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Heartwarming / A Triangle in the Stars

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  • Out of all moments, Chapter Thirty-Two takes the cake, while also managing to be a bit tear-jerking too. Basically, Steven gives Bill a pep talk and Bill actually initiates a hug of pure, massive appreciation and gratitude, of which the boy is extremely proud, albeit a bit shocked at first.
  • In Chapter One, Steven talks to Bill's statue as if it's alive. And he even tries to feed it. It's as cute and smile-inducing as it sounds.
  • Bill actually comes to Steven's defense when Pyronica verbally looks down on the boy for being human in Chapter Seventeen. Even though he wondered why he snapped that so quickly, it was still pretty sweet for him to do.
    • How excited Xanthar becomes when Bill explains Steven can help with the whole war in the Nightmare Realm and how intrigued he is about him in general. He doesn't even care that the boy's part human.
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  • The end of Chapter Forty-Four. Steven is successful in talking Bill down from suicide by lightning, and they spend the last minutes of the chapter in a hug, with Bill's tears having warmed up and become tender.
    "The tears were still falling however, but they were now warm, tender, instead of cold and harsh. The storm, despite what everyone might have been thinking, didn't clear up. It kept going, still dark and swirling and ugly, and lightning struck again, but it was farther away, followed immediately by thunder. But they both knew and could find comfort in the fact that one of the worst was finally over..."
  • Connie's and Wendy's friendship in general. Growing as it is, they already treat each other like close sisters; especially since Wendy was raised in an all-boy family and Connie is an only child.
    • And, on a similar note, Steven's and Bill's. It's an Odd Friendship, but it's an amazing one too. And it took several chapters for the demon to fully and truly recognize and reciprocate it.

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