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Number hunter/Soul Hunter?
Um, wait, what? Kite makes duelists ante him, and then he defeats them in order to gain their number cards, so why on earth does he need to "take their souls" when he takes their numbers? I imagine some people wouldn't want to hand it over, but he makes it sound like it's the only option. (I'm only up to episode 14 so if it's a spoiler dont tell me
  • Typically, it seems whenever two Duelists are using Numbers, the Numbers are anted by default (Astral always seems about to fade out when losing against a Number user, even if that user doesn't actively want more Numbers, but Yuma is able to lose against non-Number users without danger). Kaito's Duel Anchor is able to prevent people from running until they Duel, but those collecting Numbers (and succeeding on-screen) always tend to have some method of taking Numbers from the loser, either scientific or supernaturally. Astral is able to do so without harming the loser, but Kaito even said his method is unfortunately excessive and removes the soul along with the card.
  • It's later clarified that Numbers seem to merge with the souls of those they possess.
The "Black Mist" memory.
  • When Astral recovers "Number 96: Black Mist", he has a memory of a planet blowing up and states quite explicitly that it's a memory of Earth being destroyed. Assuming that Yuma and friends are residing on planet Earth (and we've been given no reason to assume otherwise), how can Astral have a memory of something happening when it quite obviously never did?
    • He might either "remember" the future (thus making the "memory" a warning about a possible future Earth-Shattering Kaboom) or the event of the memory happened in a parallel universe (meaning that the planet destroyed was indeed Earth but not the same Earth Yuma and friends live on).
    • Spelled out pretty clearly in ep. 37 if Black Mist is to be believed. Astral is to destroy Earth, which is why he had memories of an earth-shattering kaboom from perhaps mission planning? Who knows.
Number 7 - Lucky Stripe
  • According to the anime, all known owners of Number 7 - Lucky Stripe became rich and famous while they had ownership of the card. The card also had widespread rumors about its luck-granting abilities (enough so that it would be featured in a museum, and that someone would try to steal it), as well as rumors about a means to counter that luck. But... How long had Lucky Stripe been in the world at that point? Episode 32 couldn't possibly have taken place more than a few months since Yuma released the Numbers into the world.
    • Given just how big Duel Monsters is, it's likely the card's legend spread fast thought the rumor mill and presumibly passed through a good number of rich owners who'd pay just about anything to have a card that's A) Rummored to bring it's owners fantastic luck, and B) Sure to be coveted by their friends, and a card taht powerful would defintily be coveted by a museum. The fact only numbers can defeat numbers would make it just that more powerful and allow it to get incredibly famous in just a few months.
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    • As for the holders getting rich part, the card does grant the holder insane amounts of luck. When you are lucky enough to roll dozens of die landing on sixes every time it won't take you that long to get rich from gambling.
    • Actually, there has been two moments when the Numbers have been scattered: the first time was after Astral and Don Thousand clashed (50 Numbers have been broken off including the Mythyrian Numbers), and the second time was when Yuma meets Astral (again, another 50 Numbers). So Number 7 is probably one of the first-group Numbers that had been scattered on Earth since time immemorial.
  • Also "Splitting the Sun" is it's obviously weird weakness; a little confusing as to why is the symbol of the sun getting split in-two able to destroy the power?
Episode 2.
  • How did Astral know that Gagaga Magician was Yuma's graveyard? He was never around to see it destroyed.
    • The Graveyard can be viewed any time. Astral probably took a look at it.
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    • This would be difficult at best because the Graveyard on a D-Pad (and Duel Disks, for that matter) are covered and Yuma never seemed to check the contents of the Graveyard. Astral couldn't have used the heads-up display, which shows important facts about the Duel at hand, to check the Graveyard, as he is a glorified spirit, unable to interact physically with the world around him.
    • It's actually quite possible he was there to witness the monster's destruction. He's not seen when Leviathan Dragon is first summoned, but given that they were released at the same time, it seems logical that Astral was there.
Life Point Damage
Why is it that, whenever they sustain life point damage, the characters always get blasted towards the ground? Isn't that a little extreme even for this franchise?
  • Dramatic effect. There's some mild justification in duels where a Number(s) is summoned, Word of God has stated that Numbers interact weirdly with the AR technology, causing real damage. No excuse for non-Number duels though.
  • This might actually be simulated by the AR. Note that while the blasting always happens, damage is shown quite clearly.
  • But then you'd have to think about how the AR system operates. Only people with a Duel Gazer can see the holograms in the duel. So to someone not wearing one at the moment, getting damaged would look like the duelists have been Jedi-ed.
Shark's disqualification
Isn't it a little extreme for the dueling league to banish Shark for life just because he peeked at one card? The fact that the cards were left right in the open and in plain sight makes it hard not to see them. If anything, the other duelist is at fault for purposely leaving his deck unattended. And anyone could abuse this rule by leaving their cards anywhere, just to make their opponent see them.
  • Furthermore, Shark was facing IV in the FINALS! By any reasonable logic, Shark would have already been familiar with the contents of IV's deck by virtue of him using it in plain view several times before, so Shark doesn't even have a good reason to peek at IV's cards in the first place.
    • To add to the pile, the one card Shark peeked at, Mirror Force one of the most powerful cards in the entire game a card you should assume every deck has just because of how Overpowered it is. How does the thought process of any player who can win with one more attack be anything other "Oh he played a card face down, I should destroy it with a card in my hand and attack to win this turn, even if its not a trap I still win."
      • It's not even close to the most powerful, it's just that everyone uses it.
  • There's a good reason for this; they considered it cheating for looking at the cards you will face in the future. Real World gaming leagues and tournaments for Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters and games like Magic the Gathering, Magi-Nation, and similar Trading Card Games will disqualify you for looking at an opponents deck prior to a match with them.
    • That doesn't actually explain much of anything, given all of the above.
  • I thought it less that he caught an accidental glance and more he was there moving around the cards to take a look!
  • It could be because card production and archetypes are way more expansive in the anime than in real-life. Like you'd see someone running a deck in the anime that's non-existent in real life. Not only that, but certain powerful cards could have been printed in limited amounts because they're that powerful (which is why we don't see MST or Bottomless in everyone's deck). So when you combine powerful cards that are hard to find/acquire with a diluted card database, then of course many duelists wouldn't expect seeing Mirror Force in a deck, which makes cheating even more of a severe crime.
Why can't you make an Xyz monster in
Xyz monsters are the new archetype in the game, and they gave Synchro monsters a chance.
  • Read THEIR forums next time, dumbass. The guy who does the updates was on radio-silence for the past Slifer-know-how-long an only recently returned to do that. You could make your XYZ cards on yugico anyway so you had pretty much no reason to bitch. and ABSOLUTELY no reason to complain about a fansite on a work's Headscratchers / IJBM page.
The Anna incident.
Ignoring the question of where middle school student got a hovercraft/cannon and how she managed not to be locked up in prison or an asylum after that stunt, there's the glaring issue of the Mistaken Identity. Mix up your crush's name? Plausible. Mix up his face so that you wind up pursuing somebody who looks nothing like him? That's got to be the most ridiculous part of that completely ridiculous episode.
  • Take away the red section of Yuma's hair and the spikes and they actually look similar.
What about Yu Gi Oh 5 DS?
  • So, I recall the duel lodge episode with cameos of Dark Magician and Neos, but what about 5d's? Where does it fit in the Zexal timeline? Has there been any reference to Yuusei, and Synchro Summoning at all?
    • Apparently Ze Xa L is either A) working like Dragon Ball GT in that it is not canon to the other series in the franchise and 5Ds is the canon series (Since Yuusei went back in time and interacted with Yuki Juudai and Yuugi Motou, his series HAS to be canon) Or B) the historical records were straight wiped out in the Zero Reverse and Ze Xa L happened first.
    • OR C) It hasn't been that long since 5d's and they aren't considered "Legendary" enough yet.
Shining Draws shenanigans
  • Why is it, that absolutely no-one considers Yuma's Shining Draws to be cheating, or calls him on it? Granted, it's generally against supernatural opponents, but they don't use cards that aren't in their decks...
    • Making sure that the villains' evil plans don't actually succeed is generally preferable to sticking with the odd rules of a card game. Why would the characters complain about the day being saved?
      • That explains almost everyone, save Kite. Wouldn't he go 'WTF, Yuma!', when seeing him perform a Shining Draw?
      • Because then Yuma could point right back at him with the Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon cards, which Kite, and only Kite, seems to have (not counting the Tachyon series.) Besides, the first time he did it, Kite WAS a villain.
      • While Galaxy-Eyes and it's related cards are self-created cards, Kite doesn't pull them out of nowhere. Each and every one of those are in his Main Deck, or Extra Deck. Yuma, on the other hand, literally creates his cards of thin air. Blatant cheating. And that's not even going into 'Recontract Universe'...
      • Okay, so what you're saying is that I can just go to a local tournament and duel, and when the situation looks bad, I can just open up my binder, find the perfect card to get me out of this situation, and place it on the top of my deck for my next draw? I don't think so.
      • Well,let me try giving an explanation both to this question and the accusation of Yuma cheating through blatant reality bending by changing the card on his hand.(Though my answer might be unsatisfactory).For the first accusation the answer is given by the flavor text (at least of the sub):"a truly strong duelist is able to create even the card he draws when he draws"(paraphrased,because I do not remember exactly how this chant goes).In other duels,this manifests as the magic poker equation,and might even be a legitimate excuse for the crazy drawing skills of all major duelist,and the reason the minor ones have just one,sometimes powerful ,but unevitably beaten in one episode combo:because a good duelist can reliably draw a good card through sheer talent/will.Also,all the protagonist,by the same logic,cheated to an extent,except Yugi ,more blatantly so as the series progressed :Jaden by the spirits which are implied to position themselves with the help of Schrodiver (through one can argue this is not the case,and that the spirits merely notified him about his positions)and Yusei not only by being a signer (and therefore unable to lose against non-supernaturals)but also by performing his own "shining" draws,(through only for one specific card).Finally,as to why Yuma can draw monsters not on his deck,again ,it is the same principle (being ,again,possibly a superpower explicit in the yu-gi-oh universe,where card games are,if not religion,explicily superpowernatural,and thus not viable on our world)albeit breaking the laws of physics and being more powerful than normal due to it using more power than humanly possible,(if we assume the maximum a very skilled duelist can produce is 100%,two overlayed duelist can produce 200%,enough to manipulate schrodiver's law and general possibilities so much that 0% becomes 100%,moreso if it is assumed they use overlay units to activate this effect,and less so if we assume that Yuma was not a skilled duelist during the first and,perhaps,the second fusion (though he certainly became one during subsequent ones)but still good enough to manipulate possibilities into oblivion,dividing by zero and such,creating 100% from 0%,etc.etc. when fused with a skilled one.)[[spoilers: As for the limited barian force->numeron code stunt,he merely used the principle yet again,only this time to instead pump his energy into the card to unleash the full power that was always its,only sealed by Barians/Vector,similar,if you will,to unleashing a weapon's true potential,which was sealed or which faded over time,the only difference being him using it in the middle of a duel,whereas other protagonists would do that before/after that,with a card game,but during a battle,sometimes,when no card games are concerned.]].
      • For people who do not want to read this (admittedly huge)wall of text:Dueling is magic already,so magic means are allowed,while mechanical means and/or ones that lull the oppoment to an unfair situation (such as sargazzo,which ,clearly,no one played and only the villains knew about)is not.
  • Let's look at this and cover it.
    • When he used it against Kite, it isn't even clear that he's creating a new card to Kite and Kite's already struggling to deal with the fact that Yuma has fused with Astral.
    • Against III, they wanted him to win (Yuma and III) to get back to the real world and prevent their descent to the Barian World.
    • Against Tron, they were witnessed by a massive group of people who woudn't believe that they fused, let alone created new cards. And even if Tron did try to call him out, it wouldn't have helped seeing as both Faker and Heartland were in charge over the duel, and wanted him to lose.
    • Less justification against the Barian-possessed Faker, except possibly for the fact that Faker would have called the Duel off anyway had he not been possessed.
    • Against Alito, the guy didn't mind given that he wanted to fight Yuma at their full strength.
    • The uses of ZEXAL II are covered pretty clearly on YMMV, so we don't need to go into detail.
    • Against Heartland, it was very neccessary due to the unfair rigging Heartland had done before the duel.
      • And finally, it's less likely that this will be called-out now that the Barians can do so too, with the Barian's Chaos Draw.
Why do some characters have D-Gazer "tattoos"?
  • Multiple characters in this series have D-Gazers "implanted" into themselves, such as Kaito, Droit and Gauche, and the brothers III, IV and V/ the Arclight family. How do they work? Why are they installed? Why don't they use actual D-Gazers like Yuma, Shark and Kotori use? This also begs the question...
    • Clumsy as hell, always losing their Scouters and they can't lose something that is welded to their eye?
How can otherworldly characters without D-Gazers watch duels? What about alternate dimensions?
  • Characters like Astral and Dark Mist/No.96 can watch duels on Earth, but obviously cannot use D-Gazers and do NOT have D-Gazer "tattoos". What gives?
    • Magic. Staple mechanic of the Anime in general at this point.
      • I guess so. I was hoping that Astral's heterochromia would play into it but I think that's hoping for a little too much.
      • Probably not, given that the Barians do the same thing.

Numbers 96 the Incarnation of Stupidity
  • During 102, why didn't Black Mist activate the other effect of Black Storm, allowing it to essentially steal Utopia Ray's attack power when it was forced to attack?
    • Might have been due to the timing. I mean 96's trap may have pushed him though the "attack declaration" part of the battle since the card forced Hope Ray to attack his newly summoned monster and into damage calculation which would've meant the time to activate its effect would've passed.
      • But the rules of the game allow for effects that change attack/defense values even after the initial Battle Step has already passed, meaning he could have activated it during the Damage Step.
      • Effect timings in the game can be somewhat tricky at times. The official site has a page dedicated to explaining timings. On top of that, specific effects may have particular times they can be activated, such as during the attack declaration but before the damage calculation. Chaining effects complicates matters as well, as the effects in the chain may prevent other effects from activating due to them not being part of the chain. Classic Example 

Negative effects of losing soul inconsistent with rest of metaseries?
In the original Yu-Gi-Oh, when a person's soul get taken (Either by Pegasus or the Seal of Orichalcos), they enter a persistent vegetative state. However, when their soul gets taken in this series (By the Photon Hand), they instead rapidly age. (And I don't recall anyone losing their soul in either GX or 5D's; there they just died).
  • It's possible this is due to the method used, since every time someone lost their soul in DM, it was via magical means like the Orichalcos, whereas Kaito's Photon Hand is some kind of advanced technology (probably from the Barian World). So the discrepancy could be down to the difference in methods.

The Barian Emperors' new Goal?
Okay so with the return of Nasch (aka Barian Shark). I understand that the Barians are now going to take an active role in protecting their world from being destroyed. But a few things strike me as odd. First how does Earth factor into this? I mean Don Thousand wanted to merge the Barian world and Earth so that he could gain the energy to destroy the Astral world but the Emperors don't exactly know of his involvement yet. (Save for Vector of course) So what is their aim in all this? Do they have some way to utilize that same energy? Second, I know that they wish to save their world but they pretty much lose any sort of Anti-Villain status they had when they begin their assault on Earth. It's pretty much implied that everyone that disappears as this goes on is dead. So what? Are they sacrificing Earth to finally win the war?
  • They aren't disappearing. They become red/pink sparkles of light and head into the sky, which is the same thing that happened to Nasch's people. So they are going to live on as part of Barian's World, just as Nasch's people do. Also, even with these actions they aren't going to lose their Anti-Villain status because most of them are sympathetic and some people are rooting for them even now. Except Vector for obvious reasons.
  • So..... forcibly converting the people of the Earth into energy beings and having them live in a world ruled by the ones who caused this to happen is a good thing? I mean the Barians don't seem like terrible rulers.(Not that we've seen them rule over any subjects) But still they were never given a choice. I understand this is happening due to Don Thousand, but instead of finding the problem and the solution they're hunting down Number holders.
    • The Barian are not involved in the world-merging situation. They are just hunting Numbers for the Numeron Code. None of them that they only needed 46, 62 and 107 for that.
    • Nasch's people still revere him even as part of Barian World and we haven't seen any sign that people are unsatisfied with their life in Barian's World, unlike Astral World. The problem was always that Astral and Barian World's goals have always been each others destruction ever since Astral World expelled Barian World. To them the only solution is the annihilation of the other and there was no other solution to the problem. Plus one of the people have ever had a choice when it come to becoming one with Barian World. They simply died and went there. The big difference now is that Barian World itself is doing it.

Girag's name

Ok so it seems all the Barian emperors had the same names as humans as they do as Barians... except Girag who was named Kiraku Souhachi, what the hell is up with that?! One would assume they would all have completely different names from their human ones because you know they are now alternate dimensional beings! It wouldn't be that bad if all of them kept their human names, but having one who was given a new name by Don Thousand is strange to say the least.

  • This is speculation on my part, but Kiraku was more well-known in human history than the other Emperor. It might have been insurance on Thousand's part to prevent Girag from figuring it out too quickly.

Don Thousand's Goals

So Don Thousand has fused the Barian World with Earth and has the ability to rewrite reality at will...So why doesn't he just erase Yuma, destroy Astral, and make Nasch become one with him? Why duel these two when he can make what he wants happen. Furthermore, once he destroys the Astral World, what are his plans afterwards?

  • Nothing really. Don 1000 is the personification of the chaos Astral World rejected, so being pure chaos, his only goal should be eliminating order.

In Episode 98, Vector has Yuma on the ropes, as he's left with only 100 life points and 1 card in his whole deck. Now, Number 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining's effect allows Vector to send that one card in Yuma's deck to the graveyard, making it so that when Yuma's turn comes, he will immediately lose due to being unable to draw any cards. So, why the hell does he choose to Rank-up his Number instead, allowing Yuma to use the next turn to win? I could kinda sorta accept it when it happened in 5D's with Team Unicorn because of the whole "having a face-to-face, direct duel" BS, but... Vector? Is he simply victim of a bad case of Plot-Induced Stupidity?

  • Too busy being a troll. Team Unicorn got shamed into dueling normally by Yusuke with a Worthy Opponent speech, he was screwing with their heads. Basically the same thing here but in reverse. Vector was too busy fucking with Yuma's head to consider the easiest path to victory, and too confident that Yuma would have no possible way of winning (winning a duel with the last card in your deck after the rest has been milled is Yami / Yugi level Plot Armor)

  • Also, I don't remember if this actually happened, but according to the wiki, apparently the anime lore of 104 says that after milling the card, you have to shuffle the opponent's Deck - so it's possible the effect can't be activated if the opponent only has one card left, because after the mill there would be nothing to shuffle? I don't know if that's how it would work but if not,
yeah, check the above answer

Yuma's plan in episode 14

  • What did Yuma think would happen? Yuma's plan was to use Mirror Mail to try to increase Utopia's attack points and destroy Galaxy-Eyes (who was super powered up), but all Kite would need to do is banish Galaxy-Eyes and Utopia, bring them back, and true while their attack points would return to normal, that would just make Kite tear Yuma apart piece by painful piece. Even if Kite's didn't get Photon Cerebrus, he still could've won.

Duel Gazers/D-Gazers: What's the point?

  • What's the point of having the Gazers? No, I get it. You need them to see them duels, but why include them in the anime? Aside from the animation department getting paid to do the "suit up" montage, there just seems to be no point and it just makes it more confusing for the audience. What was wrong with just using holograms? I mean unless they had an episode where Yuma loses his gazer and just imagines it all happening in his head in order to focus, or to reveal that the Numbers can be seen without them, I don't see a point to them.

Why the hell do they need to duel in order to obtain the Numbers?
  • Aside from it being a series about the duels, why do they need to? Is it to prove to the Numbers that they're worth of obtaining it? Or is it to weaken the holder so they can take it from them?
    • All magic is governed by duels. Sure, numbers can be stolen by pickpocketing, but that's difficult to do.

During the Barian Assimilation Arc, The Cavalry shows up to confront the Barians, while Yuma and Kite are out of action, but why is Bronk dueling but Cathy isn't?
Among the Numbers Club members, Cathy's dueling skills are second only to Yuma. She sure picked a lousy time to sit out.
  • Bronk actually has had a higher victory streak, being able to defeat Yuma (twenty times in a row!) as well as having wielded a Number at one point. Cathy hasn't had a single victory. In addition, Bronk chose to duel Rio because of his feelings for her, and it's implied that he knows he doesn't have the skilled to defeat her, but is willing to put his life on the line as a chance to get her back. Cathy never had that kind of connection with any of the Barians. Plus, all the others were taken by (arguably) more powerful Duelists.

What did IV do to Rio?
Since Rio was Dead All Along and in fact a Barian Empress in disguise, what did IV actually do to her? Surely fire alone couldn't do that to a Barian.
  • Rio/Merag's soul was transfer into a human body, so her body wasn't of a Barian but a human so she has the limitations of any human until she realized she was a Barian maybe?

Flip's plan
So just before the WDC finals, Yuma is invited to a pre-battle celebration. He can invite all his friends. Flip wants to go, and is also a close friend of Yuma's. So he steals Yuma's invitation and creates a plan to use them as a distraction so he can beat up a finalist, take their identity and sneak in. Fair enough, A for effort. But why even do all that in the first place, when he could have been invited already? He just risked his friendship with the others, and getting caught, for this.

Heartland Could Have Defeated Kaito
He and his Barian compatriots could rig duels so that their opponents start with half the normal amount of Life Points, and he gets the deficit. Why didn't he use this against Kaito? He could have won pretty much instantly, and still have inflicted pain through Number 1's effect.

Episodes 92&93
What exactly was the reason to change Brooke Walker's reason to retire from dueling for a while from being pregnant to teaching? First off, she is explicitly married (which removes the possibility that they didn't want to show a woman who became pregnant out of wedlock), and second, the monsters shown ("Indestructible Airship Hindenkraft" and "Unsinkable Titanica") clearly reference the Hindenburg and the Titanic. How was pregnancy "worse" than those two vessels which suffered horrible disasters?

How come no one ever questioned her presence in Yuma's house? She's a litterbot heavily implied to be owned by the city, yet Obomi can just stay and clean Yuma's house seemingly with no issue......

"Monster Xyz"
Why is this the only show that says the Extra Deck Monster as "Monster Xyz" in Japanese? Not sure if they also said it as "Monster Fusion" the rare times they appeared.

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