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Heart Warming / Actually, I'm Dead

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  • Twilight and later her friend, doing everything they can to help Trixie feel better, despite the bad blood between her and the town.
    • Spike managing to keep himself from freaking out, after the initial shock of seeing her as, whatever she became. Considering how the last time they interacted went, you have to give props to the little guy.
  • The chapters where Twilight ‘’tries’’ to introduce Trixie to her friends, on better terms.
    • Though the scene counts as more of a Tear Jerker, Applebloom trying to make friendly conversion with Trixie and later, making a feeble attempt to stand up to Applejack.
    • Twilight’s trying to find Trixie, after Applejack runs her off, before not only managing to calm her down, but actually getting her to open up to her past for a little while.
      • The story teller in Trixie, making a brief return, while telling her story to Twilight.
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    • Trixie and Rarity managing to hit it off pretty well.
    • Rainbow’s Batman Gambit to help Trixie get some fire back in her, under the guise of harassing her.
  • Trixie’s party, where she finally makes peace with the town ponies and even gets to be an entertainer again, for a while.
    • Trixie and Rainbow managing to bury the hatchet at the party-even if it took a Judo throw-is pretty touching.
  • Trixie and the elements interaction in the hot air balloon. At least before the ending and beginning of the next chapter.
  • Trixie being comforted by one of the reapers-and unknowingly being reunited with her mother-and accepting death, ready to move on to the afterlife. Too bad, the Alicorn Amulet was not having any of that.
  • After Trixie's second resurrection, that leaves her feral monster, Rainbow Dash, one of the characters that has been antagonistic to her, is the first one to try reasoning with her. She succeeds.
  • After coming back from the dead a second time and turning into an even ‘’worse monster’’, Trixie takes advantage of the new predicament, by using her now returned senses, to finale enjoy a decent meal, after a long while of not being able to eat. It is kind of sweet to see her finding some enjoyment out of the situation.
    • Twilight conversation with her during this, also counts.
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  • Trixie comforting Rainbow Dash, after her and Lightning's trial.
  • Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash-in what is apparently a Pegasus tradition-having a friendly fight together, to make up for the events of Wonder Bolt's Academy and walking out on better terms.

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