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  • Child of the Storm has a number of characters with varying degrees of this owing to its heavily superhero influenced setting, including Wolverine, the Hulk and pretty much every Asgardian.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni, Jade has a healing factor as part of her new powerset, as well as the Horse Talisman from canon (see Western Animation below).
  • In the Fairy Tail fic Necrophobia, Marion Gremory has one that's ludicrous enough to give Wolverine a run for his money.
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  • Vampires in Luminosity have this. Even if someone tears them apart, unless the flesh is actually kept separate, they will regroup and regenerate. There's only one surefire way to kill one. And Bella found a way around that.
  • Fallout: Equestria:
    • In the original series, Littlepip gains a healing factor after suffering taint exposure. Like the Fallout example below, it regenerates her limbs when she's under the effects of advanced radiation poisoning. On one occasion, it allows her to regrow an entire leg. Steelhooves, being a Canterlot Ghoul (see Pink Eyes, below) has a much more powerful healing factor, but it rarely comes up because he's constantly encased in Powered Armor.
    • Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes: The lead character Puppysmiles is a Canterlot Ghoul. This Puppy can survive outrageous injuries. Her list so far includes being dismembered and devoured by a manticore, taking several antimateriel rifles to the chest, and being cut to ribbons by a Minigun barrage.
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    • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons:
      • Taken Up to Eleven with Rampage, whose Healing Factor makes her flat-out immortal. She has recovered from extensive Taint mutation, headshots, being beheaded, being blown up, leaping into a woodchipper and even being completely disintegrated. In the latter few cases, she regenerates as a filly, regaining her adult body in the course of several days. Her healing factor also renders her Immune to Drugs, meaning that if she wants to get drunk, she generally has to poison herself with, say, washing detergent beforehand. While making her a valuable asset to the team, it only serves to aggravate her; she's a Death Seeker, and would like little more than a way to get herself killed, permanently.
      • In the third volume of Horizons, Blackjack herself gains a healing factor of her own, courtesy of Magitek cybernetics. Even her mechanical parts regenerate, if supplied with - ingested - scrap metal.
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  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Sarah has this likely due to a combination of Siren and Force powers, as do the Flood, having incorporated bacta into themselves. Some ships use digistruction to much the same effect.
  • Dread Raven combines this with The Undead to achieve Immortality in The Tainted Grimoire.
  • In Golden Dawn: Lost Sunrise, Tidepaw receives several wounds in a fight. However, when they ask the Clan's medicine cat for some herbs, the medicine cat points out their mysterious lack of wounds. Despite this, the scar on Tidepaw's forehead has never healed. In fact, it's still as fresh as it was when she first received it.
  • Lauren develops one in the Lost Girl fic Mad World. It eventually develops to the one point where she can take the wound of somebody else (curing them), and then heal herself. Though she's not as fond of this one.
    • Unfortunately this turns into a major case of Blessed with Suck when she's captured by a really sadistic Fae, as the fact that she heals from his torture just means he can torture her again.
  • Tails gets one when he is infected by Shroud parasites in Sonic X: Dark Chaos. At one point, he regenerates most of his internal organs after Tsali tears them out of his chest. This bites back hard during the final battle when he gets possessed by Dark Tails; the resulting mutation causes his body to start literally falling apart, which starts to heal him, which makes him fall apart again...
  • This part of the earthpony magic in The Immortal Game, aside of Super Strength. An alicorn, who have world-class earthpony magic can survive being impaled, or burned. Even with injuries that could kill regular pony hundred times over, an alicorn can recover in an instant.
    • Applejack is especially strong with this. Her earthpony magic is notably stronger than Luna. Combined with magic-enchanted armor and Super Strength, she's a borderline Nigh Invulnerable.
  • In the Pony POV Series, Alicorns have the ability to regenerate very rapidly, having The Power of Creation. Draconequui play with this, as they erase damage instead of healing from it.
    • The Element of Generosity has a version of this trope, as Rarity's healed to full health whenever the Elements are used. She eventually figures out how to split this effect between her and her friends.
    • In the Dark World arc, the Dark World Mane Six have this ability thanks to their Elements of Chaos acting as a Soul Jar. So long as it's not destroyed, they're rapidly heal from any damage taken. This makes Rarity's Healing Hands power more practical, as to do she takes a team mate's injury into herself.
  • The Bridge:
    • Alicorns have this, with Princess Luna only needing a few hours to recover from a black eye and broken wing. Luna and Celestia heal even faster when near each other.
    • As King Sombra runs on The Power of Hate, the angrier and hateful he gets, the faster he heals. He'll still die if he's blown to bits.
    • All in Godzilla's family have this ability, though each injury leaves invisible scars that turn visible when they are weakened. His cousin Raiga's is a bit slower, but can be sped up by absorbing electricity. Dark magic also disrupts the healing factor.
    • The Ghidorah species all have this. Grand King Ghidorah once grew back a head and shrugged off getting a nasty looking gash. Monster X healed from multiple stab wounds overnight, and Kaizer Ghidorah can speed his healing up and recover from several broken bones by feeding on someone. After Aria Blaze steals some of Kaizer Ghidorah's energy, she gains this ability.
    • The Guardian Beasts like Gamera and Anguirus can slowly heal by resting and using up their stored mana.
    • The Gyaos and Gaira both only need about a day to recover from broken bones and lost limbs.
    • Gigan has one, but since he's a cyborg, it only benefits his organic parts and he needs someone to fix his robotic parts.
    • Enjin can heal from pretty much anything, even a broken neck, in a matter of seconds or minutes, then become immune to whatever damaged him. Even his mask repairs itself when damaged. However, it only works if he's touching the ground, so if he's knocked into the air, he can be killed.
  • In Imaginary Seas, The denizens of the Atlantis Lostbelt have all been given Demeter's Klironomia, Ambrosia. As a result, they have the ability to regenerate from most wounds, only requiring a healing coma in the case of severe injuries, and are The Ageless. Percy can also give himself these same healing abilities by wearing the Golden Fleece.
  • In Fate/Parallel Fantasia, Servants can recover from any injury that doesn't destroy their head or heart, provided they have enough of a supply of magical energy to draw on. This makes the Servants corrupted by False Avenger a significant threat, since unlike the heroic Servants they can draw unlimited energy from the Grail.
  • Project Riribirth: In the backstory, Riri fights against a large monster who has a very powerful Healing Factor, to the extent that Riri destroys its hand and it almost immediately grows a new one. The fight goes... poorly for Riri.
  • The Flash (2014)/Supergirl (2015) crossover Call Me Kara provides several examples:
    • Both Kara and Barry have this power naturally, though it takes a backseat to their more spectacular powers. Nyssa points out how valuable of an ability this is and convinces Barry to train this ability to heal from injuries in seconds as opposed to hours, which Kara also learns to replicate (albeit on a lesser scale)
    • Unfortunately, Doomsday also has this ability, and its immortality is one of reasons Barry trains to master the Infinite Mass Punch, as nothing else would be able to kill it.
  • Downplayed in Yugioh EQG. Sunset Shimmer's ace monster Solar Flare Phoenix has the ability to double her life points when it is special summoned to the field, as long as her life points are at 2000 or lower. Because it is a Pendulum monster it can be summoned as long as Sunset has the right scale and keep her life points high. Her Synchro monster Solar Phoenix Rebirth has the ability to increase her life points by 1000 once each turn.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: In this setting, one of the general abilities Bloodliners have over normal humans is a heightened resistance to injury and a faster recovery rate from wounds, even sometimes sparing themselves from scars. There's one particular example of a Synthesis Bloodliner who is able to easily heal just by being under the sunlight.
  • The Power of the Equinox: After Twilight Sparkle transforms into Dimmed Star, this is one of her new abilities. She can regrow her limbs and eyes, and even regenerates herself after Princess Celestia blasts her to pieces. However, when Dimmed Star tests out this ability, she discovers that her regeneration ability does slow down when overloaded, leaving her vulnerable.
  • In Zim the Warlord: Irken Reversion, Irkens who have undergone the Reversion now have an emergency super-healing ability in case of extreme injury. However, it only works if the organ that stores the blood their new dart tongues drain from others is full, as that's what powers the effect.
  • EVA Sessions: Someplace Vast and Dry: Unlike her canon self, Rei can rapidly heal from cuts and bruises within minutes, an effect first discovered when she gashed her nose against a coffee table as a toddler; Kyoko theorized she could theoretically even regenerate missing limbs or organs, although this has yet to be examined in the story so far.
  • In Lost, Found, Nui and Ryuuko have this, due to being experimented on, the former getting better quickly after breaking her wrist and getting a skull fracture. However, while the latter did take and shrug off hits from a mountain lion and a bear, Ryuuko's healing factor mostly saved her from external injuries, not internal ones and those internal injuries complicated her being sick.
  • Dante has this like canon is Son of Sparda D×D. He shrugs off impalement and all manner of projectiles like they're not even there. He even muses that he could make a fortune on the black market selling his organs since they'll just grow back anyway.

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