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  • Who is controlling Dr. Two Brains? Is it Steven's brain, the lab mouse's brain, or both but with the lab mouse as the dominant controller? The series seems to give the impression that it's Squeeky contolling his brain, and Dr. Boxleitner is a prisoner in his own mind, but in the original shorts, he says "Yes! More cheese! Good idea second brain!" Would that have been Steven AGREEING with Squeeky or Squeeky talking to himself?
    • Well maybe he is doing that so that the weird pulsating brain would stop tormenting him. So he has no choice but to one it. Wait so is he self medicating himself? Getting Crap Past the Radar
    • Or maybe the Doctor does just really really like cheese, and is perfectly happy going along with Squeeky's plans.
    • Also, it could be that even though Squeaky and the original doc are seperate personalities, their personalities were tangled up by the accident, giving Boxleitner some of Squeaky's cheese cravings and maliciousness, and giving Squeaky some of the doc's intellegence.
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    • It's been officially stated that both Steven's and Squeaky's personalities are present at the same time. Sometimes his personality leans one way or the other, but other times they're equal. There isn't a combined "Two-Brains" personality; it just seems like there is when Steven and Squeaky "operate" equally.
  • Shouldn't she call herself Miss Lady Redundant Woman since shes repeats the word 3 times
    • If she does, then who would watch the show? But that would be a great thing for her villains to call her
      • Lady Redundant Woman is one of WordGirl's villains. The point is that she only has two redundant terms in her villainous name, when she uses three redundant terms in her speech. WordGirl herself isn't particularly prone to repetition or redundancy.
  • Just want to point out that Dr. Two-Brains' goop ray will turn ANYTHING into goop- except living organisms. ...And their clothes? Hmmm. (I know WHY, just pointing it out.)
  • Since TJ and Johnson, who are both 7 years old, were confirmed to be a gay couple, this question comes to mind: how do they even know about homosexual relationships at that age?
    • This troper adds: how did you know about heterosexual relationships at that age?
      • COUGH Parents COUGH
  • How do Becky's parents know when her birthday is if they found her in the woods?
    • It's possible that her parents may simply have decided to make her birthday "the day they found her in the woods".

  • Small one regarding The Butcher, in 'The Meat Dimension' the book his father wrote for him claim his abilities to shoot meat, are unique to The Butcher, and The Butcher only. So if that's the case, how come the masked meat marauder can shoot meat, is this an over sight or is there a chance he's related to The Butcher?
  • So would Wordigrl knowing every word in the English language mean that she knows swear words? Also in addition would she know words that qualify as "dirty"?

  • So if Huggy and WordGirl come from the same planet how come Huggy doesn't show any lexicon type abilities or powers? Like, it's made pretty clear he doesn't have Becky's incredible vocabulary skills, he can't fly, he doesn't have super strength, he's just like a regular monkey, albeit more intelligent. Sooooo what gives?
    • OK so I just watched "A World Without WordGirl" and it turns out Huggy has super hearing as well, as he also hears the sandwich shop owner calling for help all 3 times along with Becky and asked if she heard the screams as well, I'm more confused.

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