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Heartwarming / A Night to Remember

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  • The old steward who takes the lost child along with him to the stern, keeps panicked passengers from stepping on him, and is last seen holding the boy and praying for them both. For him to do that for someone he never even saw until the end of his life... Hold on, think I got something in my eye...
  • Remember that drunken baker who helped some of the trapped protagonists out of a jam? Didn't think we'd ever see him alive again? He's later found in the water, not minding the cold because his drinking kept him warm, and pulled up onto one of the upturned boats. Even more improbably, he was a real person and that actually happened.
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  • Mr. Andrews going over the ship early on in the film, chatting with the engineers and stokers. It's a charming little tribute to a man who was well-loved by pretty much everyone who worked with him, regardless of class.
  • After all the lifeboats have been launched, the band members bid one another farewell and begin to wander off into the crowd. Then William Hartley, the bandmaster, begins playing "Nearer My God to Thee" and the rest of the band regroups to play one last song together, accompanied by the cellist's somber baritone voice.
  • As the ship begins its final plunge, the trapped passengers stop panicking and instead begin praying each in their own language and idiom.


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