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Heartwarming / A Muppet Family Christmas

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  • Jim Henson's cameo.
    "Well, they certainly seem to be having a good time out there, Sprocket. Yep, I like it when they have a good time."
    • Also counts as a bit of a Tear Jerker, since this was one of the last things Jim ever did with these characters. It's almost like a dad looking in on his kids one last time.
  • Gonzo trying to convince the Turkey to leave the farm before he becomes Christmas dinner
  • The reason why Statler and Waldorf randomly pop up in the farmhouse? They're friends with Fozzie's mom and they visit her every Christmas!
  • Emily Bear's conclusion that the Muppets may be weirdos, "but they're nice weirdos."
  • The Swedish Chef being comforted by Big Bird's innocent offer of friendship and deciding that Christmas dinner will be "shredded wheat and cranberry sauce."
    • And just before that, Big Bird giving the Chef some "chocolate-covered birdseed" that he made himself. He explains that he wanted to give the Chef a gift in particular because he knows that the Chef, being from Sweden, is spending his Christmas far away from his home and family, and he knows that must be hard.
  • Robin the Frog and the Fraggles.
    • And the pebble.
  • While the Christmas carol singing sequence is heartwarming in itself, hearing Statler and Waldorf (of all people!) singing one of the carols is just adorable. (This is sadly lessened since this portion is cut out of some editions of the special.)
    • Specifically, they sing "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day," a song about how being cynical on Christmas is easy, but being optimistic will make you happy and give you peace. Granted, it's really a bonus for the parents who know the rest of the song, but it's a heartwarming bonus. Even Statler and Waldorf can see the point in having Christmas spirit.
    • “Together at Christmas”.
  • Doc offering to look for Miss Piggy when she's lost in the snowstorm, and explaining why:
    Kermit: But you've never even met Miss Piggy!
    Doc: Well, we never met any of you until a little while ago, and now we're friends. See, Sprocky and I were gonna spend Christmas alone, but this is better!
    • Similarly, Fozzie's mother is surprisingly okay with having to cancel her vacation in Malibu at the last minute to accommodate her son and his friends, with the only complaint she gives being that her surfing lessons were wasted (and even that she voices in a more snarky than complaining tone). This implies that, though she planned to spend Christmas on her own on a tropical vacation, she's just as content with spending it at home with family and friends.
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  • Doc appearing as Santa Claus himself and passing out presents to the Muppets.


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