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This page is for touching moments from the 2016 anime adaptation of Ace Attorney.

For sweet moments from the games in the series, see the appropriate subpages:

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Notably heartwarming moments from the 2016 anime include:

    Season 1 
  • In a small-but-effective change from the game, Grossberg instantly agreed to defend Maya when Phoenix approached him, instead of immediately rejecting with seemingly no good reason. Of course, the end result was the same: he immediately received a call from Redd White after taking the case, and he eventually called Phoenix to inform him that he'd suddenly changed his mind, further emphasizing the kind of hold that White had on him. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant surprise, even if it didn't last very long.
  • Also in Episode 3, it is Grossberg himself who comes to Phoenix with information about Redd White and told him to investigate him, while in the game he would not move unless Phoenix pressured him to spill about Redd White. The fact that he was more active in catching Redd White is somewhat heartwarming.
  • The scene where Phoenix officially becomes Maya's lawyer is especially touching. Even though she initially rejected his offer to defend her, Phoenix absolutely refused to give up in finding her a lawyer. Maya is convinced that she's been abandoned, and Phoenix, completely drenched in rain and covered in fallen flower petals, informs her that there are still two attorneys who might be willing to take her case, showing a list of about 40 other crossed-out names he had already tried that refused. Maya is moved to tears by his dedication to help her, and decides to ask Nick to be her lawyer at the same time that he decides to ask her to let him defend her.
  • Like in Turnabout Samurai, Cody was in denial of the fact that he saw his idol being defeated and didn't take it well when revealing the truth. However, instead of revealing it in court, he reveals to Wright and Maya in the studio. The other difference is that instead of being confrontational for the lie, Wright actually tries to console him by telling that him that the samurai is a hero not because he's strong but because he fights for justice, risking his life to do what's right, and Cody as a fan must not avert his eyes from what's right. This is one moment where it shows that Phoenix, despite not watching the show that much, really shares his ideal of justice with the Steel Samurai, making him a parental figure like he was to Trucy in Apollo Justice.
    • Earlier in that same episode, Phoenix spends a lot of time with Maya watching the show so he can study it in case anything important comes out, and when they had met up with Cody, they were acting out a scene from the latest episode. It shows that, despite people thinking he's a fuddy-duddy, Phoenix can have fun if needed.
    • After staying up late watching the show with Phoenix, Maya fell asleep on the couch. Phoenix sees her and tucks her in.
  • Not only are Cody's motives and reasoning for the earlier lie different, but in this version as well, Wendy Oldbag listened to the whole conversation and was so moved by Wright's words that she actually gives him the photo of the death of Manuel during the darkest part of the trial. Just like with Grossberg, the anime did a good job in making Oldbag a more helpful and sympathetic character for the series.
  • Cody, who was in the audience for the trial, jumps down and interrupts it to give a passionate speech about how the Steel Samurai fights for justice. This not only encourages Phoenix and causes enough of a commotion that Oldbag is able to slip him the photo he needs, but soon after Edgeworth himself starts helping Phoenix's case, implying that he also might have been influenced by the speech. (His being a secret fanboy of the Steel Samurai probably didn't hurt.)
    • Then there's Will's reaction; he's shocked that Cody would go this far, but is likely touched deep down that he's got a kid this enthusiastic about getting the people that were really to blame to justice.
  • When Powers is found Not Guilty, Cody jumps up and down in excitement, and even Oldbag looks happy.
  • In Turnabout Goodbyes' first episode, it turned out Edgeworth found Phoenix to be "impressive", which makes Maya giddy. And later, Larry gives Maya a party popper when they first meet, becoming fast friends.
  • It turns out that Larry, Phoenix, and Edgeworth all have little keychains called 'The Signal Samurais', which is likely a predecessor of the Steel Samurai. Phoenix had it on his bag since episode 1, and Edgeworth was revealed to have it in the end of Turnabout Samurai (A blue and red one respectively), Larry likely has the yellow one still.
  • Maya convincing Edgeworth to let them defend him, saying she wants to find out the truth about the DL-6 incident too and that Gumshoe and Phoenix believe in him.
  • Crossed with Moment of Awesome, Larry jumps in to save the trial against Manfred von Karma. It's showing that, while they haven't seen each other in some time, Larry still sees Edgeworth as a friend and is willing to help out.
  • Phoenix's flashback of the classroom trial, while also very sad, shows the very moment Edgeworth and Larry came in to defend him, refuting every claim the students made against Phoenix. The atmosphere of the scene shows that beneath a crowd who want to spout baseless accusations on someone because they feel so, there will be always people who will be willing to find the truth and get everything right. Phoenix was REALLY lucky in having Edgeworth and Larry as his friends.
  • When Gregory was summoned, aside from telling them that Yanni Yogi killed him, he asked if his son was okay.
  • Mia Fey congratulating Maya in helping solve the case that affected their family so much, this shows that Mia shows her gratitude to her family, not just her best student.
    • In addition to that, the group photo of the anime shows all participants smiling genuinely for their sweet victory.
  • Papa Greg gently teasing his son about the fact that he wants to watch a cartoon instead of the news — and his allowing Miles to keep an abandoned dog.
    • Really, just anything the trio of kids do together really shows how close they were in their childhood, from the whole business with the puppy and Edgeworth being attached to the Signal Samurai show, it's pure True Companionship at its finest, even though they would be torn apart as result of DL-6.
  • It's a tiny one compared to the others, but Manfred von Karma giving little Miles his scarf before they leave the Edgeworth residence. Even though he was the killer of DL-6, and he only took Miles in to get revenge on Gregory, it shows that he did feel some compassion for the kid, at least for a while.
  • In the aftermath of the murder at Kurain, as Maya is lead away by the police, Pearls starts to cry. Nick just gently rests his hands on her shoulders to comfort her.
    • When Morgan is led away by Detective Gumshoe, Pearl is tearing up and very close to crying. Not only does Phoenix promise to help Maya however she can, Lotta even volunteers to stay at the Fey manor to help make sure Pearl is okay when Phoenix is hesitant about leaving her alone.
  • Later on, in the visitor room, Nick asks Maya if she remembers how they met. He calmly assures her that — just like back then — she's innocent, and that he'll prove it.
  • While we don't get the moment Maya reunites with Mia until later, we at least get the nice description of what she dreamed, feeling nice and warm around her sister lap. The reason? the box contained Mia's old clothing before she left the village, truly a nice way to show the closeness of relatives regardless of whether they're alive or not.
  • The cute sight of Maya sleeping in Phoenix's shoulder, that is all that needs to be said.
  • It's a small one, but Maya and Moe talking about their love of "burger noodles", and Moe inviting Maya to get herself a bowl and sit down, is rather sweet.
  • Phoenix convincing the circus group to help him, by showing them the copy of Max's contract. It turns out Max wanted the pay raise distributed equally to the rest of the performers and staff, to convince them to raise their game.
  • Max asking everyone's forgiveness at the end of the circus show, and Moe embracing him. Then, the audience call to them to do their best.
  • When Acro is being taken away to pay for his crimes, Regina tearfully apologizes to him and begs that she take his place to be arrested. In spite of thinking her responsible for Bat's situation, Acro doesn't seem to be that angry at Regina and tells her that this is his responsibility, not hers. After Moe tells her Acro's reason to keep up the charade, resulting in Regina's promise to look after Bat, a genuine smile once again is planted in Acro's face, so at least his arrest doesn't end up in vain overall: that person he disliked finally matured, and there will be someone to look after Bat when he wakes up, even if it's not his brother.
  • When Moe does some jokes to introduce himself to the court, Max laughs slightly. Max talks about wanting everyone to up their game, so he wasn't mocking Moe; he thought the joke was funny and tried to encourage him!
  • Money seems to have warmed up to Regina and Phoenix by the end of the case. He plays with Phoenix in a far less harmful way than he usually does (tugging on his hair and cheeks but Nick doesn't react like this hurts) after climbing onto his shoulders, and at the end, rides around on Regina's shoulder while she's on Regent.
  • The softness in Edgeworth's voice when he sees Nick struggling to talk about what's going on. He gently asks Nick and Pearls to go somewhere in private so they can talk it over. Also, the fact that Edgeworth keeps Nick in the loop on his own findings such as the camera found in the oversized teddy.
  • Gumshoe's effusive apologies to Pearl about the ramen cup. It's small, but it's kind of adorable. Plus the moment when Gumshoe joins her in praying over the oversized teddy bear!
  • Pearls playing with Shoe the cat. For just a few minutes, she can be the child that she is.
  • Maya keeping Nick's Signal Samurai keychain as a reminder of him and a symbol of hope.
  • Absolutely everyone is pulling all the stops to find and rescue Maya. Edgeworth plays along with Nick's request for a handwriting analysis, and gives him a pep talk the night before the trial about what it means to be an attorney. Gumshoe calls to offer encouragement and keep Nick updated on what's going on with the investigation. Pearls channels Mia to provide information from Maya. Watching them teaming up is so inspiring, and you just know that everything's going to be OK so long as they work together.
  • Maya's reunion with her big sister. Mia's gentle words of pride that Maya hung in there, and asking Nick to continue looking after her. Maya tearfully snuggling with Mia. Then, once Mia leaves, Pearl's joy at having Maya back.
  • Nick and Edgeworth talking about their shared past, and reconciling their differences.
  • Franziska showing up in Gumshoe's coat. You just know the detective must have insisted that she take it to keep her warm. Moreover, it meant that she personally went to see him despite her own injury.
  • Speaking of Gumshoe, the fact that he saved the Signal Samurai keychain to give back to Maya, who in turn gives it back to Nick. The symbol of hope and friendship shared between them along the way.
  • Larry giving Maya sunflowers because he's so relieved that she's safe.
  • Adrian Andrews simply bowing and smiling to Nick after the trial; he concludes that she seems to be at peace.
  • Franziska and Edgeworth's meeting at the airport. When Franziska cries, Edgeworth simply gives her a warm smile.

    Season 2 
  • Season 2 opens with Case 2-1, which had been previously skipped. Just like in the game, we have Maggey Byrde cheerfully coming to thank Phoenix for taking her case when nobody else wanted to. And even though he's still amnesiac from being smacked in the head with the extinguisher, Phoenix feels compelled to help her nonetheless.
  • Maggey calls Gumshoe an amazing police officer, for helping her so much when she was a rookie.
  • At the end of the trial, Gumshoe comes with a large bouquet of roses for Maggey. Though she refuses them at first because she's upset about him testifying against her during the trial, the snapped photo shows that she accepted them.
  • Maya and Pearl at first are angry that Phoenix agrees to defend Ron DeLite, since they consider themselves the victims in this case and are sure he's guilty of the urn's theft. However, they later visit his wife Desireé and seeing how devoted to him she is and how much she believes in his innocence, they finally decide to believe in him too.
  • For that matter, over the course of the case we can see that Desireé truly loves her husband no matter what, and in turn he just wants to make her happy.
  • When the trial almost seems lost, Maya channels Mia so she can give Phoenix some encouragement words, and well as a clue to break Luke Atmey's testimony.
  • We've got a second original episode delving into the backstory of Phoenix, Larry and Edgeworth, this time continuing when they're in high school. Some highlights:
    • Saddened because Edgeworth left without leaving them any means to contact them, Phoenix sends a message through a radio show, under the name "Blue Signal", hoping that Edgeworth will be listening somewhere. He does, and immediately knows that it's from Phoenix.
    • Edgeworth still has the Pomeranian he adopted shortly before he moved away, and it's clear he's been taking good care of him. Even Franziska seems to love the dog, dressing him up as her dad at one point.
    • Franziska herself shows what a good and loving adoptive sister she was towards Edgeworth, doing her best to make him smile, and looking genuinely happy for him when her father formally treats him as a son. Unfortunately, it's soured by how their relationship takes a nosedive after that.
    • Speaking of, even Von Karma gets a heartwarming moment as he decided to not put Edgeworth up for adoption after seeing him solve the lost puppy case and raise him like his own son. He even gave Edgeworth his own jabot, which made Edgeworth give a huge smile.
    • Edgeworth finds a lost puppy in the mall, for which there's a $5,000 reward offered. Instead of keeping the money for himself, he decides to donate it for a group taking donations to help stray dogs.
    • At the end, Edgeworth watching the video made by Phoenix and Maya with a look of amusement and affection for the pair of them. He even gives the video its first 'like'!
  • When Maya faints after expelling Dahlia's spirit from her body, Phoenix catches her in his arms, smiles, and says, "Welcome back".
  • After Iris admits that she was taking Dahlia's place when Phoenix thought she was dating Iris's sister for an entire year:
    Phoenix: Iris... let me just say this to you. The kindness you showed me was real. Even after Dahlia Hawthorne was found guilty, I still believed in you.
    Iris: I hope you can forgive me one day... Feenie.
    Phoenix: You really are the person I always thought you were.


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