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Heart Warming / FTL: Kestrel Adventures

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  • Liam finally comes to terms with being a Mantis.
  • In Episode 19, the reunion between Jose, Ricardo, and their mom! Despite the circumstances of her being General Blackbird, it's still very sweet.
  • The end of Episode 21 can be considered a CMOH:
    • Pavalo apologises to Ricardo for chastising him after leaving the ship, sympathising over the fact that the Rebellion has torn apart more than families.
    • The last two lines of dialogue:
    Jose: Hey... Ricardo... do you think we'll able to see [our mom] again?
    Ricardo: We'll have to end this war first to find out.
    • The song that one of them plays at the end? Blackbird.
  • Pavalo agrees to teach Liam 'Mantanese'. It's a little moment between them, but it shows how everyone has bonded together over the course of their mission.
  • In Episode 25, Cremity decides to let one of the pirates who killed his friends go, deciding that since the Kestrel crew killed most of the pirate's friends, they were even. This, coming from the person who'd let slip in a previous episode that he wanted to get revenge, shows Cremity's character development.
    • And in the same episode, it turns out that several of Cremity's friends did get out!
    • And, it shows that Cremity took the message of the Zoltan Peace Envoy to heart!


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