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Who knew that a cast of kids forced to kill each other in a forest could be so cute? Spoilers unmarked.

  • Even though Akita's death is considered to be either sad or disturbing, it is nice to see that people actually cared for her, like Mitsuru and Takayuki.
  • Ayano and Kazuhiko being all lovey-dovey when Kazuhiko is still alive. It is clear that these two love and understand each other, finding solace in the warmth of the other in this cruel, cold, dark world.
  • Mirabilis cheering up Naoko is viewed to be super adorable, so much that it basically created a new ship.
    • Also Mirabilis cheers Ayano up by showing her episodes of Card Captor Sakura. Aw.
  • Kyoto's birthday party. It is nice to see the students care about each other and are trying to keep their spirits up, even though the party ended not so great...
    • Made even more adorable when all the cast has a group hug. These people really care about each other and don't want to see their friends get hurt!
  • Once again, Shinichi's death is sad, but just the thought that a lot of his classmates tried to save him is heartwarming. Another reminder about how close the cast is to their classmates.
  • Ayano, Mirabilis, and Hayato freeing Yasu from Monokuma's torture chair.
    • And, since they stayed behind, how Ayano considered the three trustworthy enough to work with on finding the mastermind's fake identity.
  • The second free time event between Ayano and Kyoto is super adorable.
    • Kyoto, although he does not fully forgive or trust Ayano again, is still willing to listen to her. Ayano is super happy about her only surviving friend from before the game currently playing it is finally giving her a chance.
    • Ayano defending her father and the Ultimate Despairs by telling Kyoto the truth. It is also sweet that she does not lie to him, which she could have easily done.
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    • And, to top it off, the two of them hug during all of this. Twice.
  • Once again, Kyoto's death is sad. But it is extremely heartwarming that his last words to Ayano are that he forgives her for being a Kamukura. And Ayano tries to comfort him while he is dying, while Tsukiko and Takara try to keep him alive. The whole feel of the scene is bittersweet.
  • Mirabilis hugging Hayato during the third trial. Once again created a brand new ship. It is a cute moment that stands out in a trial that is filled with many emotions throughout.
    • The fact that Mirabilis doesn't ever leave Takayuki's whole side while he was slowly being taken over by Hideyoshi. It is even hinted that she knows about Personality Experiment #045 and his involvement, but she still doesn't leave his side.
  • Ayano becoming protective over Hotaru after Kaneshiro attacks her. It's seriously cute to think that Ayano would help somebody this much even though she finds her mostly weird.
  • The girls and nonbinary characters host a sleepover in the game room. They're still holding onto their hope even though the last couple of days had seven of their classmates die horribly.
  • Ayano and Hotaru protecting one another during the events of 4-2. Especially when Ayano takes care of Hotaru after Kaneshiro beats her.
    • Just everything about the budding friendship in chapter four.
  • The reason Ayano leaves the sleepover party was because she didn't want to hear any of her classmates' secrets while they were under the influence.
  • The flashback with Ayano and Atsuto as children. Its also nice to know that the canon DR characters have some development, with Toko being much more calmer.
  • Hotaru's reaction to Ayano's anguish in chapter 4-3 is to demand the others to take her injuries more seriously. Just by this action alone, you can tell she cares about Ayano. Adding it up with everything else makes it super sweet.
  • Takara's crush on his childhood sweetheart, Misao.
  • Namita and Miyuki are a canon couple! They're able to find solace in one another in this twisted game.
  • Tsukiko obsessing over her band and a baby one of the members have. Seeing this side of her is just plain adorable.
  • Atsuto's relationship with Yasu is also plain adorable, even though they have a lot of sad moments. He literally took a stab wound for them and stopped them from killing themselves out of the goodness of his heart.
  • Hanako's love for Shinichi is too cute for words. It's implied that's the reason why she didn't fall into despair.
  • Ayano deciding to help Namita because she knows the pain of losing a loved one. Namita tells Ayano that she is a good person and gives her one of her ponytails.
  • At the end of Investigation 4-1, Ayano finally decides to become her own person and stop living in the shadows of her past. She leaves Kazuhiko's hat in her room and starts walking around without it. Talk about character development.
  • During Trial 4-2, before Namita gets almost executed, the students not restrained give her a Group Hug and refuse to let Monokuma get to her without a fight, leading to them all almost dying. And this is after they discover Namita killed Miyuki and have no reason why.
    • Before the hug, Namita and Tsukiko have a very touching farewell for each other. Namita even calls her by a nickname she has never told any of the class before, Kiko. Tsukiko tries to comfort her friend. Awwww.
  • The end of Namita and Akemi's fight. Namita drags Akemi out of his lapse of insanity and shows extreme patience towards him. She doesn't hate him for going off the edge by attacking her and Tsukiko.
  • Ayano's thinking that the rest of the students are like her family. Awwww. And they all plan to work on a rabbit farm together.
  • Although Hotaru is...Hotaru, with her narration, it's revealed that she actually does care about her classmates. She warns them, tries to save them, and even comforts Hayato...somewhat.
  • Hayato and Hotaru comforting Ayano out of her despair state. They know what she is going through and successfully bring Ayano back.
  • When Ayano tries to kill herself for the second time, Hayato, Kira, Takara, and Atsuto help her. Hell, even AKEMI of all people tries, only for Kira to slam the door in his face.
  • Atsuto and Ayano have a sleepover in her room. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • The friendship between Kira, Takara, and Ayano. All of them have lost a lot during the events of the game, and Kira and Takara want to help Ayano out when everybody besides Hayato and Hotaru is wary of her...somewhat...because of the Minato situation.
    • Their time together is cute. They do things like matchmaking their classmates and trying to play Clue...and failing miserably.
    • While playing Clue, Kira, Takara, and Ayano are having a picnic while trying to catch the sunrise. And Takara freaking out about his crush on Misao is adorable as always.
  • Yasu's free time event with Ayano. Hell, they even have a grappling hook that they swing around the room in. And Yasu shows that they can be a nerd with their love of the Wheel of Time series and shipping. Yasu comforts Ayano out of a panic attack, while Ayano lets Yasu and Mochi sleep on her.
    • Kira and Takara create a classic dinner setup for Yasu and Atsuto and trick them into going on a date. Hell, Tsukiko approves of this ship, and Hotaru sings Disney songs about them. They end up just going to the upper library and falling asleep.
    • In a later chapter, due to Monokuma being a dick again, Atsuto has to comfort Yasu out of their depression. This ends with what is presumably their First Kiss. Cue everybody losing their minds.
    • Kira gets told that Operation Atsusu actually worked and decides to matchmake another pair of students...Tsukiko and Hayato.
  • Tsukiko has a canon crush on Hayato. Not only does this explain a lot of her actions with him, it's just plain adorable when Ayano figures her out.
  • Even with all Kirigiri has ever done to him, Atsuto still honors her death and faces his suit jacket over her.
  • Even though Akemi's death by heart attack is absolutely heartbreaking, its sweet that Akemi cared about his family that much. His love was manipulated by Kaneshiro, not his hatred like so many others.
  • Ayano being so nice to Atsuto and allowing him to sleep in her bed again, with the two of them together as pseudo-brother and sister.
  • Takara being there with Ayano when she figured out who the mastermind was. He would not let her suffer alone, showing how great of a friend Takara truly is.

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