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  • Sakura no Ki ni Narou. Just that. The entire PV and song had this Troper in tears and smiles, with Jurina coming back from the dead to watch over and protect her friends. Then everything just culminated when everyone came together to bless her to move on.
  • The tail-end of Hakimono to Kasa no Monogatari - especially when(In-Universe) their families clean the shops and find tons of shoes and umbrellas in the other woman's drawers.
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  • Winning the Japan Record Award for Flying Get and the reactions of all the members on stage.
  • Matsui Rena standing up for Kitahara Rie when she got transferred back to AKB in 2013's Budoukan live.
    • Also, Sayaka's reaction when it was announced that Sae would go back to Team K.
  • Sayaka thanking the fans onstage after singing 'Mushi no Ballad' in the 2013 Request Hour.
  • "Hashire Penguin" getting first place in the 2013 Request Hour despite the disbanding of Team 4 the year before.
  • Knowing that though Mariko can be a troll at times, she is still a motherly figure to her juniors and befriends them, even staying in contact with ex-members.
  • Takamina's hug to Miichan in the 2013 elections.
  • Tanamin ranking for the first time in the 2014 election. She even made a full bow to the fans as a sign of her gratefulness.
  • Kawaei Rina making it to senbatsu in the 2014 elections, just a few weeks after she was attacked during a handshake.
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  • The three last members of the 2nd generation graduating the same day (Kana on the AKB theater, Sae on the SKE theater and Umechan on the NMB theather) and being reunited the next day with all the other founder Team K members (as well as Chikarina and Mocchi, which despite joining the group later are considered as vital as the rest of the Team K)
  • In 2015, Tokumitsu Kazuo, the regular MC of the Sousenkyo, publicly criticized Shimazaki Haruka for snubbing him on the SSK stage that year. She responded by clarifying that at the time she already said everything she had to say and couldn't add anything else, and later invited him to her TV show so she could properly apologize and settle the matter.
  • Four graduated Kami 7 members (Acchan, Yuko, Tomochin, and Mariko) makes an appearance at Minami Takahashi graduation concert.
  • Watching the girls transformation from a bunch of teenagers perform on their theatre and regularly had to gives flyers to everyone in Don Quixote into one of the biggest musical acts in Japan, spawning five sister groups in Japan alone and several sister groups overseas.
    • Their fourth album, "1830m" the numbers refer to the distance between their theatre in Akihabara and Tokyo Dome in Bunkyō. To have a solo concert there is always their dream since their formation. After 7 years and a lot of in and out members, they finally able to have a solo concert there. Double as Tear Jerker since the concert was also Acchan graduation concert.
    • Miichan's graduation concert, delayed as it was by the pandemic, gave the fans an awesome visual with members of the first generation and the golden era joining the current members in giving her a well-deserved send-off.
  • Highlights include Takamina centering RIVER one more time and pairing off with Naachan, Tomochin showing up as a surprise(especially since she'd recently announced her pregnancy), a no3b reunion, and the kicker - the rest of the First Generation(save Acchan who was working on a movie) metaphorically picking Miichan up during Hana Saku.

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