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Meta examples

  • Probably not for the Japanese audience, but for the series' sizable American audience it is rather heartwarming to see the series portray the police as kind, lawful people who truly care about protecting their citizens and rebuking revenge, opting instead for true justice. Making it more heart warming is that this is so long after we've seen both incompetent and malicious cops used in the show for so long.
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  • Spinning Wheel becomes this when you read the lyrics. To sum up, it's the three Riders giving a Declaration of Protection towards Kiriko. Doubly so when you get into Shinnosuke, Gou and Chase's characters by the time this song debuts.

Episode 4: What is That Prideful Chaser Thinking?

  • This episode revealed that when Dimension Cab was hit in the flashback in #3, the poor thing was hit hard enough by #010 to be out of commission for the rest of the Global Freeze and the following 6 months, making this Roidmude matter a very personal one for Dream Vegas, Cab's partner. When Dimension Cab returns to the action to help Drive fight off Chaser, Vegas was very much over the moon.
  • Shinnosuke certainly sympathized with him. Since Vegas' poor performance during his last outing, he's been reluctant to use him again. After he finds out that both of them are Not So Different, he walks out of Tridoron and shields it from the rain, and swears to help him out. He dedicated his defeat of 010 to both him and Kiriko.
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  • Speaking of Kiriko, she didn't have as much faith in Shinnosuke as she should have, berating him for not defeating Chase. After she finds out that he fought badly because he had to protect her and the women in the paintings, she grows to trust him, enough that by the end of the episode she purposely goes up to 010 alone to set off a Gravity Shift so he and Mr. Belt can detect him, believing that he'll come in time to save her from becoming a painting.

Episode 5: What Are the Steel Robbers After?

Episode 6: Who Does the Warrior Fight For?

  • After Special Unit is suspended by the higher-ups and letting the president of Font-R go scot free despite all the evidence pointing to him producing explosives, Shinnosuke is moping on the roof, having lost all faith in humanity. Then the chief hands him the phone number to the person that saved him after he washed ashore. As it turns out, it was the driver of the food truck that he previously saved as Drive. The encounter inspired him to also help people, as a way of thanks to the Rider, not knowing that he saved the Kamen Rider that saved him. This message alone ignites Shinnosuke's spirits when he needed it the most.
    • Much later in episode 25, this becomes even more Heartwarming in Hindsight with the reveal that Honganji knew all along that Shinnosuke was Drive, and gave him exactly the confidence boost he needed during his crisis of faith.

Episode 7: How was That Moment Captured?

  • You have to admit, despite being mad at Shinnosuke for turning her down, it is actually touching that Kiriko is actually going out of her way to accompany him to visit Hayase.

Episode 11: Who will prevent the Unholy Night?

  • We learn why Mr. Belt created the Tridoron: After Proto-Drive's death, he wanted a body of his own to make sure he could fight alongside Drive.
  • This exchange between Kiriko and Shinnosuke.
    Shinnosuke: You just smiled...
    Kiriko: *While wiping tears from her face* Is there something wrong with that?
    • For context, Shinnosuke is lying on a bed in the Drive Pit after almost sacrificing himself to kill Heart.
  • Shinnosuke literally BEGGING Mashin Chaser to let him stop Volt, mentioning how many people would be hurt by the Unholy Night and appealing to Chaser's sense of honor.
    • And for all his talk about how humans are evil, after hearing about how much death and destruction Volt's Unholy Night will cause, Chaser lowers his weapon.
  • An odd villainous example, but Heart's reaction to Medic's revival. He seems to be genuinely happy to see her alive.
  • Once you find out who the mysterious protector was, Mach's Big Damn Heroes moment is this, as he was looking out for his sister.

Episode 13: Why Won't My Little Brother Put On The Brakes?

  • Gou not staying with his older sister, more or less because he doesn't want to be a burden to her.

Episode 15: When Will These Feelings Reach You?

  • When Chase was ready to try and kill Kiriko, Mach instantly jumped in the way of the attack, despite the fact he and Drive just got their butts handed to them.
  • Shinnosuke's hesitation to hurt Chase, knowing fully well that Chase is his predecessor, an old friend of Belt-san, and someone who saved Kiriko's life, he respects him.

Episode 16: Why is Rinna Sawagami Nervous?

  • In a rather odd mix of being heartwarming and a Tear Jerker, Kiriko's dream person is Chase.

Episode 19: What Will Judge the Police?

  • The Shift Cars, of all things, pull an epic one. The whole armada mobilizes to help Shinnosuke find the one piece of evidence that will help close the case. Except for Deco Traveller, who does something even better. It helps cheer Genpachiro up when he's feeling down in the dumps, and then, after seeing him get all fired up, heads out to where the other Shift Cars are and is the one to locate that piece of evidence.

Episode 20: When Did Kyu Saijo Become a Roidmude?

  • 072 eventually warmed up with the Unit, especially Shinnosuke. When Medic killed 072, Shinnosuke flips his lid, having considered the slain Roidmude, normally his enemy, a friend.

Episode 25: Why Has The Battle Changed Like This?

  • Gen telling Shinnosuke that he'll always have his back.
  • Shinnosuke throws away having a secret identity, because he wouldn't let Sword hurt the innocent bystanders or Hayase.
    • Despite his earlier insistence on the secret identity, Mr. Belt supports him when the chips are down and people's lives are on the line.
  • Shinnosuke's sheer joy at not having to keep secrets from the rest of the Special Unit anymore, meaning they can fully work together as a team without any barriers.
  • Chase willingly injures himself for the sake of a human. Roidmude or not, the man's found his Heroic Spirit. And that may just be rewarded.
    • At the same time, Kyu is willing to believe Kiriko at face value when she says Chase is on their side - because he knows from experience Roidmudes aren't always bad. It's nice to see 072 hasn't become an example of the Forgotten Fallen Friend trope.

Episode 26: Where is Chaser heading?

  • The climatic moment where Chaser cements his Heel–Face Turn by rescuing Kiriko from the Sword Roidmude. A valve has opened in the warehouse, so water rains on Chase and Kiriko as the latter carries her in a manner reminiscent of their first meeting.
    Kiriko: It's just like that day it rained, isn't it?
    Chase: Protecting humans just might be instinctual to me, Kiriko.

Episode 27: What is Gou Shijima's Reason for Fighting?

  • Honganji solidifies his position as Team Dad when he stops Shinnosuke from making the rash decision of quitting the force, which is getting in the way of him acting as Kamen Rider. The captain reminds Shinnosuke that protecting the people isn't just the job of Kamen Rider, but the police, and that Shinnosuke's father fought and died for that ideal. Then the rest of the Special Unit devises a plan to let Shinnosuke sneak out and investigate, completely fooling Nira into thinking our hero's been sent into another depression by his suspension.

Episode 33: Who Claimed the Life of Shinnouske Tomari?

  • From the trailer, the way the music was handled, being a remix of Surprise-Drive. The trailer was initially silent, but the music began to build up, showing scenes of the episode, before showing Shinnosuke's return to living, now in Type Tridoron.
  • These lines from the trailer alone.
    Chase: I will restore Kiriko's smile.
    Kiriko: Tomari-san, we'll fight to the end together.
  • The emotion needed for Drive's final form? Shinnosuke must believe in his devotion to protect others.
  • Twenty-two episodes ago, Mr. Belt explained that his reasoning for creating Tridoron was to have a body he could use to fight alongside his partner. With Type Tridoron, the car itself turns into Drive's armor, meaning that Krim and Shinnosuke can fight together as a single unified being. Even better, they get to call "Henshin!" together.
  • After being revived, the first thing Shinnosuke said to Kiriko.
    Shinnosuke: Nice smile. I'm glad I came back for it.
  • Chase tells Gou that he is a true Kamen Rider after realizing the danger Gou had put himself in pretending to be brainwashed to get Brain's tablet. Gou's despairing over how he had to stand by and watch Shinnosuke die, but Chase encourages him to finish the task he started. It's because of this meeting that Shinnosuke is even able to come back at all.

Episode 37: Who is Aiming for the Ultimate Taste?

  • Once again, Shin's hatred for Medic increased as well as his care for the pain of the Roidmudes that fell victim to her's experiments. The trailer and the title of episode 38 helped.
Episode 38: Why is the Devil Still Seeking Evolution?
  • In this episode, Shin realized that Roidmude is basically the same as Human, they fight for a position in the food chain, they have feeling and care for each other (Mainly Heart, but still). He even protected Medic, who is in despair because the last thing that can help her make Heart happy is gone, from Gou's Rider Kick.
  • Heart forgave Medic for what she has done. Just that is enough to warm your heart. Even more when you consider how many Roidmundes fell to her machinations.

Episode 39: When Will the Whirlwind Kidnapper Attack?

  • When discussing the recent developments concerning Banno, and whether Mr. Belt's concerns over working with him are unfounded, Shinnosuke tells Kiriko that Mr. Belt is the one person he knows he can always trust unconditionally. Compare that to early suspicions and Shinnosuke's frustration over the secrets kept from him, and you can tell their partnership has come a long way.

Episode 40: Why are the two geniuses having a conflict?

  • Gou is once again acting like five years old troll, glomping Tomari while both of them are still in their rider forms.
  • Chase finally realizes what having family means.
  • It may escape notice due to the intensity of the scene, but in the flashback to 15 years prior Krim cradles the wounded 002 with genuine care as he realizes the depths of Banno's insanity. Heck, it's him seeing Banno torture the future Heart the way he does that causes Krim to disown his friend and partner so vehemently and refuse to trust him ever again.

Episode 42: Where is the Truth About the Goddess?

  • After betraying his kind by helping Banno capture Medic to reprogram her to force Heart into helping Banno with his schemes, Brain regrets what he has done to both Medic and Heart, and cries. Sadly, it is also a Tear Jerker.
    • After all she's done to him - all the grief and pain she caused - Brain still feels enough pity for Medic to shed tears for her.
  • Misuzu Hatori finally reuniting with her dog, Shou. The love between master and dog is very strong.
  • The Reveal that Medic used to be much kinder than her current self, and actually healed Misuzu and her dog before spiriting them to safety on the night of Global Freeze, which serves as a strong example that Roidmudes and humans can coexist. Later turns into a Tear Jerker.

Episode 43: When Will the Second Global Freeze Start?

  • Shinnosuke realizing he's been in love with Kiriko this entire time.
  • Shinnosuke confiding to Belt-san about being in love with Kiriko. Belt-san notes this is the first time Shinnosuke confided to him something mundane and honestly feels happy Shinnosuke trusts him with this info.

Episode 43: Who Loves Heart the Most?

  • Brain giving up his life to save Medic, much to her shock after all the times she belittled him.

Episode 45: What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?

  • Gou calling Chase "pal".
  • Chase giving his Signal Bike and driver's license to Gou before he dies.
  • The fact that Gou not only saves Shinnosuke and Chase from 004's explosion, but also Heart and Medic despite his hatred over Roidmudes. The two then repay his action by saving Gou from Banno's attack.

Episode 46: Why Must They Fight?

  • The preview alone has Gou deciding to honor Chase's memory by using his Signal Bike to gain a Chaser-style form.
  • Gou's speech before he kills Banno.
    Gou: You've done so many things I could never forgive, you bastard... You used me... You brought shame on my sister... You used Krim's inventions for Evil! But... Worse than any of that... You... You killed my friend!
  • Two words: "ZUTTO CHASER!" Because even though he's gone, Chase is still with Gou in spirit. And even better, when Gou's Rider Kick pushes through Banno's, an image of Kamen Rider Chaser appears behind Mach to help deliver the final blow.

Episode 47: Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

  • Shinnosuke not fighting Heart. He noticed Heart was injured and thus, gave him the same sympathy Heart gave him when he was separated from Belt-san. Also, Heart's final words are expressing joy at being able to make a human friend, and Shinnosuke promises he will never forget the Roidmudes.
  • Gou decides to keep the Chaser Signal Bike, intent on finding a way to restore Chase's core. Harley Hendrickson shows up to give Gou a ride, and the two basically say they consider each other family.
  • The man Chase copied his human appearance from. He's a cop. Shinnosuke immediately pegs that he must be similar in personality to Chase, and decides to befriend him.
  • During the credits we get to learn what happened to each member of the SCU after the events of the show.
    • Honganji was repeatedly promoted and eventually became the Commissioner of the Metro P.D, even earning the slogan "If there's trouble, call Honganji."
    • Rinna became a global authority in electro-physics, eventually winning a Nobel Prize for physics.
    • Genpachirou ended up getting promoted to Inspector, and after dedicating half his life to the First Division and becoming a renowned officer, was promoted again to Captain.
    • Kyu actually became a celebrity author, having written a novel about his time in the SCU that became a best-seller. It's name? "Mechanical Friendship". Seems he never forgot his friendship with 072.
    • Gou wandered the world, becoming a legendary photographer due to his nature and wildlife photography.
  • Another one comes from the fact that there's still another episode after this one. A crossover with Kamen Rider Ghost of all things. And what should what of the preview images be but Drive, Mach and Chaser standing together side by side?
  • Kamen Rider Ghost's Cameo, during Shinnosuke's near death experience, guiding him back to the land of the living. It's also heartwarming because even though they're evil, three Roidmude ghosts attacked Shinnosuke. Roidmudes have souls!

Episode 48: Ghost's Case

  • Kiriko and Shinnosuke finally get their "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue:
    • Kiriko: Continued to be Shinnosuke's partner. Eventually married him, giving birth to their son Eiji.
    • Shinnosuke: Following in his father's footsteps, he becomes a leading police officer and lives a fulfilling career as part of Major Crimes.
  • Shinnosuke and Kiriko got hitched in their "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, proving Eiji really is their son!

Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

  • Sometime after the final battle with the Roidmudes, Shinnosuke manages to settle down and have a child. That's just heartwarming in it's own right.
  • It seems that everybody in the SCU will turn against Shinnosuke... everybody, but Kiriko. It just goes to show how much their friendship has improved since the start.
    • There's also the very heavy implication that Eiji's mother and Shinnosuke's future wife is Kiriko. Eiji himself said his mother "never used to smile".

Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser

  • Chase being able to experience emotions like a human, and he even bonds with another human who is usually about as socially awkward as him. Seeing Chase sacrifice that human heart to take down Angel is heartrending.
  • In an odd way, Krim and Rinna hanging out together as they watch the eclipse and get excited over it.
  • When Roidmude 099 tries convincing Heart to join her side, proclaiming that she will be the angel that brings salvation to the Roidmudes, Heart thinks about Medic (specifically having a flashback to her healing him for the first time during the Global Freeze when she was uncorrupted) and rebuffs her offer, stating that he doesn't need her to be his angel when he already has a goddess he loves.
  • Brain and Heart saving Chase from Angel, and later, Chase's resolve to save Heart's Roidmude Core after it's stolen by Angel, while Brain watches over Heart's comatose body. Despite being enemies now, Heart and Chase still haven't forgotten the time when they used to be friends.
  • Upon Ryu transforming into Accel, Shinnosuke begins to refer to him as "senpai", as Ryu is not only an elder cop, but also an elder Kamen Rider.
  • We learn that Ryu and Akiko have a daughter.
    • Not only that but that little daughter has made Ryu, the perpetually angry, no-nonsense rival of Shotaro and Philip, a happy, doting father who can handle other riders being a bit silly. Ryu's finally found peace in his life.
      • Plus the image of a little Akiko running around and hitting people with slippers makes this troper happy.

Drive Saga 2: Kamen Rider Heart and Mach

  • Though they're confused on how it happened, Heart, Brain, and Medic are happy to be alive and together again.
  • It's revealed that Gen and Rinna eventually got together and have been engaged for a year, though Gen is dragging his feet on the actual marriage part and for part of the special the two of them are mad at each other.
  • Gou in his segment shows how much he's changed since the series ended, befriending Reiko from episode 28 even though you wouldn't blame him for hating her and trying to help her out anyway he can because he knows what it's like to consider yourself the child of a monster.
    • The fact Gou has spent his time away learning from the best scientists to try and figure out a way to restore Chase's core, once again calling him his buddy.
  • Gou goes to his sister to vent out what's been happening during the movie and she's perfectly willing to let him stay and talk. Kiriko actually doesn't seem upset that he did accidentally wake up her son.
  • The ending, full stop.

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