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Heartwarming / Record of Ragnarok

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  • Heracles hugging Jack. Heracles was probably one of the few people who feels sadness for Jack and held no anger toward him. It had such an impact on Jack himself that he came to regret killing Heracles.
  • During his introduction much ado is made of Adam's hatred for the gods, how if any mortal deserves to hate them it's Adam. But during the fight Zeus remarks that he doesn't sense a hint of anger coming from Adam, questioning why he's fighting if not to avenge himself on the gods. Adam's response?
    Adam: Is there any man that needs a reason to protect his children?
  • The entire relationship between Thrud and Raiden, where she doesn't find herself to be beautiful, but he is immediately infatuated with her and her appearance, but especially the end of the 5th Fight: Raiden is about to die and asks Thrud to undo the Volund so she wouldn't die with him. She refuses because she promised herself that she would never let go of the man she loves. They embrace each other and decide to die together.
    Raiden, to Thrud: Damn, how much better a lady can I get than you?
  • The people whose misery was taken away by Zerofuku finally showing gratitude to him after his death, including the boy whose life he saved and grew up to be a Jerkass in his backstory. Even the bird that Zero put back to its nest when it was a hatchling comes down to mourn him despite how Zero scared him off when he reached his breaking point at seeing his efforts to bring happiness to humans were in vain, proving the bird kept loving him even after that.
  • Hades’ love for his brothers, as flawed as they are. He fought an entire army in Helheim to help his brothers above win the war against the Giants, he saved Adamas’ life when Poseidon killed him by getting Beelzebub to remake him into the god Adamantine, and his entire motivation for entering Ragnarok is to get revenge for the death of his brother Poseidon. The man deeply loves his family and as the eldest, he is willing to do anything to protect his siblings.