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Heartwarming / Warm Bodies

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  • In the novel, Julie tells R that her mother committed suicide by zombie when Julie was twelve. She's hysterical and crying and blames herself for not being able to prevent it. R's response is to hug her and tell her that she is worth living for. He then uses his record player to "sing" to her by manipulating the record. "You're... sensational... that's all."
  • At the end of the movie seeing that little zombie girl playing hide and seek with all the other kids, well on her way to being cured. That smile on her face is adorable. Said little zombie girl is seen throughout the whole movie holding hands with a little zombie boy. He's also seen playing hide and seek with her and the other kids. It's strangely adorable.
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  • In the movie, M asking R "You okay?"
  • R to Julie "Keep you safe, you're gonna be okay." R possibly sacrificing his own life to protect Julie from the hoard of Bonies chasing them by using himself as a human, well, zombie cushion to protect their fall.
  • R regaining his life with a kiss of all things. Talk about your fairy tale endings.
  • The cure for the zombie virus being kindness, love, understanding and compassion of all things. Especially the scenes showing the various versions of the cure for all the different types of zombies.
  • At the end of the film, Nora is a nurse, helping rehabilitate the zombies instead of killing them.
  • M having recalled his full name, Marcus, and being human enough to flirt with the lady who helps him in the rain.
  • When R is dreaming, he comes across Nora, Perry, and Julie sitting outside. Perry mocks him, saying that zombies aren't allowed to dream. Julie gently tells him off with "It's okay, Per. He can dream if he wants."
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  • Julie and Nora's friendship.


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