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  • Pretty much every time Frida and Agnetha interact on-stage is bound to get this response.
  • "And I understand you've come to shake my hand."
  • Super Trouper.
  • "Thank You for the Music", the farewell single thanking their fans for supporting them.
  • Every time Björn calls Agnetha his "old friend" during the 1979 tour.
  • From the same tour, the performance of "I Have a Dream" with a local children's choir. Even better is the fact that on most nights of the tour, Björn and Agnetha's six-year-old daughter Linda sang up there with them.
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  • And AGAIN from the same tour, the songs "I'm Still Alive" and "The Way Old Friends Do" - written about Agnetha's personal triumph post-divorce and The Power of Friendship respectively.

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