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Heartwarming / About Last Night...

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  • Applejack discovered her orientation when she was fifteen. Her family's reaction: Switching from suggesting she should find a nice stallion to find a nice mare, and a foal that needs a home.
  • Though just a side note, Lyra and Bonbon are married in this story. It's one of the few stories that has them being married, and that comes off as sweet.
  • Applejack thought her family would be extremely upset with her "divorcing" Twilight. To her surprise, not only were they understanding, but comforting, especially Big Mac.
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  • Twilight has the Apples on strict orders not to let Spike do any chores, so he can at least try to learn how have fun like someone his age.
  • When Twilight and Applejack see Trixie again, Trixie is not bearing a grudge: She's overjoyed that they came to see her and was going to send them all tickets to her show anyway.
  • Every moment between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy following them getting together. At least until they hit a rough patch due to their conflicting thoughts on having foals.
    • Then Rainbow Dash apologizes to Fluttershy once she realizes she does want to have foals some day.
  • When Applejack confesses to Celestia that she really is in love with Twilight, Celestia wraps her in a hug telling her she is happy to hear that someone like Applejack is interested in her student, and tells her she is more than worthy to be Twilight's partner.

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