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Heartwarming / A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

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  • Dito's final line of the movie - "I left all these people. But none of them has ever left me."
  • The reunion between Dito and Antonio. The first time they've seen each other since Antonio went to prison, and Dito clearly doesn't know what to expect. Antonio instead gives him a Man Hug and they catch up like old friends.
  • Dito's scenes with Mike, because they provide a break from his hectic and aggressive day-to-day life.
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  • Laurie and Dito's first scene together. In contrast to the roughness and rawness of Antonio and Jenny's quickie in the stairwell, the two have a tender little conversation where they just hold each other.
  • Antonio flips out at Dito for their fight at the funeral. But the second he sees that Dito has been attacked by the Reaper, the argument is forgotten and he helps him. Dito even says "please don't be mad", and Antonio goes right into big brother mode.

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