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Heartwarming / A Fool Named Fortune

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  • Roy comes home to the dorm from a night of letting out anger on the Shadows in Tartarus to find Fuuka asleep on the couch, after trying to use her Persona to keep tabs on him during the Dark Hour. He decides to carry her all the way back to her room. He even gets a thank-you note the next day.
  • Roy's online chat with his Uncle Shane. Given the history of Roy's family, any time he interacts with a family member is nice.
    • Roy's parents act as his final source of encouragement before sealing Nyx.
  • After months and months, in Chapter 50, Roy and Aigis admit their love for each other.
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  • In Answer of Aeon, Junpei reveals just how good a friend he thought Roy to be.

In Reshuffled:

  • Roy's Poppa Wolf tendencies towards Maiko are particularly sweet.
  • He later goes on and backs up Junpei's story when the two talk with Chidori right before the September mission instead of contradicting him.
  • Shinjiro's softer side that springs up when he's with his family, most noticeably his seven-year-old cousin.
  • Moments after Roy breaks up an argument between Akihiko and Shinjiro, they discover that the latter has lost his pocket watch. Angry at him or not, Akihiko's first thought is to try and help find it.
    • Roy explains the situation to Hamuko upon her asking why Shinjiro seemed so down about something; she finds it and returns it later that evening. Shinjiro seems genuinely touched by how she went out of the way to get it for him.
  • Hamuko's birthday party. Not only does she get a cake from Shinjiro - now her boyfriend - but he and the rest of S.E.E.S get her small birthday gifts. Her parents - and older brother Makoto - send her gifts as well. Her mother's gift is a bit more of a funny moment though. As is Anasi's surprise visit.
    "Oh Mom, never change..."
    "What'd- IS THAT A NAGINATA?"
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  • Come Chapter 26, with his Shadow exposing more or less everything that he's been holding in, Roy explains that he expects SEES to not want anything to do with them, and he understands why. He's about ready to go ahead and pack his bags at the dorm when Hamuko delivers an Armor-Piercing Slap to knock some sense back into him. The rest of SEES then proceeds to point out that they all consider Roy a friend anyway, and don't blame him for keeping his mouth shut about his own problems. Shinjiro in particular points out that they're Not So Different, which also explains why Roy seems to focus on him a lot when it comes to Social Links. The display of friendship is enough to give him a confidence boost when it was time to face the second half of his Shadow. Once it's been taken care of, Aigis and Junpei both carry him back to the dorm. On the whole, the whole evening could have been a lot worse.
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  • Chapters 35 and 36 have given us Ken actually meeting his mom again and Roy and Aigis meeting Mr. and Mrs. Fortune due to everyone who dies in the dark hour being to trapped there.

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