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  • Act 2: When the "teacher" notices the Mercury Pen that Ami won from the Sailor V game and contemptuously tosses it aside, Ami immediately gets up to retrieve it, despite already being under the influence of the Crystal Disk's brainwashing. The pen means that much to her, because it's a symbol of her new friendship with Usagi.
  • Act 3: When people were accusing poor Rei of the missing people, from the bus, Usagi stood up for her, telling the people to leave her alone. A good change from the manga version, where Usagi just stood, sadly watching the scene.
  • Act 5: Usagi befriending Makoto. Especially when Makoto says that people are scared of her, and Usagi says this:
    Usagi: "Who'd be scared of a lovely girl like you? They must have a few screws loose."
    • The way Makoto's face lights up on hearing this says worlds about just how much it means to her to have finally met someone who sees her as she wants to be seen instead of being intimidated by her height and strength.
  • Act 6: After Usagi cries that she's useless without Luna, Tuxedo Mask telling her she has the power to make everyone smile, complete with a montage of Usagi befriending the other girls.
    • Also, Minako is already protecting and helping Usagi. And she (at this point) still has yet to meet her in person.
    • It's a short scene, but Ikuko playing with Luna is adorable.
  • Act 8: After seeing Venus struggle against Kunzite, the Senshi fly up to her, tell her You Are Not Alone and help her fight. Immediately prior to this is when Usagi stops referring to Minako as "Princess" (as this is when they still believe Minako is the princess) and starts calling her "Minako-chan," to emphasize they are friends and partners before a leader and subordinate.
  • In Act 9 a similar thing happens. Usagi has been revealed as the Moon Princess, but Beryl and Kunzite have kidnapped an injured Mamoru. Usagi has been having a breakdown in her room for an unspecified amount of time, and after discussing how she always cheered them up, the senshi go to cheer her up and, again, tell her You Are Not Alone. Usagi remembers how happy life on the moon was, and pulls herself together.
  • In Act 13, after a failed Sailor Planet Attack on Metalia, the Senshi are lying on the ground, having used up all of their strength, and think about their inability to save the world. Then they remember how friendly Usagi was towards them (the flashbacks themselves depicting the heartwarming moments from their initial meeting with her), and hear her voice. They realize that Usagi is still alive within Metalia, resolve to fight until they see her again, and briefly see her image reach out to them, summoning the Holy Sword in the process, which they use to sacrifice their powers in order to awaken Sailor Moon so she can defeat Metalia for good.
    • After Sailor Moon fails to seal Metalia and complains that she doesn't have enough power to do this, Mamoru promises to support her.
    "You're not alone. I'm here with you. Be your usual cheerful self, Sailor Moon."
  • In Act 14, the girls' reunion after Metalia's defeat.
  • Sailor Venus here started out as unwilling to work with the others. In Act 15, she declares "With you at my side, I can do it!".
  • Act 16: During a televised chess tournament, Ami is subjected to a brutally effective Breaking Speech by Berthier as soon as the match begins, her focus shattered as Berthier preys on her insecurity and her fear of being left alone. Luckily Usagi is in the audience to deliver a much-needed (and hilariously awkward) cheer of encouragement, bringing Tears of Joy to Ami's eyes and renewing her confidence. The tables turn immediately, Ami countering Berthier's taunts with a glorious "World of Cardboard" Speech that is topped off with a single word: "Checkmate." All backed by Mercury's theme song, making it clear that it's a Moment of Awesome as well.
  • Act 17:
    • Chibiusa sending Luna-P to console Usagi, and then giving her the Tuxedo Kamen doll she got from Mamoru. They don't like each other much, but Chibiusa is still willing to help.
    • The conversation between Makoto and Asanuma. Just their conversation.
  • Act 18: Naru is out of her depths... But is still trying to help Usagi.
  • Act 19: Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon trying to help Chibiusa. At least before the Mood Whiplash...
    • Later, they manage to make a simple hug this trope. There are also implications they didn't stop there... Or at the kiss, for that matter.
    • The reunion between Chibiusa and Sailor Pluto (before the other Mood Whiplash).
  • Act 24: Diana, the tiny kitten, offering to guard the Space-Time door in Pluto's place and encouraging her to go and save Chibiusa, so she can finally fight along with other Guardians instead of being stuck in one spot forever. Yes, that didn't end well for Pluto, but that scene is just as adorable as Pluto/Chibiusa moments.
  • Act 26: The reunion between Chibi-Usa and her mother, Neo Queen Serenity.
    • Neo Queen Serenity saying to hell with the consequences and running to meet her past self.
  • Act 28: Makoto is very excited about celebrating Rei's birthday. That Rei has gone up into the mountains to train and purify herself is only a minor obstacle - the other girls trek up the mountain to bring a birthday party to her, complete with cake and presents. This gets even better if you've read the "Casablanca Memory" special from the manga.
    • Minako's present are Casablanca Lilies. If you know the special above, you know how much those flowers mean for Rei... And the fact Minako even knows of them makes it even better.
  • Act 30: Chibiusa 'tricking' Usagi and Mamoru into making up after their recent jealousy at each other had reared its ugly head.
  • Act 33: The reunion between Chibimoon and Pluto.
  • Act 35: After all the fights with Sailor Moon and the Inners and their attempt at shutting them out, the moment the Outers discover that the Inners have been captured and Moon is fighting a losing battle against the Witches 5 they drop every caution and come to the rescue.
  • Act 37: Hotaru reviving Chibiusa, and then the tragic goodbye: "I love you so much".
  • Act 39: The Outers agreeing to look after Hotaru, and the kind words from them to Chibi-Moon.

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