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Heartwarming / Akiko Shikata

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  • "Sorriso" from Navigatoria is about unconditional love for another person. It doubles as a tear jerker when you listen to it and think about the person you love the most.
  • "Kuon no Umi" from Harmonia is musically very beautiful, and the lyrics are in praise of the maternal and life-giving ocean.
    • "Aoiro Kandzume" from the same album is about treasuring good moments and memories with a beloved person.
  • "Buonanotte" from Turaida is an absolutely beautiful lullaby.
  • "EXEC_EP=NOVA/." from Ar Tonelico 3 is about how we should get along and celebrate our differences because we are all beautiful and wonderful in our own ways. It uses cats as the allegory. That is, until you read the feelings the song is supposed to convey and notice it's about a god that was so disappointed in humanity that he killed them all.

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