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Heartwarming / A New Age

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Sometimes the characters of A New Age have their heartstrings tugged and the tears start flowing. This page details the touching and tearful moments.

  • Iria and Trieze's first kiss. And the events leading up to the moment. Particularly when Trieze asked Anna if it was okay to love your Dragoon.
  • Ophelia's death. Full stop.
  • The party discovering Xer in the chronosanctuary. And then Corineous's journal about how he got there. This was a man who had the whole world at his fingertips, and would guide it to prosperity, and then lost it all to Tiamat's rampage and the Dragon Reckoning. It's hard not to pity him, especially when he lapses into insanity when he peers too long into the Master Clock.
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  • The entirety of Emma's Journal. All of it.

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