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Heart Warming / RWBY Abridged

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  • Yang showing concern for Ruby, after the latter lets it slip that she's homeless and swearing to herself that she'll do everything she can to try to make sure she's safe from now on, even if Ruby doesn't want her help.
    • Just before that, Yang asks Ruby if she is a superhero and it looks like she's getting annoyed with her older sister as usual, but then jokingly says she might be and actually seems amused by Yang for a change.
  • Yang explaining to Cat Girl (Blake) that all though she has made mistakes in regards to her relationship with her sister, she's going to choose to try and make things right and move on, rather than just wallowing about a past she can't change. All while unknowingly, helping Blake take the first step towards forgiving herself and trying to recover from her tragic past.
    • Blake telling Yang and later everyone else, her real name, after previously insisting Cat Girl has no name.
  • Weiss saving Ruby from the Death Stalker and ruining her chances of being kicked out, despite the fact that she barely tolerated her before hand.
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  • Ruby and Jaun stepping up and taking their roles as leaders to save everyone, at the end of their initiation.
  • Despite their hostility, Ruby still insists on trying to get her and Weiss out of Beacon together, even revealing the desperate plea she made on the CCT, saying her Uncle knows powerful people who can get them out.
    • Later, Ruby and Weiss agree to bury the hatchet, even offering to take all four girls out for shopping later on. Ruby's speechless and touched at the gesture.
    • Earlier, Professor Port manages to give out a surprisingly sincere speech, about why Weiss should give being friends with Ruby a chance, instead of making themselves both miserable by holding on to anger, despite his more... eccentric personality
    • And perhaps most surprising of all, the reason Weiss is so frustrated with Ruby? Because the latter blew her chance to get out of Beacon in the last episode, after Weiss blew her own chance saving her, leading Weiss to think her sacrifice may have been for nothing.