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Season 1

  • Haida's explanation for why he would want Retsuko to keep working if they ever got married: On top of not making enough to provide her with what he thinks she deserves, working together would help motivate both of them when going to work is the last thing they want to do.
    • This is also unfortunate as Retsuko is asking this question expressly because she has come to the conclusion at this point that the only way she can escape the job is by marriage, so rather than appreciating this response, she instead concludes that she needs to aim for a man with more money.
    • It does not take long for Haida to think of his response, either. Either he's been thinking about it for a while, or Retsuko's question is just serious enough he's trying to think as logically as he can.
  • Haida gets another one in the final episode when he admits to Retsuko that not only he likes her but that he wants to know her better, something that Retsuko seems to reciprocate.
    • Heartwarming for two reasons. One, it's Haida being his usual sweetheart self. Two, Haida has been spending the rest of the episode and some of the previous mad that Resasuke "beat" him to Retsuko. His confession to Retsuko is preceded by him admitting he was wrong to think that way, and why it was a terrible thing to do so. This makes Haida one of the few characters to actually admit his jealousy in a relationship, and be able to set it aside peacefully and humbly before actually attempting to ask Retsuko out.
  • With everyone drunk except Retsuko, the entire accounting department seems to be into the rap battle. Fenneko even notes that Ton said some things that may actually be true about Retsuko's performance at work. Everyone is cheering for Ton to win... except for Haida and Fenneko.
    Japanese Drunk!Haida: Retsuko! Retsuko! Are you gonna let him say that?!
    English Drunk!Haida: Retsuko! Retsuko! Are you gonna let him get away with that!?
  • After Retsuko reams out Ton for being a Bad Boss to the entire accounting department, the one retort he can manage before collapsing is that in 20 years, she'll find out what it's like to be the boss everyone hates. Ton's an asshole who keeps reminding Retsuko that he'll fire her the first chance he gets, but it's a tacit admission that she's good enough to replace him one day.
    • Even before that, before it all goes to crap anyway, Ton has what seems to be a genuine (if not tipsy) heart to heart with Retsuko over why he acts the way he does. Even without being a woman in his department like Retsuko is, Ton was treated like utter crap by his superiors as a low level grunt. And unlike present day, there was no talking to HR or any way of making it easier besides working hard and kissing up when you could, never able to argue or even complain. Just having to deal with it. By the time he'd managed to climb the ranks and get to a position where he was finally the one in power, he found he had become the hated boss himself, yet knew no other way besides the one he knew. He's a product of a soon to be bygone era who found himself exactly the kind of person he was tormented by. And comes to the realization that maybe it's about time he tried changing himself as someone who once sat where employees like her did... Until he realized it was Retsuko who blew the whistle on him and he got pissed, anyway.
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    • There's also some Fridge Heartwarming in the fact that Retsuko would definitely have employees who like her should she replace Ton because unlike him, she knows what it's like to be mistreated because of something stupid like your gender and would go out of her way to be as fair as possible. Sure some people wouldn't like the fact that they couldn't get special favors anymore but most of her employees would appreciate her.
  • Depending on how you view Ton's response when Retsuko tried to apologize about the night before, it could be interpreted that Ton DOES remember how Retsuko tore into him the night prior in their rap battle, but he decided either it wasn't worth tearing into her... or that he didn't want to. Even if he may still not like her, exactly, he might have gained some modicum of respect for her.
  • Retsuko having a silent conversation with Resasuke by texting at a meeting is surprisingly sweet, considering the others are drunk.
  • It's a small moment, but Manumaru is honestly worried about Resasuke's lack of social skills (and outright says it even though he's embarrassed by it) and goes out of his way to try and get Resasuke with Retsuko.
  • Episode 9 has Retsuko going out on a date with Resasuke at an amusement park (resembling Sanrio's outdoor theme park Harmony Land) and throughout the episode, for once Retsuko is actually having a great time with Resasuke. She and Resasuke even have their own song together that is heard in the middle of the episode. Not to mention the credits music also plays this song instead of the Heavy Metal music and Retsuko's Rage face doesn't show up.
    • Retsuko being love struck by Resasuke, as disastrous as it is later on, is very sweet and adorable in its own right.
  • In Episode 10 even Boss Ton of all characters manages one of these in the midst of Retsuko's shut-down, he comes into the tea-room to tell her in accounting terms that she's giving more than she's getting back, and eventually she may have nothing left to give. This is enough to snap Retsuko out of her shut-down state as she cries and tells him he's a good person after all.note 
  • While Haida's moments after finding out about Retsuko and Resasuke's relationship border on Tear Jerker because he becomes depressed and gets pneumonia because of it, how he handles it all really showcases how much he genuinely likes Retsuko. He isn't a one-note Nice Guy who feels obligated to her feelings, but just a man in love who Cannot Spit It Out. When Fenneko confirms Retsuko is dating someone, Haida admits it was his fault because he didn't act sooner and is happy for her (though he still wants to punch Resasuke.) And even in the end of Season 1, where he might have a chance to date Retsuko, Haida admits to her that he's realized he doesn't actually know the "real" Retsuko but very much wants to. It's a very sweet and mature take on a typical Love Triangle.
  • Fenneko, throughout the series, is stalkerish, manipulative, and a bit of a troll. She might be around for Retsuko and Haida to support them, but the way she does it comes off as deliberately malicious, or at least badly thought out. Then, in the Resasuke arc, she really comes around for them, promising Haida that she'll "protect" Retsuko at the singles party, actually threatening a guy that starts to come onto her, pretty obviously giving Haida the chance to talk about his feelings with Retsuko when they're visiting Haida in the hospital, and that sheds a whole new light on some of the more questionable things she did before. She doesn't give Haida a speech about Retsuko committing suicide just to be morbid, she does it to manipulate him into finding her and being more proactive with their relationship.
  • When Retsuko shows Resasuke her Death Metal side, he applauds her performance and tells her she's a great singer. Though this leads to their break-up, it was pretty sweet of him.
  • Gori and Washimi are basically walking, talking Crowning Moments of Heartwarming:
    • Gori is clearly eager to make friends with Retsuko as soon as she finds out they're in the same yoga class and goes out of her way to be super friendly right from the get-go.
    • Washimi going to bat for Retsuko to the company president and using her influence to have Ton chewed out.
    • When they find out about Retsuko's secret love of death metal, far from being judgemental, Washimi and Gori accept it immediately. What's more, they can be seen dancing in the background as Retsuko sings and afterwards there's a scene of them trying to copy Retsuko's singing voice and marvelling at how she's able to pull it off. Washimi and Gori don't just accept the true Retsuko, they like the real her and want her come out more often!
  • A meta example, while Katelyn Gault (English voice of Fenneko) was working on the dub of the Netflix series. She volunteered at Animal Tracks Inc., where she took care of a fennec fox a few days after news of the show's success in the west. She shared a short 10-minute video of her petting and whispering to a tired fennec fox.

Christmas Special

  • Fenneko loves to whine about him, but she really is Haida's wingman. She's shown listening at the door when Retsuko turns him down and advises him against pushing it, not for Retsuko's sake, but to spare himself any more heartache. The two of them are frequently shown at bars together and it's implied they hang out after work quite a bit.
  • After all the complaining about not being able to spend Christmas with someone, being stuck in the office with extra work, and Tsunoda's pressure about social media, Retsuko finally gets the Christmas she wanted... at a street-food ramen bar. What's heartwarming is that Washimi and Gori, both with problems on their own Christmas dates, get out of them to spend time with Retsuko, and Retsuko enjoys the ramen bar more than the elaborate places Tsunoda tries to get her to go for Instagram because she's actually enjoying herself with them. Even more heartwarming when Haida walks by and he and Retsuko start walking to the station together. Unlike the implication at the beginning of the episode about Retsuko saying "no" to Haida's date offer, it's implied she says "yes" here.

Season 2

  • Retsuko cannot find a reason to hate Shirota, even as she's breaking up with him. In a series where most males are deeply flawed or otherwise have one persistent thing that prevents them from being suitable partners, Retsuko's and Shirota's relationship is nothing but nice. Gives the poor girl a break for once for how unlucky she is.
  • Kabae telling Retsuko the story about how she met her husband and encouraging her that even if Retsuko doesn’t think of herself as ‘marriage material,’ someone will see her that way.
  • How Kabae eventually met her husband is nothing short of adorable. Kabae, having annoyed everyone around her away with her blabbering, decided to shut her mouth for a week, but nearly suffocates when she goes overboard. When she's at the hospital, she vented all her pent-up blabbering at the doctor. Instead of being overwhelmed, he instead fell in love, and the two married not long after.
  • Kabae being the one who is able to get Anai to relax and calm his ways. It makes it better than by episode six, he's all on good terms with everyone!
  • Kabae interacting with her husband and children during the festival, especially when comforting one of her kids who accidentally hurt their head. They're genuinely a close and loving family, showing Retsuko a prime example of what she hopes to one day have as well.
  • Retsuko and Tadano's relationship. All of it. In comparison to Resasuke, who was oblivious to love, Tadano genuinely loves Retsuko, and she also falls in love with him too. Which makes their break up even more heartbreaking...
  • Ton’s overall behavior in Season 2. He’s still a jerk to Retsuko, but there’re more moments from him.
    • During the family weekend, he proudly presents his twin daughters and his wife, who all look (and sound) exactly like him.
    • He somehow agreed to be the nuclear option in dealing with Anai. He unfortunately failed and Anai somehow hurt him even worse than Retsuko did, but it's the thought that counts.
    • His whole attitude regarding Retsuko and Tadano’s relationship. Not only is he agreeing to keep it a secret, but looks genuinely worried when paparazzi catch them. He later rejects Retsuko’s resignation letter, because he knows that she is only doing it to please Tadano, once again giving her a heartfelt advice about how to run her own life. Ton has made his family the main reason for him to continue working, and if Retsuko can’t decide what makes HER happy, then she isn’t ready to mature.

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