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  • Tsubasa allowing Sonata to try out, even though her application was rejected because she was not old enough.
  • The bashful little girl who is a fan of Orine's and wants to shake her hand. Orine has been upset for the past few due to some threatening mail, and this girl is so heartwarming that she and the other apprentices have to hold back tears.
  • Nagisa's parents coming to see her concert on Lancastar.
    • Her father even smiles a little (but only a little; it's barely noticable).
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  • It's a small one, but when the stage is hit by missiles in the final concert, you see all the girls sprawled out, having been thrown off their feet by the explosions. However, Orine is lying over Sonata with her arms around the younger girl. Her very first impulse when they were attacked was to protect the youngest one among them.
  • The old women who worked with Orine at the factory coming to support her during her first concert.
  • Chieri's Kirara finally glowing.
  • After episodes of torment and self-doubt, to the point of deciding to give up on her own dream, Takamina is told that she had regained her postion as Takahashi Minami!
  • Episode 18, where Makoto meets a DES soldier who is secretly one of her fans, who manages to bring her out of her Heroic BSoD and Take a Level in Badass.
  • Mimori becoming Mariko the 8th in Episode 20, and seeing her parents in the crowd congratulating her.

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