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  • Discussed in a couple Cracked articles:
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Abby has regeneration powers directly inspired by Wolverine- she can heal from any injury, and even sicknesses and other ailments such as food poison.
    • Daigo has an in-built healing factor as part and parcel of his vampiric powerset. Carlie manages to break his nose and then watches in shock as it fixes itself in mere seconds.
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    • Emmanuel's Super Speed allows him a certain degree of accelerated healing. He cracks a rib or two when confronting the Dark Dragon and then is fine to move around a few hours later.
  • In Dead West, the aristocrats might have this as a Psychic Power, commonly paired with Healing Hands. The Porcelain Doctor has this, too, and he is "leaking", which means Gervas and Thomas also seem to display this. Niall states he cannot regrow limbs, but bones are apparently fair play. A French aristocrat said they can heal everything the body supposed to heal, but brain damage is a though deal. Most likely because their abilities are damaging their brains.
  • Entirely Presenting You: It's one of Alexis Barnett's few powers, and it's her most useful, having saved her from all sorts of damage that a normal person couldn't walk away from. Like getting her arm ripped off, getting hit by a truck, getting stabbed, twice, among so much worse.
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  • Mahu: In "Frozen Flame" prince Arius and his army besiege an ancient city invaded by gigantic half human, half serpent creatures known as "nagas". The first wave of drones fall on the monsters, exploding and wounding many. Quickly though, the prince discovers that the naga can regenerate their wounds, even those caused by the flames bursting out of a suicidal, magical drone.
  • The Magnus Archives:
    • In "Piecemeal", a character starts mysteriously losing body parts. They don't grow back, but the wounds they leave behind heal instantly.
    • Jon gains this in season 4, after he fully devotes himself to Beholding and becomes the Archivist. He's able to completely recover from a six-month coma by reading a single statement, and when he tries to cut off his finger in "Flesh" (to create an anchor that will let him enter the Buried), he's unable to because the finger keeps growing back.
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  • Most of the population in Orion's Arm has this thanks to medical nanomachines in their bodies. The rate of regeneration is realistically slow at (on average) 1 mm thickness of tissue regrown per hour.
  • Rick Point Blank: The plot revolves around a serum that heals wounds when it's poured on them and grants a Healing Factor that would make Wolverine jealous when injected. Unfortunately it also causes insanity.
  • In The Salvation War, the demons and angels have extremely fast regeneration, to the point that they can regenerate lost limbs completely and can recover from any other injury given enough time, provided they don't immediately bleed out. This is deconstructed later on in the story's discussion thread, after an angelic army gets nuked: the rapid regeneration rate, coupled with rapid mutations due to immense radiation from the nuclear initiation results in uncontrolled cancer growth in the survivors. The deceased humans are also capable of healing rapidly.
  • SCP Foundation. Generally speaking, any SCP item tagged "self-repairing" will have this to some degree.
    • SCP-290 ("The Picasso Machine"). While a person is undergoing bodily reconfiguration inside SCP-290, it grants them rapid healing as part of the process to repair the harm it causes them.
    • SCP-378 ("Brainworm"). When SCP-378 occupies a human being's brain, the host gains the ability to almost instantly regenerate physical damage. In one case a host tore off his own arm and attacked using it as a weapon. When he pressed it against his shoulder it re-attached immediately.
    • SCP-415 ("The Harvested Man"). SCP-415 heals from damage at an accelerated rate and is able to re-grow lost internal organs.
    • SCP-428 ("The Crowd"). Damage to SCP-428’s "crowd" heals at a faster than normal rate. For example, a bullet hole will close up within a few days.
    • SCP-446 ("Human Mannequin"). According to document Document 446-1-A, any wounds SCP-446 receives will heal within 5-10 minutes with no scarring.
    • SCP-466 ("Mobile Veins"). SCP-466 is noted as being able to heal any damage to itself at an accelerated rate.
    • SCP-628 ("Flute Copse"). When cut, the trees heal at a tremendously accelerated rate. A tree cut completely through can heal within a day.
    • One of the defining characteristics of SCP-682. The only long-term solution for containing it is to keep it in a vat of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and even then it still sometimes manages to temporarily escape.
    • SCP-1160 ("Effective Containment"). SCP-1160 can quickly and completely regenerate injuries and lost body parts.
    • SCP-1262 ("Seed of Destruction"). SCP-1262 can rapidly regenerate damage to itself, making it difficult to eradicate.
    • SCP-1368 ("Aegides"). SCP-1368 can absorb dust and use it to rebuild its structure, allowing it to heal almost all types of damage except fire.
    • SCP-1495 ("Karmic Musth"). SCP-1495 elephants heal from injuries at an accelerated rate.
    • SCP-1557 ("Giraffe Hell"). SCP-1557-A are giraffe souls condemned to SCP-1557. Any damage inflicted on SCP-1557-A is quickly healed by unknown means.
    • SCP-1627 ("Mushroom Wars"). A human being infected by SCP-1627 fungus can become an example of SCP-1627-A. They will be completely healed of all damage, including tissue damage, bacterial and viral infections, and cancer. Any person that touches an SCP-1627-A will temporarily gain the same benefits, but will suffer Rapid Aging and die over the next two weeks.
    • SCP-2102 ("Got Shoggoth?"). As a result of the experiment that created it, SCP-2102 can heal its wounds a quadrillion times as fast as normal. Unfortunately the process doesn't stop when the healing is completed, and the subject's body grows out of control.
    • SCP-2260 ("Traveler's Journal"). When a human being is exploring a remote area using SCP-2260, their body will heal from injury at ten times the normal rate.
    • SCP-2922 ("Notes From the Under"). When a human being implanted with SCP-2922 dies, they go to an afterlife that the Foundation calls Corbenic. The body they have there regenerates all physical damage it takes in seconds.
  • Veldron of Super Stories can regenerate when very close to death, causing many to assume that he has this power all the time. He doesn't.
  • Trinton Chronicles has Xiion who heals at a highly rapid rate which he can do at will for a faster rate of healing or subconsciously for a slower but faster-then-normal rate.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, Yasmin can heal incredibly quickly, to the point that she's incredibly apathetic toward pain. There's also Ozzy (A.K.A. Gina), Snake, and various other Gods/Characters who have this ability.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • This is so common that there is a Regen scale describing how fast any mutant recovers from injury. Carmilla once was decapitated: her head grew back while the assailant stared in shock. Tennyo had her entire arm blasted off by a supervillain: she spun around and had completely regrown her arm by the time she got to him, intent on massive retaliation. Other characters have this to a lesser degree, including Generator and Peril.
    • Note that regeneration in the WU can end up as Blessed with Suck in a number of ways, and the potential for problems rises with the strength of the healing (though the specific form of regeneration has an impact as well):
      • While Wildman's body survives the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Kodiak gave him in their arena match, the result of Wyatt putting his fist through Tony's skull was that his brain regenerated as a blank slate. Wyatt's guilt over this is a significant factor in some of his later actions, but the isolation it caused due to other students being afraid of him was also the lever Freya used to turn Kodiak into her personal enforcer.
      • Different regenerators react differently to drugs and alcohol: some aren't affected, or are only affected the first time they are exposed to it; some burn through it very fast, getting the full impact, withdrawal, and recovery in a matter of hours or minutes; and some others, such as Circuit Breaker, have unpredictable results completely different from normal reactions.
      • For regen 3 and higher, their blood is a hazardous material, and blood transfusions from such regenerators often end up turning the recipient into a clone of the donor, often with a Mind Wipe as a side effect.
      • The worst potential side effect of regeneration is 'regen cancer', which mostly affects those in the regen 3 to 5 range: once a tumor has started, death is inevitable, swift, and gruesome, as their body becomes a mass of out of control cells that eventually explodes into chunks.
  • Worm:
    • Othala has the power to grant regeneration to other people.
    • Then, of course, there's Crawler who can regenerate any injury in seconds - even having half his brain teleported into a parallel dimension - and then develops a permanent resistance to whatever hurt him in the first place.
    • The Endbringers have this as well. It's not fast enough to heal wounds in the same fight they got them in, but it's powerful enough for them to regrow their entire bodies from their cores if necessary.
    • Scion has this turned up to eleven. Any wound he suffers heals so rapidly that it's hard to tell he was ever hurt at all. He rarely needs to use his healing, though, as he's so Nigh Invulnerable that there's little on the planet that could possibly harm him even slightly.


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