty private guy right here, but you made it into my inner circle, Clover. If I could have had a really, just violent sister, I would have wanted you. When you came into my life, it's when I finally started down the path to becoming the lemur I am today! I love you, Clover, thank you for letting me have the honor of being your king and your friend.

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