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Heart Warming / The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga

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  • Chris and Pinkie becoming fast friends.
  • Dan actually trying to make up for his revenge attempt of burning Pinkie's photo album, by putting a party for her together.
  • Dan and Elise, bonding over getting back at someone.
  • Dan letting Chris choose something to get revenge on, when Chris starts getting jealous of him and Pinkie.
  • Pinkie becoming Elise's best friend.
  • Dan not being able to say anything bad about Fluttershy and later having a friendly talk with her, which evolved into sharing their feelings. Capped off with Dan actually giving Fluttershy good and surprisingly non-violent advice on how to stand up to Angel Bunny.
    • To a lesser extent, Dan and Spike managing to bond over his ability to breathe fire.
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  • After getting into a fight which leads to trying to bludgeon each other to death, the next time Dan and Pinkie fight, it's with tickling and pillows.
  • Dan and Elise actually managing to have friendly small talk in the car while Pinkie and Chris are "asleep".
  • The readers get one when, after the state Idaho tries to go after Pinkie Pie, several commentators from various states, speaking for said states, gave reason why Idaho shouldn't mess Pinkie Pie.
  • Elise, Chris, Pinkie, and even Dan standing together, when Elise's parents go too far.
  • Elise, her parents, Pinkie, and Dan, putting aside their differences to save Chris.
  • After the battle with the Wendigo, the rest of that chapter is pretty touching.
  • This exchange:
    Dan: It never ends does it?
    Pinkie: That's fine. (To herself) I'll go on a never ending stream of silly and dangerous adventures... just so long as I'm with you.
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  • Dan GETTING A JOB, just to buy Pinkie a good present. Every single character is both shocked and touched by this.
  • Everyone being genuinely worried about Dan, when he seems way too calm and absentminded to be himself.
    • Chris managing to get the old Dan back, is both this and hilarious.
  • Pinkie telling Elise off after she tries to act like she is any better than Dan.
    Elise: Maybe my moral high ground is less a mountain, and more a bathmat.
  • Dan realizing he truly loves Pinkie and hasn't been nice to her solely for selfish reasons.
  • In a morbid kind of way, both Dan and Pinkie Pie's first two ideas on getting each other a gift to show how much they care about each other, were to start a city wide fire to spell "I Love You" or to decapitate the other's enemies.
  • Pinkie bonding with Becky at the comic book store.
  • Dan and Pinkie finally becoming an Official Couple.
  • Dan, Pinkie, Elise, and the mechanic having fun, while playing a super villains.
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  • Despite Terry-Guy embodying Super Dickery and trying to kill his friends, Chris actually tries to comfort him and convince Terry to get back into actual superhero work, by giving up on his obsession with Dr. Jerk (Dan) and burying the hatchet. It doesn't work and he makes a full Face–Heel Turn immediately afterwards, but it was still an admiral try nonetheless.
  • Dan willing to stand up to someone, who is literally powerful enough to give him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown with just his pinkie, because he threw Pinkie Pie through a window.
  • Pinkie showing said Jerkass, why beating on Dan like that is a bad idea.
  • The gang's interactions, while relaxing at a bar, after a long and physically draining arc and a bad day at work.
  • Dan doing his trademark "swearing vengeance into the heavens" opening to start the Vs. Vampires arc, only to stop and ask Pinkie (Who is still out from a very tiring day), if she would like to sleepily join in.
    Pinkie: Vampirezzzzz...
    Dan and Pinkie vs Vampires
  • Dan realizing that through his and Pinkie's misadventures, he has created a small circle of friends for the first time in his life. note 
  • Dan actually thanking Twilight for his Hyperspace Arsenal. She is understandably speechless.

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